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Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder, Larry Klayman describes his efforts to stem abuses in the judiciary and executive branches of our government. He details his legal battles with President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton (Chinagate and Filegate), Vice President Dick Cheney (secret energy commission meetings), and the Bush administration over illegal wiretapping of American citizens. His portraits of the likes of Janet Reno, Fred Thompson, Arlen Spector, Judge Denny Chin (who recently presided over the Madoff trial) and other Clinton insiders Klayman considers unethical, and who have come back to power in the Obama administration, reveal not always flattering sides of their well-cultivated images. Klayman also has choice words to say about media figures such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Paula Zahn, and he accuses media mogul Rupert Murdoch of sandbagging the original publication of WHORES by HarperCollins because of the book's negative portrait of Roger Ailes and Fox News. Above all, WHORES is an impassioned plea for reform of our judicial system with a number of provocative suggestions.


Judicial Watch president on latest Clinton email dump

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the latest release of Hillary Clinton's emails.

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Red Inferno by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Twentieth and twenty-head century communism is a failed experiment in social engineering that needlessly killed approximately 60 million people and perhaps tens of millions more. These sharp crimes against humanity constitute a Red Holocaust that exceeds the combined carnage of the French Reign of Terror, Ha Shoah, Showa Japan's Asian annihilation, and all combat deaths in World War I and II. This fascinating book investigates high crimes against humanity in the Soviet Union, eastern and main Europe, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia 1929-2009, and compares the results with Ha Shoah and the Japanese Asian Extermination. As in other studies, blame is ascribed to political, ideological and personal causes, but special emphasis is given to internal contradictions in Marx's utopian dummy as well as Stalinist and post-Stalinist transition systems concocted to realize communist ends. This faulty economic engineering forms a connexion to the larger issue of communism's historical failure. The book includes:- a comprehensive study of the transcommunist holocaust- a judicial assessment of elimination culpability and special pleadings- an obituary for Stalinism everywhere except North Korea, and a death watch for contemporary communism in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba and Nepal- a comparative assessment of oppressive high crimes against humanity- a call for memory as a defense against recurrent economic, racial and ethnic holocaustsThe book will be beneficial to undergraduate and higher level students interested in Russian history, Stalism, communism, North and South Korean mercantile performance and international affairs. Steven Rosefielde is a Professor of Economics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a colleague of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.


News Outlets Hyping New Clinton Judicial Watch Email Story Ignore New Development Undermining It - Media Matters for America

Several news shows and outlets covering a new email dump by conservative group Judicial Watch have ignored developments undermining the group’s claims that emails show the State Department rewarded Clinton Foundation donors with access at the... Judicial Watch baselessly suggested that Doug Band, an aide to Bill Clinton, worked as an agent of the Clinton Foundation to facilitate a donor’s meeting with a U. S. ambassador. Numerous media outlets have reported on the story without noting that the ambassador has since explained that he never met with the donor. Conservative Group Judicial Watch Releases Email Dump, Baselessly Suggesting It Shows Clinton Foundation “Worked To Reward Its Donors” With State Department Access NY Times : Emails Released Showing Clinton Foundation Official Facilitating Donor... ​ The conservative group Judicial Watch released an email dump that the organization suggests, in the words of The New York Times , shows that the Clinton Foundation “worked to reward its donors with access and influence at the State Department”... One of the email exchanges shows Doug Band, an aide to both Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, in 2009 emailing Clinton State Department aide Huma Abedin asking that a foundation donor, Gilbert Chagoury, have a chance to speak with then-U. A new batch of State Department emails released Tuesday showed the close and sometimes overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. In one email exchange, for instance, an executive at the Clinton Foundation in 2009 sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the United States ambassador to Lebanon because of the donor’s interests there. In April 2009, Douglas J. Band, who led the foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative, emailed Ms. Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills, another top adviser to Mrs. Clinton, for help with a donor. Band wrote that he needed to connect Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire who was one of the foundation’s top donors, with someone at the State Department to talk about his interests in Lebanon. “It’s jeff feltman,” Ms. Abedin answered, referring to Jeffrey Feltman, who was the American ambassador to Lebanon at the time. ” [ The New York Times , 8/9/16 ]. Numerous Media Outlets Run With Judicial Watch’s False Story Line About Band Numerous Media Outlets Adopted Judicial Watch’s Frame. com, CNN’s New Day , MSNBC’s Morning Joe , and Fox News’ Fox & Friends -- immediately ran with the Times story, adopting Judicial Watch’s framing to speculate the emails may, as the Times put it, raise “questions about whether [the Clinton... ” The accounts adopted Judicial Watch’s frame that Band, acting as an agent of the Clinton Foundation on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors, was wielding influence in the State Department. [ Media Matters , 8/10/16 ]. But Judicial Watch And The Outlets Adopting Its Story Line Downplayed Evidence Undermining The Story Band Did Not Send Emails To State Department On Behalf Of Clinton Foundation. He Sent Them As Personal Aide To President Bill Clinton. Band was also a personal aide to President Bill Clinton during this time period. The Clinton campaign pointed out that Band emailed “on behalf of President Clinton from his presidentclinton. org email, not on behalf of the Foundation. ” [ Media Matters , 8/10/16 ]. There Is No Evidence That Clinton Foundation Donor Chagoury Was Seeking Financial Benefit From The State Department. The actual email exchange provides no evidence that, as the Times wrote, Band attempted to “connect” Chagoury with someone at the State Department to discuss “his interests in Lebanon. ” A fact sheet distributed to surrogates by the Clinton campaign states that Chagoury, who is of Lebanese descent, “was simply seeking to share his insights on the upcoming Lebanese election with the right person at the Department of State for... In seeking to provide information, he was not seeking action by the Department. ” Nor does the Times explain what Chagoury’s “interests in Lebanon” are -- while the language suggests he has business interests in the country, the paper. Source: mediamatters.org

