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2. Apostle Paul owns that he ought to be judged at Caesar's judgment-seat plainly proves that Jesus Christ's ministers are not exempted from the jurisdiction of the civil powers. But are subject to them, with a good conscience; and, if they be guilty of a real crime, to submit to their censure; if innocent, to submit to enquiry, and to clear themselves before them. 3. Thou shalt not set a stranger king over thee, who is not of thy brethren, the tears ran down his cheeks, for he was not of the seed of Israel, which the congregation observing, cried out, Be of good comfort, king Agrippa, thou art our brother; for he was of their religion, though not of their blood. 4. Whereas this Jesus Christ, whom he prides himself in being thus ignorant of, as if he were below his notice, is he that was dead, and is alive, and lives for evermore, and has the keys of hell and of death. What Apostle Paul affirmed concerning Jesus Christ, that he is alive, is a matter of such vast importance that if it be not true we are all undone.


America's Got Talent 2015 S10E23 Semi-Finals Rd.2 - Paul Zerdin Genius Ventriloquist

Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin takes his shot at the AGT finals.

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Enemies of Chuckling by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

A Hollywood account of American Splendor, Enemies tells the story of playwright and sitcom writer Paul Halpern (Academy Award Nominee David Paymer) who can't buy a respite! Somewhat successful professionally, he can't get his private life together. When his dates don't stand him up, they turn him off. His bizarre friend Sam (Judge Reinhold) secretly makes a documentary about his human being, interviewing his parents, his former girlfriends and his colon hydro therapist, all scrounging for good things to say about him. His luck changes when he meets Carla (Rosalind Chao), a new principal in town who wants to produce his script. Paul hates the idea but after the premiere of the film about himself, Paul's luck turns for the better.


TV Creators: Conversations with America's Top Producers of Idiot box Drama

Sober dialogues with twelve of today's top writers and producers of quality television drama. This sequel provides yet another dozen of today's most acclaimed writers and producers an extended, uncensored forum in which they discuss everything from their work ethic to the political, social, and economic issues affecting the television application. The West Wing, C.S.I, and Judging Amy are just a few of the dramas that launched a new era of television at the turn of the millennium. TV Creators gives scholars and fans alike an ignoring, firsthand account of the lives, philosophies, and contributions of some of the best television scribes of the past two decades. TV Creators: Volume Two includes revelations such as Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) admitting that he is not a illegitimate storyteller, and Martha Williamson (Touched by an Angel) announcing that There is nothing more gender blind than an executive producer who desperately needs a avail writer. Glenn Gordon Caron (Moonlighting, Now & Again) confesses, I always think that disaster is an inch away, while Paul Haggis (Family Law) reveals, I always like to do something that I dream I can fail at. Also interviewed are: Aaron Spelling (Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210); Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Roy Huggins (The Short-lived); Clifton Campbell (Profiler); Barbara Hall (Judging Amy); Anthony Zuiker (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation); John McNamara (The Fleeting); and Don Bellisario (JAG, Magnum P.I.).


