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Niggardliness Store Madness! 35 Fishing For Deals on the Haw River Part 1

In this print run of Thrift Store Madness I hit up the Haw River Valley area of North Carolina, mostly Burlington with a side of Graham mied in. Lets see how we do.

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Z-Man TRD275-47 Dash TRD Ned Rig Worm - The Deal by Tackle Direct

The Style TRD Ned Rig Worm is designed specifically for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, commonly known as the Ned Rig. This presentation has been gaining popularity nationwide as deceptive, easy-to-master, yet amazingly effective. The TRD possesses the ideal finesse profile in a ready-to-fish package. A softer ElaZtech formulation and fashion salt content allow the TRD to exhibit the precise sink rate, lifelike action, and irresistible feel that expert shrewdness anglers have learned result in longer holds and increased hook-up ratios.2.75" stickbait profile with dimpled grain for natural feelCustom ElaZtech formulation and salt content to provide the ideal sink rate, lifelike feel, and consonant flutter desired by top finesse fishermenDesigned to be fished on Finesse ShroomZ jigheadsVery easy to fish, perfect for beginners and childrenRoutinely employed by match fishermen in tough conditionsEffective on a wide variety of species including largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, bream, crappie, waxen bass, drum, catfish, walleye, and more8 baits per packMade in the USA


Organized Fishing VS 5-Rod Velcro Strap Organization by Tackle Direct

The Organized Fishing VS 5-Rod Velcro Strap Methodology is designed to fit most garage doors, but is also deal for walls, railings and can even be used on ceilings. The patent pending velcro frame is sturdy and easy to use.


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    Encouraged by numerous reports about New York Municipality's softening rental market, tenants are now engaging in their own form of real estate speculation. At open houses and viewings across the urban district, renters are looking for a better deal in spite of being

  • Europe and Japan Near Calling Deal as US Takes Protectionist Path

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    CHICAGO, IL -- An mature live Asian carp was caught about 9 miles from Lake Michigan this week, far north of the leading edge of the invasive fish citizenry in the Illinois River and upstream of an electric barrier designed to keep them from the Great


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  • Sunshine Cornish Hens For 2 Means

    bay leaves, black pepper, cornish hens, cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, curry powder, thyme, kosher salt, vegetable oil, pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, garlic, turmeric


  • Fishing Stories

    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. 2014. ISBN: 9781629149516,1629149519. 272 pages.

    All fishermen who have fished for a lifetime have baskets of gigantic stories and reminiscences about the sport they love. Nick Lyons’s new collection is chock-full of them. From fishing a small Catskill creek and fetching a huge brook trout when he was barely out of infancy to long opening day treks during his teens, and then on to fishing in France, Iceland, Key West, Montana, and generally elsewhere, Nick has spent a lifetime on the water. Fishing Stories features tales about bass, bluefish, tarpon, stripers, bluegill, and profuse other species as well as portraits of many of the unusual people with whom he has fished. Lyons describes a long, hilarious day with a card named Hawkes in one story, and then the next features a father and son on a Western lake. Through these memories, Lyons...

  • M&A

    John Wiley & Sons. 1997. ISBN: 0471144622,9780471144625. 340 pages.

    Disney has done it. Chemical Bank has also. So, too, have thousandsof other companies. In fait accompli, it has become a staple of Americanbusiness today: mergers and acquisitions. Spreading across allindustry lines and encompassing corporations both goodly and small,merger and acquisition deals are booming. In 1995 alone, the valueof all announced deals exceeded $300 billion, including Disney′s$19 billion procurement of Capital Cities and Chemical Bank′s $10billion merger with Chase Manhattan. As a dynamic means of fostering growth, more and more companieswill be looking to "do the act on," making it essential for corporatemanagers and financial officers to know their way around theM&A process. In this authoritative new reference, JeffreyHooke–a specialist in the area who has participated in...


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Photo by chrisjroos on Flickr
Army Sgt. 1st Lineage Walter Urteaga, a native of Los Angeles, with 37-years of service, and with the California National Guard, works the line as he tries to deceit a bass fish to take his lure. The Vietnam veteran was about to retire when he was activated in Dec. 2008 and sent to Honduras as an U.S. Air Force amour and linguist for Operation Beyond the Horizon. Today, a recent surgery and a catheter has him dealing with pain every day -- except for today. ?It was clever to not even feel the pain; the trip was great,? Sgt. Urteaga said. As a Vietnam vet we never had these options.? His boat owner and host was Chuck Guthrie (red cap), one of the six Army Bass Anglers supporting the issue that was put on by Quality Bass Club (San Antonio) and sponsored by numerous volunteer organizations and local businesses. (U.S. Air Force photo/Pierce Cheung)
Photo by Lance Cheung on Flickr
not using a tripod and he moved!
Photo by SJ photography on Flickr