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Universal Kempo Karate - "Assistant Professor B. Johnson - Denver, CO - SuperFights Tournament 89"

Universal Kempo Karate - "Assistant Professor B. Johnson - Denver, CO - SuperFights Tournament 89"

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Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton CD (Bonus Tracks; Deluxe Edition; Remastered) by CD Universe

Bonus Tracks; Deluxe Edition; Remastered - Track Listing: DISC 1: ERIC CL


Eric Clapton(Bonus Tracks) by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Eric Clapton(Bonus Tracks)


Graded on a Curve: New in Stores for November 2016, New Releases

Part two of the TVD Record Store Club’s look at the brand new wax presently in stores for November, 2016. Part one is here. NEW RELEASE PICK: Wadada Leo Smith, America’s National Parks (Cuneiform) This 96-minute six-movement suite might seem an arduous undertaking, but in resisting nature’s majesty in favor of celebrating the idea of preservation and public works, the... And by celebrating New Orleans, the Mississippi River, and the writing of Eileen Jackson Southern as deserving of National Park status, he eclipses the danger of mere respectfulness. NEW RELEASE RUNNER-UP: Elliott Sharp, Port Bou (Infrequent Seams) Sharp’s been a crucial part of avant-NYC from the late ’70s right up to this release, an opera devoted to the final moments in the life of philosopher Walter Benjamin at Port-Bou... The tenor of the times has surely deepened the emotional impact of this demanding but not formidable avant-classical work, but the primary reasons are bass-baritone Nicholas Isherwood, pianist Jenny Lin, accordionist William Schimmel, and of... Apostles, S/T (Presch Media GmbH) Once The Funkees left for London, it was reportedly The Apostles who stepped into the void to become the leaders of the Nigerian rock scene. this first-time reissue of a ’76 EMI LP is proof positive pudding. Presch Media states that album opener “Never Too Late” “could well be the best Afro Rock song ever recorded,” and after listening that seemingly bold statement isn’t at all farfetched. Although they don’t maintain that level of quality, the rest is consistently up to snuff, particularly the organ-infused “Play Girl” and the psychedelic guitar flights all over side two. Beastie Vee, “Vee Sides” (BUFU) Native of France Bastien Vandevelde previously beat the skins for Juan Wauters. Beastie Vee is his side project, tagged as post-punk/ noise rock. I’d assess it as nearer to the former, though to Vandevelde’s credit it’s not easy to draw direct lines to precedent. Kadhja Bonet, The Visitor (Fat Possum/ Fresh Selects) Enjoyable debut from an LA soulster with a considerable amount of tradition in her scheme, though the finished product still connects as a contempo situation. Merging psychedelia with strains of sci-fi and hip-hop rhythm during “Intro: Earth Birth,” much of what follows extends from the progressive soul-R&B of the 1970s, utilizing string-sections, bilingualism, and a general tony atmosphere to positive... Brandt Brauer Frick, Joy (Because Music) The earlier releases by this classically trained German techno outfit are of interest, but here they wade into troubling waters through the increased use of vocals, a tactic pursued in earnest on previous... With a few exceptions (see the purposely overbearing cell phone chattiness in “Society Saved Me”) this avoids coffeehouse slam night conceptualism, but the poppish voicings mainly reinforce the high value of Neil Tennant, and the artier bits... Clear Plastic Masks, Nazi Hologram (Soft Junk) Hailing from Nashville, Clear Plastic Masks’ blend of hard garage and dark psych is raw and contempo enough that I would’ve guessed they lived out California way, and specifically the Bay Area. More to the point, this album occasionally recalls racket comparable to what’s on the Castle Face roster, though the Masks’ lack a wildcard element (a la Krautrock) to put ‘em in the same league as Thee Oh Sees (for example). The root of this outing tilts nearer to well-done trad-minded fuzzed-up garage stomp with a late singer-songwriter curveball. Clem Snide, You Were a Diamond (HHBTM) First time vinyl reissue of the ’98 debut from this Burroughs-monikered indie act formed in ’90s Boston. Sometimes described as alt-country, that assessment is. Source: The Vinyl District

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  • 174 movie sequels currently in the works

    12/01/16 ,via Den of Geek US

    Stallone has tantalisingly teased. Michael B. Jordan has also said that he hopes the film creates a real villain for Adonis. . Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are returning in the lead roles, and James' husband, Niall Leonard, penned the the

  • Technique Talk: Ryan Hall examines the spotty modernization of grappling in MMA

    11/24/16 ,via MMA Fighting

    When I see Roger Gracie - who is a master of the mounted position - when you look at Rickson Gracie, Demian Maia in mixed martial arts, and he's obviously an incredibly strong positional grappler - there are guys who have these positions really dialed

  • UFC Announces Return to London

    11/09/16 ,via UFC

    The growing popularity of mixed martial arts in the UK is something which has undoubtedly been fuelled by the success of athletes such as Michael “The Count” Bisping, a pioneer of MMA in the UK who this year became Britain's very first world


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  • Jason Sudeikis makes stage debut with 'epic of a character'

    11/30/16 ,via Marietta Daily Journal

    I want to be the Karate Kid." He grew up in Overland Park ... He revered flashy players like Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson. "If there was a chest pass to be thrown, it was coming some other way," Sudeikis says. "I was making jokes in class and then ...

  • Area Roundup: Presti adds youth black belt program

    11/23/16 ,via Niagara Gazette

    Existing students at Presti Karate under the rank of Black Belt will benefit ... Guido Virtuoso added two goals and a helper as Design Department outscored Mister B's, 7-4. Steve Ortman (1+1) and Steve McMullen (two assists) also had multi-point games ...

  • Chesapeake Film Fest honors John G. Avildsen

    His other films include “Joe,” “Save the Tiger,” “Fore Play,” “The Formula,” “For Keeps,” “Lean on Me,” “The Power of One,” “8 Seconds,” “Inferno,” “Rocky V” and the first three “Karate Kid” movies. Friday ...


The Karate Kid (1984) - IMDb

Directed by John G. Avildsen. With Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue, Martin Kove. A martial arts master agrees to teach karate to a bullied teenager.

IMDb: The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

Directed by John G. Avildsen. With Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio, Pat E. Johnson, Bruce Malmuth. Daniel accompanies his mentor to Okinawa who is off to see his dying ...

All-Karate.com - How to learn karate

How to learn karate – online video tutorial Learning karate like a new language. When you learn Karate, you are first introduced to individual techniques, such as ...

TV Shows We Used To Watch - Fawlty Towers 1970s
TV Shows We Used To Watch - Fawlty Towers 1970s
IT MAY be celebrating it's 40th anniversary, but Fawlty Towers is still considered to be one of the best television sitcoms of all time. In May 1970 the Monty Python team stayed at the Gleneagles Hotel (which is referred to in "The Builders" episode) in Torquay whilst filming on location. John Cleese became fascinated with the behaviour of the owner, Donald Sinclair, whom Cleese later described as "the rudest man I've ever come across in my life." This behaviour included Sinclair throwing a timetable at a guest who asked when the next bus to town would arrive; and placing Eric Idle's briefcase (put to one side by Idle while waiting for a car with Cleese) behind a wall in the garden on the suspicion that it contained a bomb (Sinclair explained his actions by claiming the hotel had 'staff problems'). He also criticised the American-born Terry Gilliam's table manners for not being "British" (that is, he switched hands with his fork whilst eating). Cleese...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
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Get FIT and build CARDIO! Get involved today!
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You don't have to be a fighter to train like one!

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