Back in the USSR

s the European Union headed for the kind of collapse that would make it this decade’s Soviet Union. Tocqueville famously observed that the collapse of political institutions usually seems inconceivable, right up until the moment it happens—at which point the collapse is seen to have been inevitable and over-determined by the underlying corrosive... It is a cognitive and emotional dilemma that faces pundits and politicians too: To admit institutional fragility is sometimes tantamount to encouraging fracture. And when a political institution has deep emotional roots in the collective psyche of a population—whether those roots are more about love or resentment or even hate—it is hard to imagine a scenario in which the institution has disappeared and the... In 1988, the Soviet Union was widely judged, both inside and outside the country, to be troubled but stable. American Sovietologists spent much of the next decade trying to figure out why they couldn’t see in advance what, in retrospect, appeared to be inevitable. In 2016 the European Union is certainly challenged and troubled. ” One could even take it as a signal of underlying EU strength. The summer 2016 Brexit vote might be, when all is said and done, a disastrous choice for Britain and a spur to EU reform that will strengthen and make more resilient what remains. The historical parallels between the European Union of 2016 and the USSR circa 1989 are deep enough to take seriously. And in an ironic twist of intellectual history, American scholarship on the European Union is in the grip of a mirror image of the prejudicial tendencies of theory that afflicted Sovietologists in the 1980s. The similarities fall into three key... The political component of the European Union is broken in a manner eerily similar to that of the late-stage Soviet Union. The economic component is broken in parallel: Both were tied to peculiar and incoherent ideologies that respond to economic stagnation by getting even more confused , making major policy mistakes all but inevitable. But the most important similarity lies in the dynamic that turned the late Soviet experiment of perestroika (“restructuring”) and, later, glasnost (“openness”) into a cascading institutional failure. Because of its history and organizational configuration, the European Union may be structurally un-reformable in many of the same ways that Soviet Russia was, as Gorbachev discovered to his surprise. If that is right, then the most likely path forward will witness the emergence in the European Union of a Gorbachev-type figure who makes the explicit case that muddling through is not enough. This leader will begin by trying to restructure the Brussels bureaucracy, but will find herself with no choice but to radically re-think the European Union’s democratic deficit. She will then watch helplessly as the EU edifice cracks and crumbles, and will know exactly how Gorbachev felt around 1989. And when it’s over, Americans will once again be found asking themselves, “why didn’t we see it coming. ” We do not advocate for the end of the European Union. Its flaws and foibles notwithstanding, we recognize and honor the extraordinary historical achievements of the world’s most elaborate and sophisticated experiment in supranational governance. But we need to call it like we see it, not how we might wish it to be. The world’s premier economic columnist here named, perhaps without quite knowing it, the central contradiction at the heart of the European Union. To make this concrete, consider the policy response that Wolf (along with many other respected economists) argues is necessary for Europe to rebound out of its post-global-financial-crisis slump and avoid future Greek-style crises. If you believed that the appropriate policy response was a combination of fiscal stimulus and a rebalancing of the zone’s macroeconomic rules so that they less blatantly favor the Union’s largest and richest country (Germany), then the obvious... The fundamental answer lies neither in some abstract ideology of austerity wafting through the conference rooms of the European Central Bank nor in some putative Teutonic commitment to discipline. Source: The American Interest

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  • Paul Ryan on Bannon Pick: Trump Going to be 'Judged on the Results of Administration'

    11/15/16 ,via PJ Media

    WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told reporters on Capitol Hill today that he believes Donald Trump will be judged by the job he does in the Oval Office and not by the pick of Steve Bannon to be Trump's chief adviser -- his Valerie

  • Sulphurous Barbara Gandolfi judged for defrauding Jean-Paul Belmondo

    12/07/16 ,via The Siver Times

    Tuesday, Barbara Gandolfi appeared before the Criminal Court of Bruges. She is accused of swindling 200,000 euros to Jean-Paul Belmondo, which she shared life for four years. The connection between Jean Paul Belmondo and Barbara Gandolfi has 

  • Nadiya Hussain reveals the worst possible moment to be grilled about Paul Hollywood

    12/08/16 ,via Irish Examiner

    Nadiya, who won last year's series of the BBC competition – which was judged by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry until it came to the end of its run at the broadcaster this year – told The Graham Norton Show about an embarrassingly intimate moment when 


RT @julishwa: Those who claim to be Christians should stop judging Willy Paul & Size 8. Christ had no sin & was crucified after been judged… 12/05/16, @officialkidwill
Those who claim to be Christians should stop judging Willy Paul & Size 8. Christ had no sin & was crucified after been judged @LarryMadowo 12/05/16, @julishwa


  • Paul's Pumpkin Bars

    baking powder, baking soda, butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, salt, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, sugar


  • Paul's Letter to the Romans

    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9780802837431,0802837433. 627 pages.

    In this Romans commentary Colin Kruse shows how Paul expounds the gospel against the background of God's sovereign action as creator, judge, and redeemer of the world. --from publisher description.

