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The Blunks, a poor family with many children lived in Danzig, a German city. On 31st August 1939, behind their house, they experienced the beginning of the Second World War. The eldest son Paul, eager to escape his alcoholic, brutal father, voluntary joined the SS-Danzig Home Guard.
After Poland was occupied by Germans, the Blunks had to move to Poland, where they received their own estate. The family lived in paradise until the end of the war, when the terrible deportation and murder of the former Polish landowners and the Polish "intelligenzia" began. In 1945, the family had to leave their farm in Adamowo. They fled in the winter with nine children and two horse-drawn carts from Poland as far as Malente, near Lübeck in northern Germany.
From 1946, the family lived in an abandoned Air Force barracks.The narrator, Hedwig, got married. She moved with her husband to Hamburg. Hedwig, born in 1927, describes her experiences before, during and after the war as told to her daughter Marion. In 2014 Marion travelled to Poland trying to find memories of her ancestors.

Toy Soldiers Army Military Earth War 2 WW II Plastic Army Men Figures Parties Combat Plastic Special Forces with a Map, Tanks, Planes, Flags, Soldier Figures, Fences & Accessories 232 Pcs by Fun Little Toys

  • Includes: Plastic battle scene war figures and battle equipment...
  • Packaging: The bucket has a lid and a handle for you to easily...
  • Gift: This military army toyset is a valuable gift for military...


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  • This battle equipment set is ideal for playtime and for other uses such as: school projects, war/battle models for decoration and to teach kids about historical conflicts in an engaging manner.
  • For example, kids can recreate scenes of World War I, the Civil War, etc. to vividly depict times of conflict for a history project.
  • By doing so, whether required or not, kids will become more interested in the material and will be encouraged to learn more.
  • When playing with this battle equipment set, your kids will learn historical concepts such as: success and failures, different battle strategies, gain insight on diverse ways of thinking and understanding the potential origins of conflict.
  • In the process, they will be experiencing cause and effect relationships, such as which military strategy led to victory.
  • Moreover, with all the distinct types of equipment included, kids are bound to expand their vocabulary.
Perfect Gift:
  • Unlike other sets, this set has soldiers performing various actions: crawling on the ground, on guard, calling out orders, aiming at the enemy and many more.
  • You can even distinguish the rank of some soldiers based on the clothes they are wearing and their hats.
  • Moreover, the quantity and different equipment types add more realism and excitement playtime.


Red few fences 1m class WW Show 2015

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15.5ga Wire Vacillating Splice-It by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Joins, mends and repairs all coop wire easily. One splice per join. For a secure and permanent rust resistant connection. No. GB5 - For 15-1/2 gauge hi-tensile Gaucho barbed wire. Nos. LBW1 and LBW5 - For 12-1/2 criterion barbed, 9 gauge smooth wire. No. SS5 - For 12-1/2 gauge hi-tensile smooth, woven fence. No. ST5 - For 12-1/2 example hi-tensile smooth, woven fence. Stainless steel. No. WW5 - for 10-16 gauge smooth, electric, woven palter. Use only with Splice-It Crimp 'n Cut Tool No. (663.6252).Splice-It


Dutton-Lainson Repel Wire Splices - 50 Piece by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Joins, mends and repairs all resist wire easily. One splice per join. For a secure and permanent rust resistant connection. No. GB5 - For 15-1/2 gauge hi-tensile Gaucho barbed wire. Nos. LBW1 and LBW5 - For 12-1/2 rule barbed, 9 gauge smooth wire. No. SS5 - For 12-1/2 gauge hi-tensile smooth, woven fence. No. ST5 - For 12-1/2 figure hi-tensile smooth, woven fence. Stainless steel. No. WW5 - for 10-16 gauge smooth, electric, woven waffle get. Use only with Splice-It Crimp 'n Cut Tool No. (663.6252).Splice-It