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  • News Outlets Hyping New Clinton Judicial Watch Email Story Ignore New Development Undermining It

    Several news shows and outlets covering a new email dump by conservative group Judicial Watch have ignored developments undermining the group's claims that emails show the State Department rewarded Clinton Foundation donors with access at the 

  • Judicial Watch: IRS Buried Conservative Groups' Tax-Exempt Applications

    Judicial Watch released more FBI documents demonstrating that the Obama administration deliberately slow-rolled the tax-exempt status applications filed by Tea Party and conservative groups, Truth Revolt reports. From the start of 2010 and “lasting

  • Judicial Watch: Clinton's Top Aide Cheryl Mills Answers More ...

    08/10/16 ,via Yahoo Finance

    Judicial Watch today released the responses by former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills to Judicial Watch interrogatories, revealing that shortly after "Guccifer" 


@chrisvannini oh I mean these ones https://t.co/dwiR3rnnX0 08/12/16, @k_trahan


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  • She's the Boss

    Penguin. 2010. ISBN: 9781101443514,1101443510. 272 pages.

    Why Is Nancy Pelosi the Most Dangerous Woman in America? Most people see Pelosi exactly the way she wants them to: a cultured San Franciscan politician from an esteemed family. But underneath the Chanel suit and Mikimoto pearls is a true political boss-as in T weed. Don't be fooled by her image as a caring, grandmotherly public servant. Nancy Pelosi is all business. She's the Boss charts Pelosi's carefully orchestrated rise to power as a uniquely American ruling-class diva who is not so subtly replacing "by the people, for the people" with "have your people call my people." From her father- a congressman and then mayor of Baltimore whose political machine was tainted by scandal-Pelosi learned about patronage, ruthlessness, and the credo of the party boss: never admit to anything, never...

  • The Battle to Save Elian

    Thomas Nelson Inc. 2002. ISBN: 9781418551469,1418551465. 280 pages.

    Although it reads like fiction, this story could not be more true. The world watched as the struggle of Elian Gonzalez unfolded - his miraculous rescue from the Atlantic Ocean and the incredible effort to keep him in America. But more than a sensational rescue, this is the account of God at work in the life of a man, Elian's rescuer, He used to impact a nation for His own glory.

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  • Reporter Tired Of Doubletalk Demands Answer From State Department Spokeswoman On Clinton Foundation

    08/12/16 ,via WesternJournalism

    The emails, released by the advocacy group Judicial Watch as part of its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, show Clinton Foundation official Doug Band telling Clinton’s aides to find a job for an associate and also to give a top donor special treatment.

  • ISIS Terrorist Tells Feds He Has Jihadist Brothers In Mexico

    08/12/16 ,via Fox Nation

    Judicial Watch has reported this for years, documenting it in a series of articles as part of an ongoing investigation on the connection between drug cartels, corruption and terrorism on the southern border.

  • Finally: the Eruption of the Clinton Foundation Scandal

    08/12/16 ,via Counter Punch

    I confess I’d been looking forward to this. My son, following the Judicial Watch website, has been saying for months that the big email scandal will involve the State Department-Clinton Foundation ties and Hillary’s use of her office to acquire ...


Judicial Watch | Because No One Is Above The Law!

Judicial Watch, a conservative foundation, fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government. Because no one is above the law!

About Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

Judicial Watch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Judicial Watch; Motto: Because no one is above the law! Formation: July 29, 1994; 22 years ago (1994-07-29) Type: 501(c)3: Purpose: Government Watchdog: Headquarters

Let's just call this image my $112 photo. It was taken at the San Tan Judicial Court grounds on E. Chicago Street in Chandler, Arizona. I came out of the building after paying off a ticket for having had an expired sticker on my car. After being stopped in early July, I learned that even though I'd bought the car mid-July and had paid for an extended sticker with my plate, I had had no idea that all stickers for my class of vehicle have stickers expire in March of the next year a sticker is needed, NOT in the month you pay for it. Thus, a trip to have the emissions testing and two trips to the vehicle registration department then allowed me to reduce the fine from $562! Eeek! At least now I have a "pointed" reminder to watch these things more carefully in the future. A few photos taken after I was in the clear helped my attitude.
Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr
United States Capitol
United States Capitol
The western front of the United States Capitol in 2011. General information Architectural style American Neoclassicism Town or city Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Country United States of America Construction started September 18, 1793 The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the federal government of the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., it sits atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall. Though it has never been the geographic center of the federal district, the Capitol is the origin by which the quadrants of the District are divided and the city was planned. Officially, both the east and west sides of the Capitol are referred to as fronts. Historically, however, only the east front of the building was intended for the arrival of visitors and dignitaries. Like the federal buildings for the executive and judicial branches, it is built in the distinctive neoclassical style and has a white exterior....
Photo by Jack Says Relax on Flickr
2 from Judicial Watch
2 from Judicial Watch
Read more about my adventures in junk mail
Photo by Judith E. Bell on Flickr
Watch: Judicial Watch's Special Presentation on Hillary Clinton Email ...
Watch: Judicial Watch's Special Presentation on Hillary Clinton Email ...
Judicial Watch Victory: Court Slaps Down Obama Administration Secrecy ...
Judicial Watch Victory: Court Slaps Down Obama Administration Secrecy ...
Judicial watch
Judicial watch

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