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Label: Polskie Nagrania-Muza (1972/2005)
Catalog No: PNCD-942

Performed by:
Tadeusz Nalepa - guitar, vocal
Dariusz Kozakiewicz - guitar
Tadeusz Trzcinski - harmonica
Jerzy Goleniewski - bass guitar
Jozef Hajdasz - drums

1972, Poland

About the band:
After a few years of playing as Blackout, the first performance of Breakout took place on Musicorama festival, in February 1968. In April the new bass player - Michal Muzolf, joined the group. In June the band toured in the countries of Benelux. After the band had returned to Poland, they became one of the most famous Polish rock band, owing much to a new sound-kit brought from the western Europe, but also to the fact that they were arguably the first to play blues rock in Poland.
In November Breakout played a few concerts all around Poland. In January and February 1969 their song Gdybys kochal, hej! topped the radio chart list.
In 1969 they realized their first album "Na drugim brzegu teczy", which they had recorded without K. Dlutowski, but with Wlodzimierz Nahorny, who played the saxophone and flute. In August Breakout took the new bass-player Piotr Nowak, but just at the beginning of 1970, he was replaced by Józef Skrzek. The same year Franciszek Walicki (manager) left the band.
In 1970 the band was more and more criticized by Polish mass media for pro-West lifestyle and long hair. As a result, the radio and TV stopped broadcasting their songs.
In 1971 Breakout accomplished arguably their best album: "Blues". It was recorded by: Tadeusz Nalepa (vocal , lead guitar), Dariusz Kozakiewicz (guitar), Tadeusz Trzcinski (harmonica), Jerzy Goleniewski (bass), Józef Hajdasz (drums).
Next year they recorded their fourth album "Karate". After the recording was finished Jan Izbinski (vocal) joined for a short time. "Karate" turned out to be their best selling work to date. In 1973 year Wlodzimierz Nahorny left Breakout, and the musicians helped to record the solo album of Mira Kubasinska "Ogien".
Between 1973 and 1975 the band went on concerts to USSR, Eastern Germany (DDR) and Holland.
Already in 1974 Breakout recorded the next, fifth already, album "Kamienie", which was recorded by: Tadeusz Nalepa (lead guitar, harmonica, vocal), Winicjusz Chróst (guitar), Zdzislaw Zawadzki (bass), Wojciech Morawski (drums). 21 November 1974 year the band received the Golden Plate for "Karate". Throughout 1975 there were many personal changes within the band, and at the beginning of the next year the personnel was established as: Mira Kubasinska (vocal), Tadeusz Nalepa (guitar), Zbigniew Wypych (bass), Bogdan Lewandowski (keyboards), Andrzej Tylec (drums). With these members Breakout recorded an album called "NOL" (UFO).
Fans had to wait till 1979 for the new album. "Zagiel", recorded with Roman "Pazur" Wojciechowski, was a part of the Olympian Triptych prepared for the Olympics 1980 in Moscow, and simultaneously they recorded next album called "ZOL".
The band ceased to exist in 1982 when the band leader Tadeusz Nalepa began the solo career.
Mira Kubasinska passed away in October 2005, Tadeusz Nalepa followed her on Mar 4, 2007.
19 June 2007 in Rzeszów the Breakout Festival was organized in memory of Mira Kubasinska and Tadeusz Nalepa.

1969 Na drugim brzegu teczy
1970 70a
1971 Blues
1971 Mira
1972 Karate
1973 Ogien
1974 Kamienie
1975 NOL
1979 ZOL
1980 Zagiel ziemi


New Karate Kid - Never Say Never (Justin Bieber) Lyrics

Clips from The New Karate Kid to the song Never Say Never by Justin Bieber. Rights go to Karate Kid producers and Justin Bieber.

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Simple Bear Mask (10)
Simple Bear Mask (10)
Time to make mask… I start by gently curving all the face pieces… you can so this by hand, or on the edge of a table or us a broom handle. Keep in mind do this carefully… you only want a slight curve and you don’t want to mangle all your heard work. I did all the curving of this mask by hand first by laying it flat on a flat surface then pressing down on the mask with the heel of my palm and my body weight. Then with my hand I slowly curved the mask on the edge of my table and blade edges of my hand… by that I mean like I was karate chopping the mask remembering to be gentle. Then I assembled the mask with a hot glue gun... using as little glue as possible. Please listen to this song while viewing this set of images Cube Pete (Jim Carry the Mask Movie soundtrack) youtu.be/_2dd6WnZ_cQ
Photo by Douglas R Witt on Flickr
The learner.
The learner.
I was tagged today by de-chan (: Names you go by: 1. Trân Tú Nguyễn. I hate showing my whole name publicly, but I hate even more write my name wrongly so here you go, my real name. My family is in my name and I love it (: 2. Tina. (It becomes so much easier, like WOW! LMAO) 3 things you are wearing right now: 1. Jeans. 2. Nerd tee hahah 3. Ahh... glasses? 4 things you want very badly at this moment: 1. MAC PRO. I'm deadly happy just to think about it right now!!! So what do you think, 13 or 15? Heheh 2. Something sweet I just keep for self. 3. TRAVEL!!! 4. TAKE PICTURES!!! One week without taking any pictures, I feel like dead. 2 things you do today: 1. Listened to my memory. 2. I just ICE-CREAM-ED!!! the last 2 people you talked to on the phone: 1. My classmate. 2. My best friend. 2 things you are going to do tomorrow: 1. WATCH KARATE KID!!! I'm not even kidding, I feel like I'm the only one on the Earth haven't watched the movie, yet!!! 2. School.School.School.School. 3...
Photo by . Entrer dans le rêve on Flickr
23/10/2007 (Day 327) - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
23/10/2007 (Day 327) - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt.1 - The Flaming Lips Her name is Yoshimi - she's a black belt in karate Working for the city - she has to discipline her body - Cause she knows that it's demanding to defeat these Evil machines - I know she can beat them - Oh Yoshimi They don't believe me But you won't let those Robots defeat me Oh Yoshimi They don't believe me But you won't let those Robots eat me Those evil natured robots - they're programmed to Destroy us - She's gotta be strong to fight them - So she's taking lots of vitamins - cause she knows that It'd be tragic if those evil robots win - I know She can beat them - Oh Yoshimi They don't believe me But you won't let those Robots defeat me Oh Yoshimi They don't believe me But you won't let those Robots eat me Yoshimi
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