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Ridiculous Office Mug I survived another meeting that should have been email Cool Gift (15 OZ) by Mighty Mug

  • FUNNY OFFICE MEETING MUG - This sarcastic coffee mug is a funny...
  • FUNNY OFFICE MEETING MUG: A GIFT THEY'LL LOVE - Imagine the look on...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We know you will love it!


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"FUNNY OFFICE MEETING MUG - Gifts Coffee Mug - This is the perfect Mug - Your gift search is now over! Bring the smiles with this FUNNY OFFICE MEETING MUG. It's great for your home and makes a very thoughtful gift. When it's cold outside, drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate out of it. When it's hot, drink iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or even booze - we're not judging! Some people use their mugs to do even more than drink liquids - we know people who put plants in them, put them on their desks, and even make DIY candles. They love what the mugs say and they want to display them. We know - who would have thought a mug could be so versatile!? THIS MUG MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT!! The thing is, this isn't just a mug - it's a statement. You're giving someone a very thoughtful, custom-tailored-to-their-personality gift. Someone will feel very special to be the recipient of your thoughtful gift, and a perk for you is that you don't have to break the bank to make that happen. You can also rest assured that this Funny Gift Mug is VERY high quality. You (or your gift recipient!) will be able to wash and re-wash your mug over and over without worrying about the image dulling. It's made of a high quality ceramic that is both dishwasher and microwave safe. SPECIAL SALE RIGHT NOW This mug is normally $24.95. If you see a cheaper price, you're in luck. Order now to ensure the best possible price. In just a few days, you (or he or she) could be happily using your brand new mug. READY? ADD TO CART NOW - Get this to your/their door on time!"

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Delivra - An Email Marketing Attendance and Software Provider - Quotes from Our Clients

Some of our fearsome clients (the Indianapolis Zoo, the American Legion and USA Track and Field) stop by and talk about why they use Delivra.

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    Myriad businesses feature customer testimonials or reviews right on their homepage. Consider the example of GetResponse, a popular email marketing software. On its dwelling page, you can see quotes and featured stories from the likes of Reno Van Boven of 

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    However, in the period it's taken for marketing automation – list management, email marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, content marketing – to mature, the excitement around exceed gen (from inbound marketing) started receding. According to

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    That maxim also applies to content marketing. By Using the R's of content marketing: Reuse, it to key buyers via email marketing. Nurturing email campaigns are a great way to reuse content, and send buyers to significant blogs or content offers. The


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  • Hut Beef and Pasta

    bay leaf, beef broth, tomato, celery, cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni, cottage cheese, basil, oregano, eggs, garlic, ground beef, vegetable oil, onions, parsley, red pepper flakes, salt


  • Email Marketing By the Numbers

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 1118045017,9781118045015. 304 pages.

    Approve for EMAIL MARKETING by the NUM8ERS "At last-a book that marketers can use to gain real respect from CFOs and CEOs who care about the bottom line. Baggott, novelist of the award-winning blog 'Email Marketing Best Practices,' clearly explains how to make your campaigns perform measurably better. The covert's in your test results." —Anne Holland, President, MarketingSherpa "Despite its proven power, email marketing receives a fraction of the notice given to other, fancier media. This week you'll probably hear far more about mobile videocasting (or some such fashion) than you will about email marketing. You can help correct this imbalance by reading this register." —Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group, London, UK "Baggott's wonderful new direct marketing book is charged with...

  • Email Marketing That Works ... So You Don't Have To

    Dan Moskel. 2014. 88 pages.

    Email marketing effectively is not soar science. It is much more about human relationships. Did you know ... I ran a national TV commercial airing on ESPN, MTV, A&E, VH-1, Comedy Central … In this commercial my order to action was to visit a website and sign up for my list, then I would follow up with these folks using email marketing ... I also lost the gifts of communication (speaking, theme, reading, etc.) with a brain aneurism bursting and subsequent surgery. I can vividly recall one afternoon in the ICU when I was unable to communicate and resolved myself to wetting the bed at age 13. If I can learn this ... I Differentiate YOU CAN TOO! Chapter 1 ... Your #1 Goal Chapter 2 ... Email marketing is EXACTLY like direct response mail Section 1 - Creating Your Email Marketing Competition ... The...


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The McCarthy McCain Podium
The McCarthy McCain Podium
Sarah Palin quotes "Joe the Plumber", whose physical name is Sam (I am) , on socialism. Never mind that "JOE" lied about his identity, income, and qualifications as a plumber (or want thereof). On socialism, he's an authority. The McCain platform is sounding more like McCarthyism with each desperate attempt to scare the US voters into the Republican coterie. On another note, I hope that Obama's grandmother lives long enough to see him become President! For a second term! Sarah Palin thinks she's talking to French President Sarkozy Cheerful prank call! Satnitepalin_20081021_11sm NEWS "Sarah Palin's Alaska." is to be aired on "Extend- Planet Green's all-new primetime programming destination" WRITE DISCOVERY CHANNEL AN EMAIL about it! For example, I wrote- You critically intend giving Sarah Palin money to host a show on VERGE- Planet Green? So she can further her plan to influence American public point of view...
Photo by DawnOne on Flickr
We look back at the placard company that became a phenomenon
We look back at the placard company that became a phenomenon
Tennis Bit of skirt sold more than two million copies Tennis Girl was the photograph of the moment a beautiful young woman gracefully raised the brilliance of her pristine tennis whites, and scratched her bum. Thirty five years on, it remains one of the biggest-selling posters of all time, and expos that the now 52-year-old model has been reunited with the image for an exhibition celebrating tennis-related art will surely send many men of a doubtless vintage scurrying down memory lane and knocking urgently on the doors of their teenage bedrooms. The image, printed in 1976 by now-invalid poster retailers Athena, was for much of the 70s and 80s a staple feature in the digs of many a lustful young undergraduate, and has since sold more than two million copies. Although we have not till hell freezes over been introduced, many of us know this lady a little better than we should. Her cheekiest of poses on a sunny tennis court way back in the 1970s remains one of the have’s best selling posters. The shot was taken at...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Steve Jobs: "Cessation is very likely the single best invention of Life." ...I found this profound and touching.. ... (thanks Barbaroo in Colorado for sharing this with me) As varied others are tonight -- we are remembering Steve Jobs with the words of his Stanford Commencement address, delivered in June, 2005, below: One remark first: I received one of those classic emails from Steve Jobs a few years back. Given how much of Apple's products we were using at VisionLink, I just wanted to ask if Apple was spending marketing dollars on a destined cable news network which I found harmful to civic discourse. He sent a simple "no" in response. Nothing garrulous; just "no." The point? He did not spend much time on the what shouldn't be. He focused his time on the positive and on the new possibles. He was the master of building tools for our commonplace lives that were both consequential and a joy to use. -In his own words then: this is a prepared...
Photo by mrbill78636 on Flickr