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Countryside Codes List For International Phone Calling w/ Numeric Code For Global World Dialing

When profession an international phone number a country codes list can come in handy to know the proper code for the country that you're trying to call .

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  • Pungent people angry because their phone numbers have poorer town's area code

    04/05/17 ,via Metro

    The dough people who've bought £900,000 houses in a luxury development are extremely upset that they've been given telephone codes belonging to a less well-heeled area. Residents expecting to get Bath's 'prestigious' 01225 area code were devastated to find that 

  • Rich residents complain their dialing code doesn't reveal how rich they are

    04/04/17 ,via

    "For norm, physical boundaries such as railway lines or rivers can mean that one community is fed by two different telephone exchanges with different area codes. "To retrospectively transform a landline's area code is very complicated but we are aware

  • 'Numberless dismissive' of e-mail and phone scams in Grimsby area from Amazon to HMRC

    03/26/17 ,via Grimsby Telegraph

    The distressing extent of fraudsters targeting people in the Grimsby area is being highlighted with "many dismissive to the risk" of the increasingly-convincing scams which could stipulate criminals "with enough information to start a new life in


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  • Beef Nambour

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  • Gramophone



Phone Company Information • UK Area Codes

Correct and up-to-date information about UK telephone area codes, dialling codes and phone numbers. Includes locations, charge advice and formatting guide.

Slate of UK telephone area codes • UK Area Codes

Voluptuous list of area codes and phone number prefixes used in the UK, with links to more detailed information and a downloadable list.

UK Telephone Lex scripta 'statute law' Locator - Area Codes, Telephone Codes ...

The UK Telephone Rules Locator takes telephone numbers, std codes, uk dialling codes, any UK phone code, any uk area code, exchange names or the name of a location.

diabaig 790219
diabaig 790219
the area cipher is 01445 if you want to ring it, it's the village phone box.
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Sounds of The Sixties - "Dial a Disc"
Sounds of The Sixties - "Dial a Disc"
Who can about "Dial a Disc" it was a telephone service provided the the Post Office (GPO) beginning in the 60's.You simply dialed the number 16 on your telephone and a ongoing 'pop' tune would be played down the line. This tune would be different each day and played from 6pm to 6am and all day on Sundays (cheap rate). Sundry young teens waiting in anticipation for the parents to leave the house just to listen to the days pop record, it was played in a continuous eyelet! You could get a sneak preview of the song before you put your 2p in, (many never had a phone - had to use outside telephone boxes) Short of the 45p (plus bus fare into town) to buy the latest hit spectacle favourite? No matter, just phone up this service to hear a crackly version of it, for the price of a phone call! A tad more limited in scope than Spotify, conceivably, but a darn sight more rewarding. And for the youngsters, there was Dial-a-Bedtime-Story, wherein a celebrity (usually Johnny Morris) swear a...
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9/100 Possibilities~ 100 Possibilities Engagement set Gratitude (45) I'm grateful for infrastructure. I took this photo because of the colors - later, I realized how I take the infrastructure of this city for granted. I large don't notice fire hydrants. Infrastructure typically refers to the technical structures that support a upper classes, such as roads, water supply, wastewater, power grids, flood management systems, telecommunications (Internet, telephone lines, broadcasting), and so forth. Most of these systems are typically owned and managed by governments or notable utility companies. These various elements may collectively be termed civil infrastructure. A blaze hydrant (also known colloquially as a fire plug in the United States or as a johnny pump in New York City, because the firemen of the current 1800s were called Johnnies), is an active fire protection measure, and a source of water provided in most...
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