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Lose the weight and keep it off without giving up your favorite foods 

If you want to (1) Lose weight (2) look and feel great (3) all while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods Lose the Diet! Real Weight Loss for Real People is the book you need to read today!

Discover exactly what enables some women to loose weight and keep it off permanently without spending hours in the gym or hundreds on diet programs

Most 'diet' books promise you that you will lose "10 pounds in 10 days" they are complete myths. Lose the Diet! Real Weight Loss for Real People contains only proven and tried methods to get you to your ideal weight in the healthiest and most permanent method possible. Learn why having a slice of your favorite cake is not the reason you haven't lost the weight you wanted.

Look great in any outfit and have the confidence to match

Loosing weight is much more then simply eating less and exercising more --- its about your mentality towards yourself and the lifestyle you want to live. As a certified personal trainer, fitness and health consultant, this is exactly how you get to your ideal weight and build the self confidence you have always wanted to have about the way you look. Its how women like yourself get the dream body and healthy lifestyle that others will look at and wonder just how you did it.

Learn how to have the power to say YES to a healthier and more energized self

✔ Set realistic health goals and have fun sticking with them
Why dieting does not work and what does work
✔ How to overcome cravings
How to exercise and lose weight without stepping a foot in a gym
✔ Sample meals and workout routines 

Gain the knowledge and the ability to burn fat all day long

Loosing the weight you want gives you the freedom and confidence to live the life you have always wanted and the self confidence to attract the people, success and lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Nothing great in life is possible without being confidant about the way you look. Its time to be confidant and take back your life!

Weight Loss is possible for every women especially you. Learn what it takes to loose the weight and keep it off and turn into the women that you have always wanted to be. You deserve to have the body you want.

To learn what it takes to loose the weight and keep it off, click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

Product Description

I wrote this book so my kids would understand why so many people struggle with their weight and ultimately their health. I have helped many people lose weight, effortlessly, simply by shifting their metabolism. I feel that everyone could benefit from knowing this information, so I created this short book that could be finished in less than an hour.

The bottom line is, by reducing carbohydrates, you can shift your metabolism so you start burning your own body fat for fuel. This is not a new concept; and is thoroughly backed by science. What is new, is having a simple plan to follow so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You'll learn how to make five minute blended meals, rich in micronutrients, making superfood smoothies the foundation of your diet.

There’s no hype or workout strategy, just the straight facts about insulin physiology. If you understand that, you could prevent weight gain and most every major disease people struggle with. The belly fat you see now, if left unchecked, can progress into other things that you really don’t want, like heart disease, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes… I hope this book makes it so easy and delicious for you to improve your health that the steps outlined here become a lifestyle.

You will learn to:

•Detoxify Your Body

•Stop Fat Storage

•Balance Your Blood Sugar
•Kick Carbohydrate Addiction
•Lose Weight Effortlessly
•Make Sense of Protein Intake
•Clean Your Gut
•Improve Digestion
•Shift To A Plant-Based Diet
•Restore Your Health

Weight gain around the mid section and belly is often the first sign of insulin resistance, which is the precursor to more severe diseases like diabetes. Unfortunately, weight gain gets ignored until diabetes is diagnosed. Sadly, most people do not understand how simple it is to reverse this process early on.

By understanding insulin physiology and making simple dietary changes, weight gain and chronic diseases can be reversed. An added benefit to changing your diet in this way is weight loss, but the bigger and more significant benefits are going on within your physiology and cannot always be seen on the outside, such as blood sugar balance, hormone balance, lower cholesterol levels, more energy, and better mood...

The purpose of this program is to remove stored toxins and reduce excess body fat. In doing so, it addresses the underlying cause of blood sugar imbalances (hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia), pH imbalances and inflammation caused by food allergies.

The weight loss process naturally encourages toxins to leave the body; because when you lose weight you are burning your own body fat and body fat is where toxins are stored. Even if you don’t intend to any lose weight and just want to clean up your diet and detox your cells, that is fine. You can still benefit greatly by bringing balance to your body chemistry without losing any weight at all. The goal is to learn how to balance your physiology so your body can heal itself and incredible health can be experienced. This all begins with getting your blood sugar under control and that is what you'll learn how to do by reading this book.

You will learn the role insulin plays in fat storage and how to effortlessly lose weight by controlling your insulin production and shifting your metabolism. This is done by simply eating a low carbohydrate diet and understanding the supportive role of dietary fat and protein. In this book you will find links to some of my favorite resources and many of the food products you will need to get started on this journey.

I hope you enjoy it!

How to lose 3 pounds in a Day - Christina Carlyle

In addition to losing fat you're also losing waste and water weight. all of the crud.

