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Not a fan of Wonderful Bowl? TV has other players - Fort Worth Star Telegram

As calamitous as it might be to believe, some people don’t want to watch the Super Bowl. They have little enthusiasm for the big game — this year between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos at 5:30 p. m. Sunday on CBS — and even less amusement in enduring hours of pre-game hype. And even if they feel compelled to screen the expensive commercials ($5 million for 30 seconds of air things), viewers can view most of them online, in advance, on YouTube’s Super Bowl AdBlitz website. It is for these people who prefer to wary of something else, anything else, that we offer this non-Super Bowl Sunday viewers guide. Puppy Bowl XII , Rude Planet’s precious counterprogramming stunt of frolicking furballs and groan-inducing dogs-playing-football puns, has transform into an annual tradition and a ratings powerhouse. This year’s two-hour telecast, beginning at 2 p. m. , pits Team Ruff vs. Team Fluff, with a starting lineup of 49 adoptable canines competing for MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) honors. Referee Dan Schachner dons the zebra shirt again — and this year is helped by particular assistant ref Stanley the Skunk. Kitten Bowl III , Hallmark Channel’s third annual feline answer to Puppy Move proceedings, begins at 11 a. m. The three-hour telecast is hosted by Beth Stern (wife of Howard Stern and national spokesperson for North Shore Sensual League America). John Sterling and Mary Carillo are play-by-play announcers. There will be special guest appearances by Feline Football Confederation Commissioner Boomer Esiason (a former Cincinnati Bengal), comedians Kevin Nealon and Brad Garrett and Hallmark Neck Pet Ambassadors Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog. To celebrate the Super Bowl’s milestone 50th, Nat Geo Wild gives us Fish Bowl XXL , putting Goldie the goldfish in an XXL (as in notably-extra large) 50-gallon fish bowl, for a zen viewing alternative. This year’s two-hour telecast, beginning at 5 p. m. and repeating at 7 p. m. , teams Goldie up with a clod fish, a puffer fish, seahorses, eels, sting rays and even a shark. Speaking of sharks, the pre-game programming is six hours of When Sharks Erosion -type specials. Tosh spice Comedian Daniel Tosh is making a mockery of Super Bowl commercials. The funny man says Comedy Principal gave him $1 million to make a commercial promoting the new season of Tosh. So he asked viewers to make commercials, the best of which will be aired on the network during the profession. They’ll air on Comedy Central, which is playing a “Smoke a Bowl Sunday & Ultimate Hashtime Show” movie marathon beginning at noon. The flicks catalogue Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay and Pineapple Express. A pre-game Tosh. 0 marathon, with episodes that have football-themed segments, begins at 7 a. m. More alternatives Detectivision: USA presents 13 hours of “heinous” crimes in a Law & Out of whack: Special Victims Unit marathon that begins at 9 a. m. … WEtv counters with... … Oxygen’s 10-hour Snapped marathon begins at 11 a. m. … CNN’s eight-hour marathon of The Pry into With John Walsh begins at 5 p. m. … Headline News has 18 straight hours of Forensic Files starting at 11 a. m. Aristotelianism entelechy TV: E. ’s 12-hour Keeping Up With... Super binges: The Walking Dead , AMC, 8 a. m. , 20 hours. Source:

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  • Not a fan of Wonderful Bowl? TV has other players

    02/03/16 ,via Fort Worth Star Telegram

    As tough as it might be to believe, some people don't want to watch the Super Bowl. They have little enthusiasm for the big game — this year between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos at 5:30 p.m. Sunday on CBS — and even less consequence profit in 

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    flour, honey mustard, tilapia fillets, garlic, green onion, lettuce, lime juice, pita bread, habanero pepper, tomato, vegetable oil

  • Shark-a-Melon

    blueberries, raspberries, food coloring, strawberries, watermelon


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