  • A critical commentary on the epistle of St. Paul the ap. to the Romans

    2016. 640 pages.

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  • Supreme court not looking to overturn Brexit decision, says judge

    12/12/16 ,via inewstoday.net

    The two senior judges expressed their scepticism after Lord Advocate James ... Catherine West and Daniel Zeichner along with fellow Labour MPs Rushanara Ali, Ben Bradshaw, Jim Dowd, Paul Farrelly, Mike Gapes and David Lammy voted against the motion.

  • Deutsche Bank & Silver Price Rigging: Will Justice EVER Be Served?

    12/12/16 ,via silverdoctors.com

    Baron Thomas, as head of the Court of Appeal, has the responsibility for the probity of Court of Appeal judges, and would not answer the request – instead directing the plaintiff to communicate to JACO, the complaints office, headed by Paul Kernaghan.

  • Miles Lord, ‘pivotal’ federal judge who helped shape MN and U.S. policies, dies at 97

    12/10/16 ,via TwinCities Pioneer Press

    Pictured in 2007, the late federal judge Miles Lord discusses an ongoing case with one of his “sidekicks,” his daughter Priscilla Faris in her downtown St. Paul law office ... of America’s 11 worst federal judges; in 1981, the Association of Trial ...


Jose Mourinho: 'Einsteins' have judged Paul Pogba too ...

Jose Mourinho returned to one of his favourite lines of the season, saying that football's 'Einsteins' in the media have been too quick to judge Paul Pogba.

Lesson 10: Judged by Your Deeds (Romans 2:6-11) | Bible.org

Expository study of Romans: Since God will impartially judge each person according to his deeds, we must persevere in doing good.

Judgement - Wikipedia

Judgement (or judgment) is the evaluation of evidence to make a decision. The term has four distinct uses: Informal – opinions expressed as facts. Informal and ...

Obama's Solar Nightmare By Ed Lasky The Democrats have been busy the last two years, and not just reengineering the healthcare industry, restructuring the auto sector, assaulting Wall Street and the financial sector, harming our public finances. They have also been trying to transform America's energy industry at our expense. This is Barack Obama at his worst -- picking losers and winners by personal whim, donations for dollars deals, and ideological zeal. Who have been the losers and who have been the winners? And have the winners just been taking the taxpayers for a ride while their guy has been driving the bus -- with taxpayers sitting in the back? The Obama administration has tried to kill off the oil industry. Offshore moratoriums have been unilaterally imposed by executive orders and justified using scientific panel studies that were misrepresented-if not distorted- by the administration. The drilling permitting process has been afflicted with sclerosis. Federal lands...
Photo by SS&SS on Flickr
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Photomontage of Overview of the south hangar, including B-29 "Enola Gay" and Concorde
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Photomontage of Overview of the south hangar, including B-29 "Enola Gay" and Concorde
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
Blue And Gold
Blue And Gold
View On Black Last Tuesday I awoke to a beautiful sunny day - the first for a while - and having just gotten mobile again the day before had decided on a forest jaunt in search of the rare White Legged Damselfly. Not only were the conditions perfect but fate it seemed was also showing it's hand judging by the article I'd read that morning in Times Nature Notes. We didn't see any Common Hawkers but did see the Brown Hawker, hundreds of White Legged Damsels and a great many more Dragonflies in what was probably our most successful day to date. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Happy Blue Monday everyone! Taken with Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG macro Manual focus. Hand held. Explored; Highest position 21 on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to comment!
Photo by Paul:Ritchie on Flickr
Jose Mourinho: 'Einsteins' have judged Paul Pogba too quickly ...
Jose Mourinho: 'Einsteins' have judged Paul Pogba too quickly ...
Coin, Porcius Festus, judged Paul (Procurator or Governor) AD 58-62.
Coin, Porcius Festus, judged Paul (Procurator or Governor) AD 58-62.
Doom Paul | You will be judged | Doom Paul / It's Happening | Know ...
Doom Paul | You will be judged | Doom Paul / It's Happening | Know ...