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Fat Cells, Belle and You!: An Exploration of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Weight Management for a Life-Time

In Fat Cells, Handsomeness and You, physician Mary Ann Barnes has composed a concise and frank report of current research in obesity and nutrition. Adding wit and learning from over twenty years experience in her work as a family doctor and teacher of family medicine, Dr. Barnes will help you learn more about yourself and what you exigency to do to maintain a healthy weight for your life-time. You will learn: Why you need to eat several times a day to lose weight How fat cells control your metabolic rate How pyschological and sacred factors play a role in weight management Why exercise is important for long-term success How to 'rethink hunger' to know how much to eat Undamaged nutritional advice for a healthy body Fat Cells, Beauty and You! is a valuable resource if you are trying to lose weight, for parents of overweight children, and if you just poverty to learn more about healthy eating habits.


Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working!

Discern the surprising secrets that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off?without dieting or exercise?with this #1 national bestseller from the author of the healthy living bible,10-Day Rural Smoothie Cleanse! Want to lose weight without counting calories, starving yourself, or giving up your favorite foods? Would you like to look and feel younger and healthier than in all cases without crash diets or exhausting exercise? Then this book is for you! JJ Smith?s breakthrough weight-loss solution can help you shed pounds immoral by detoxifying your body, balancing your hormones, and speeding up your metabolism. You?ll learn how toxins slow your metabolism and why sugar and starch delay permanent weight loss. You?ll also come to a keen understanding of which foods help you stay slim and which foods cause you to get fat so you can finally get off the rollercoaster terrorize of weight loss/weight gain and stay slim for life! You will learn how to:-Detoxify your body for fast weight loss-Drop pounds and inches intemperately, without grueling workouts or starvation-Lose up to fifteen pounds in the first three weeks-Shed unwanted fat by eating foods you proclivity, including carbs-Get rid of stubborn belly fat-Eat foods that give you glowing, radiant skin-Use green smoothies to detox-Trigger your six fat-afire hormones to lose weight effortlessly-Eat so you feel energetic and alive every day-Get physically active without exercisingIn a bonus chapter, JJ provides an all-new unripe smoothie recipe and tips for using her famed10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse to jump start the healthier eating and weight loss aim outlined inLose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out. This is your last stop on the way to a new fit and healthy you! Create your best body?NOW!


Cookie a day: Man loses 55 pounds with simple weight loss tactic - The Independent

Sol Orwell realised he needed to lose weight when he was defeated by a walk in the mountains of South America just 15 seconds in. Living in Argentina at the time, the 34-year-old tech entrepreneur was visiting Mendoza on the border of Chile when... “Both my (now ex) wife and friend basically ‘nah you can't,’” Orwell, who is based in Toronto, recalls to The Independent. “Later on we went to the top of the ski hill, and just running around, I was winded within 15 seconds. To avoid gorging at the end of the day, he buys a delicious, fresh cookie instead of a packet. Orwell adds that one of the most important lessons he has learned since losing weight is that food doesn’t have to be bland. “In fact, losing weight and delicious food are inexorably linked. By eating delicious things, you are far more likely to stay on top of your diet. And what's awesome is once it starts really coming together and your positivity about it grows, it becomes easier and easier. For seven years, Orwell has been maintaining his weight by practising intermittent fasting but stresses that his regime won't work for everyone. Most of the time he eats a light lunch, works out and then eats a peanut butter and jam sandwich, smoothie, veggies and chicken, or a BLT. At dinner, he makes sure he balances a little fat, carbs and protein by including vegetables, pasta, and meat in his meal. “Nothing fills you up like veggies do," he adds. Orwell also stresses that he eased himself into his new lifestyle. “To start, all I did was buy a pedometer and go for 10,000 steps a day. Nothing more, nothing less. And honing the lifestyle that works for him was a tough process. He tried low-fat, which can lead people to unwittingly opting for high-sugar alternatives. Orwell also tried going ketogenic - a high protein low carb regime - but he just couldn’t stick to either. You'd feel some success, then fail, and think you had messed up. . “The reality was I simply not giving myself something I could stick to for the rest of my life, which people rarely think of when they go on a diet. After all, what happens when you lose the weight - do you start eating poorly again. As the weight fell away, he became more motivated to opt for smaller portions and make healthier choices. “Instead of having a double cheese burger, why not a simple cheese burger. ” These little things add up. ”. “The other important part is to chew your food. “Most overweight people actually chew very little. So I put a bite in my mouth, put down my fork or spoon, chew 15 to 20 times, and then prepare my next bite. People often times shovel food into their mouth, and don't spend enough ‘downtime’ between each bite. At the same time, he views the so-called clean eating movement where certain foods are labelled as “bad” and “good” as “shortsighted. “The moment you decree something is bad, you feel like you've failed. But losing weight is hard enough, and you should feel like you're regularly winning, not failing. I always gain a few pounds when I go on vacation - and I'm happier for it. ”. As he indulges in a cookie a day, cutting out sugary drinks, including pop and high-calorie coffees, is also vital to maintaining a healthy weight. Orwell says, gradually, it has become second nature for him to stay in shape rather than a constant struggle. “I can still binge at times, so buying bulk-bye box of cookies is simply no-go for me. ”. The biggest mistake people make when losing weight is rushing in to the process too fast, he warns. “You feel super motivated so you barely eat, and then five days later you're just dead tired, have completely starved yourself, and go out and binge. Then you feel bad, and it all falls apart. Source:

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