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11 places you can get solar darken glasses - The Tennessean

With the big solar blockage less than two weeks away, demand for special viewing glasses has soared. Luckily, there are plenty of places for you to still get them either for free or $1 or $2 per set of two. Here are 11 places in the Nashville area of Middle Tennessee to get your Eclipse Glasses before the Aug. Adventure Science Center The Adventure Field Center gift shop has the glasses for $2 per pair. Details: 800 Fort Negley Blvd. Tennessee Conditions Museum The Tennessee State Museum's gift shop has glasses for $2 per pair. Details: The Polk Center, 505 Deaderick St. 615-253-0103 or www. Walmart Walmart stores nationwide are carrying eclipse glasses, and "Tennessee is the sec hottest state in terms of sales behind Missouri," according the Walmart officials. The glasses are $1 and there is also a “Get Eclipsed” guidebook with solar glasses included for $3. 47 at Walmart. Kroger Mean Tennessee Kroger stores all have the glasses at $1. 99 per pair. They have already reordered additional stock and say that while the stores are all stocked, the glasses are current fast. Friedman's Friedman's Surplus and Outdoors is expecting a shipment of several thousand pairs of the glasses at a cost of $1. 99 between August 9-14. Details: 2101 21st Avenue South in Nashville. 615-297-3343. 7. Loden Sight Center Loden's Green Hills location has glasses for free, but there is a limit of two pair per person limit. Details: 2501 21st Avenue South in Nashville. Lowe's Lowe's was resupplying its Tennessee home improvement stores with "hundreds of pairs" at $1. 98 a match up this week, according to corporate spokeswoman Sarah Lively. Some Ace stores Ace Hardware stores in Belle Meade and Bellevue were temporarily out of glasses, but are pregnant another shipment this week. The Richland Ace Hardware on Charlotte expected to receive a shipment of glasses early this week. Metro Parks Metro Parks will have a restrictive supply of free glasses on the day of the eclipse at various Parks facilities, including Nature Centers, Community Centers, Centennial Sportsplex and Fort Negley Visitors Center. A matter-of-fact number of glasses will be available for visitors to the Sportsplex, Nature Centers and Fort Negley during the week prior to the event. Limit 4 per mortal physically. Supplies are limited. The most dangerous time during an eclipse is when the sun is not fully blocked by the moon, during what's known as a partial solar concealment. For people here in the path of the total eclipse the roughly two-minute period of totality is the only time to safely view the sun, without eclipse glasses or filters. Viewers should keep to the eclipse glasses the entire time they are watching both before and after the totality event. 1) To ensure toddlers and small children disallow glasses on their heads, purchase some thin elastic band from a fabric store. 2) Use a hole puncher to punch holes in the parts of the glasses that fit over your ears. 3) Weight a strip of elastic through each hole and tie it in a nonslip loop knot. 4) Make sure to leave enough slack in the adjustable to allow it to stretch over your child's head. Source: www.tennessean.com

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