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Accompanied by three charts, forming Plates cvm-cx.] INTRODUCTION. Bering Sea was designated as the working ground for the steamer Albatross during the summer of 1S90, the object of the cruise being to develop its offshore fishing grounds. The exploration of the cod banks of Bristol Bay occupied most of the time, and this report is chiefly limited to adiscnssion of that region. We also made a partial reconuoissauce of the coast lines as an indispensable preliminary to the fishery investigations. In prosecuting the work the region was thoroughly sounded, the currents, wind, and weather observed, and other information obtained of such direct value to the fisherman and mariner that it was deemed advisable to present the principal results in advance of the regular report. All the bearings given are magnetic, and the depths are expressed in fathoms. Longitudes depend upon Dall sastronomical station, I liuliuk Harbor (point opposite the wharf), being in longitude 166 31 44.2 W. Bristol Bay may be said to include all that part of Bering Sea lying east of a line drawn from theN orthwest Cape of Unimak Island to the Kuskokwim River. The Island of Unimak and the Alaska Peninsula bound it on the south and east, and separate it from the Pacific Ocean. The Naknek River is at the head of deep-water navigation, while the bay itself terminates in the Kvichak River, a few miles to the northward. The region about theN ushagak River, Kulukak Bay, and the Kuskokwim forms its northwest boundary. The shore lines are usually low, and without distinctive features, but high mountain ranges and volcanic cones extend along the central parts of Unimak and the Alaska Peninsula. These rugged snow-covered mountains and lofty peaks would serve as unmistakable landmarks were they not obscured by the almost constant fogs which prevail in that region during the summer months.
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Lake Piru Fishing Report 6/23/2011

FLW Tour Pro Kevin Johnson gives an updated fishing report on Lake Piru right from his Ranger Z-521.

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Z Fish Report (1/26/17): Photo by Gord Roberts on the panga Porpy with Noe.  See below for what he…… https://t.co/cjmDo4G8Qw 01/27/17, @FishingStatus


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David Culham Trail / Streetsville / Ontario / January 2008
David Culham Trail / Streetsville / Ontario / January 2008
This was taken on a brutally cold day in January 2008. I was checking out my friend, Steve's, Canon XT before buying my own XTi. The David C. Culham Trail is one of over 20 in Mississauga devoted to cycling and other outdoor activity in an urban environment. Many of the trails are reported on in travelogues and publications. Freelance photographer, Karen Zabawa writes on "The David J. Culham Trail, named for a one-time, then sitting, City of Mississauga council member for this area, begins in Erindale Park, at Dundas Street West, just east of Mississauga Road." Further she notes - "The Trail continues along the Credit River, except for a short portion that winds through the Village of Streetsville, north to the Brampton border. 'No Fishing' signs are posted here, though fisherman can be seen from time to time, as they were this day, until trail walkers, indignant, shooed them away." This 18 km trail is nearing completion. It is designed to provide...
Photo by bill barber on Flickr
school shooting of Winnenden was heralded by an internet troll ►media.coverage◄
school shooting of Winnenden was heralded by an internet troll ►media.coverage◄
The school shooting of Winnenden was heralded by an advertising internet troll 6½ hours before the killing spree began. chronology of the infamous 3/11-chat: #555168 = Tim Kretschmer, #848121 = Bernd_1, #830431 = Bernd_2. Tim Kretschmer: 2009-03-11 02:45:35 555168 Nr. 485465 >> Crap, Bernd, I've had enough. I'm fed up with this dissolute life. It's always the same: Everybody is laughing at me, nobody is realizing my potential. Bernd_1: 2009-03-11 02:47:20 848121 Nr. 485466 >> lol, you are kidding Tim Kretschmer: 2009-03-11 02:5X:XX 555168 Nr. 485467 >> I mean it seriously, Bernd. I've got firearms here, and tomorrow morning I'll visit my previous school and I'll give a stylish grill party. Maybe I'll get away with it. >> Be prepared to listen, Bernds, tomorrow you'll hear from me. Just remember the name of the scene: Winnenden. And for now no report to the police, don't be afraid, I'm just trolling Bernd_2: 2009-03-11 02:57:19 830431 Nr. 485468...
母斑馬魚 Female Zebrafish-01_Worth US$200 dollars
母斑馬魚 Female Zebrafish-01_Worth US$200 dollars
1101_2011_Update Thanks for the German AtmoSAFE Company choosing this zebrafish photo named "Female Zebrafish-01_Worth $200 US dollars" on their official website homepage. The homegape URL is " www.atmosafe.net/de.html ". The application article is "Der Zebrafisch mag keinen Stress" and its URL is " www.atmosafe.net/de/anwendungen/bebrueten-und-zuechten/ze... " 0428.2011 Update Thanks for the Anaspec Company choosing this zebrafish photo named "Female Zebrafish-01_worth $200 US dollars" on one Z-Fish Antibodies ad in the 2011 zebrafish meeting brochure (www.union.wisc.edu/zebrafish/). The zebrafish meeting is "4th Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators" to be held January 29th - February 2nd, 2011 at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. 0214.2010 Update Thanks for the Notre Dame University's NDeRC (Notre Dame extended Research Community) choose this photo as the main photo along their...
Photo by 阿鶴 on Flickr
Capt Z Fishing Reports
Capt Z Fishing Reports