Writing A Book

WORDS FROM W. W. August 13, 2016. I’m trying to write a book. If James Patterson can spin out about a book a month I should be able to write one in a year…or two…okay, maybe three. I did read a lot of Agatha Christie novels in my earlier years. But in terms of writing a mystery novel…not me. I did write Lassie stories when I was in the third grade…longhand, and almost legible. I can’t remember what the plots of those Lassie stories were, but I’m sure I had him leaping over fences and saving chickens from foxes. When I was in my forties I wrote two books of mini-dramas that got published by my denomination’s publishing branch. In fact, they didn’t make any list, but it was pretty cool to see my name on the covers. Now I’m trying to write a feel good story that combines high school basketball, innocent teenage romance, an unlikely friendship, and the admirable qualities of integrity, honesty, and fairness. It’s a good story, but some days I feel like the words are coming to me about like a “Sally, Dick, and Jane” first grade primer. See Sally run. Dick, see Sally run. Spot, run like Sally. Run, run, run. Other times it seems like the words flow through my mind like a fine culinary recipe progressing without a hitch. Some days I get constantly interrupted, other days I wish I would be interrupted. And all this for the very, very, very real probability that no one will be remotely interested in publishing the end result. Unlike James Patterson, I do not have someone who has advanced me a million. But I sit in front of my laptop and peck on with two fingers on my left hand and one on my right…and the word count keeps climbing as the story slowly unfolds, characters get further developed, the past gets illuminated and the possibilities of... I read a Harlan Coben mystery at night and write about a red-headed pastor’s kid named Randy Bowman during the day. Writing is my release, as well as what grips me. It’s something I can’t seem to not do…all those years of writing sermons for Sunday mornings at church, but then having so many other things to write about that never seemed to fit into a Sunday... Today I sit at my perch in Starbucks with the question, “Well, Randy, where will our story take us today. Source: Words from WW Blog

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    08/01/16 ,via Hutchinson News

    Sock Trailer; Shop built heavy duty 4 Wheel Trailer; WW 2 Horse Trailer; Krause #963A 30 ft. tandem disc with 8 in. spacing; IHC 12 ft. tandem disc; 9 shank pull type ripper; JD 3 pt. 8-row cultivator This is all good Native pastureland with

  • How America Could Go Dark

    07/13/16 ,via Wall Street Journal

    Most substations are unmanned and often protected chiefly by chain-link fences. Many have no electronic security, leaving attacks unnoticed until after the damage is done. Even if there are security cameras, they often prove worthless. In some cases

  • How the Colorado Rockies have performed through the first half of 2016

    07/02/16 ,via The Denver Post

    Ugh. If you swing for the fences constantly, that stuff happens. Finally, no one ever talks about them adjusting for altitude, when they initially go on the road. A big, big disadvantage for them. Rockies were also 40-41 in 2013.so in 4 seasons of


@HandsOffNovak @Carlawat76 @Arizona_Callie Exactly! I'll be all relaxed & ready to climb fences to take pics & film myself recreating ww! 08/12/16, @lriggs17
RT @SNGreenways: Mr. Kubly, tear down those fences! @SeattleDOT boldly allows cafes to expand onto the sidewalk.. ..just like... https://… 08/10/16, @WW_Ballard


  • Ww Asian Meatballs

    bread crumbs, egg whites, green pepper, turkey, soy sauce, green onion, sweet and sour mix, applesauce

  • Ww Jalapeno Chicken

    chicken, nonstick cooking spray, garlic powder, jalapeno, worcestershire sauce, steak sauce


  • Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953--Beyond the Fences #2

    Dark Horse Comics. 2016. 32 pages.

    Suburbia is torn apart when Hellboy faces off against a bizarre creature, while the BPRD tries to uncover who created such a monsterand why.

  • Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953--Beyond the Fences #1

    Dark Horse Comics. 2016. 32 pages.

    A mysterious creature hunts the children of an idyllic suburban town, and the BPRD get more than they bargained for when their investigation begins to seem strangely familiar. iZombie cocreator Chris Roberson joins Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Eisner and Harvey AwardÒwinning artist Paolo Rivera for Hellboy: year two. Features a David Mack variant cover!

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  • Catching the Perfect Wave …100 Miles From the Ocean

    08/14/16 ,via ww2.kqed.org

    That’d be awesome,” says Millward. We found the property surrounded by an 8-foot-tall fence on one side and a row of tall trees on the other. There’d be no surfing for my friends today. Since we couldn’t see much, we talked to neighbor Sonjia May ...

  • OSM Couche-Tard Classical Spree to Launch This Month in Montreal

    08/09/16 ,via Broadway World

    Hosted by France Beaudoin, the concert will bring together a number of Olympians, including Philippe Beaudry (fencing), Guylaine Bernier (rowing), Émilie Heymans (diving) and Benoît Huot (swimming), close to 100 young athletes from the rising Québec ...

  • Foundation asks that club fire site not be 'Pokemon Go' stop

    08/09/16 ,via ABC6

    The site is surrounded by a chain-link fence during construction on the memorial, scheduled to open in October. The Pokestop can be accessed from outside the fence. Russo, a fire survivor, called it "disgusting." Other survivors and family members of those ...


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