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Differences between Judo and BJJ Groundwork

Mike Lee (http://www. com/) and Stephan Kesting (http://www. com) talk about the differences between BJJ groundwork and Judo newaza at a.

Getting Personal: Grace Talusan - Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

Today, 38-year-old Mahomet resident Grace Talusan, a mommy by day and a ninja by night, chats with The News-Gazette's Melissa Merli. What interests you the most right now. Anything judo interests me right at the moment. Ask my husband (University of Illinois trombone Professor Jim Pugh): Conversations quickly turn from music composition to judo. Tell us something few people know about you. A lot of people don't realize that I'm Canadian. When and how did you first get into judo. I first got into judo when I moved to New Jersey to do my master's degree. I had just received my black belt in taekwondo before moving there. I tried out all the taekwondo schools in town and nothing really clicked. So I drove by a judo dojo and decided to give it a shot. I fell in love with it after the first class. There were so many amazing people there — Olympians, national champions, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, retired CEOs, police officers, men, women and kids — a real mix of people, all just having fun and they were so welcoming. I'm trying to get that vibe happening at my dojo, and so far, it's working out. Tell us about where you teach judo in C-U. I teach out of the Central Illinois Aikikai in Urbana. It's right above that old movie theater on Main Street. You have won a lot of medals in international competitions. Can you list them for us. I only recently came back into competition after I sort of felt comfortable leaving my kids home alone with a sitter. But last year, I competed a lot locally. — Silver at the Hollis Park Judo Tournament. — Gold at the North/South Tournament. — Gold at the Indiana State Championships. — Gold at the Illinois State Championships. — Gold at the USA Judo Senior National Championships. — Bronze at the International Judo Federation World Veterans. — Silver at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Masters. I'm currently ranked No. 1 National Veterans Judo Athlete in the F2 70kg division. What is the Henry Okumura Memorial Award that you received for judo spirit and why did you receive and from whom. I was awarded this from Eiko Shepherd, one of the highest-ranking women in judo in the world, at the North/South Tournament in St. Louis. Henry Okamura was an eighth-degree black belt and was a major figure of the Chicago judo scene. He lived in an internment camp during World War II. But he put Chicago judo on the map by the high level of players, dojos and teachers that he produced. So this award goes to a judo player that emulates his judo spirit, dedication and contributions to the sport. Besides judo, do you have any other hobbies. I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with different cuisines. There's only so much meat and potatoes that I can eat, and Jim's a horrible cook, so I do the majority of the cooking. I've made pizza dough from scratch — we even have a high-end pizza oven sitting in the backyard. a lot of Julia Child's dishes. We've done shabu-shabu, fondue and even sushi. Usually, if I'm craving something, then I try and figure out how to make it. Didn't you play trombone at one time. How many years did you play and in what ensembles. I started when I was 13 and even completed my bachelor's degree in jazz bass trombone. After that degree, I pursued my master's of music degree in music business. I've played in big bands, concert bands, wind ensembles and even worked my way through college marching in military bands. In Canada, you didn't really need to be part of the military to march in the bands. Do you play any other musical instruments. I play piano. What time do you typically get up. What do you do the first hour of the morning. Then it's usually a mad dash to get the kids fed, dressed and out the door by 7:45 a. m. to get them to school. Teaching my son how to ride his bike was pretty awesome. My back was sore for a few days, but it was so worth it. What do you regard as your most treasured possession. The little footie PJs that both my kids came home from the. Source: www.news-gazette.com

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You may be thinking if BJJ which is the current commonality for the term "Jiu Jitsu" which did originate from judo via Count Maeda, one of Jigiro Kano's ...

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BJJ got it's name from "Kano Jiu Jitsu" which was the name originally used for Judo. BJJ is in fact derived from Judo's ne waza, or ground fighting techniques.

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