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Liili Mouse Pad Unsophisticated Rubber Mousepad IMAGE ID: 15776480 Web marketing concept in word cloud on black background by Liili

  • Easy maintenance: Hand wash with mild soap and dry thoroughly. Long...
  • Made of Natural Rubber base with silky cloth surface. 1 piece per...
  • Durable cloth surface is dust and stain resistant. Soft front,...


Product Description


MADE IN USA. Designed, Printed and Shipped out of our California Facility.


Our mousepad is made of natural rubber with Fabric. High quality cloth weave surface bonded to a special NON-SLIP 100% natural Eco-Friendly rubber base to enhance precise tracking, effortless control, steady surface support and extended durability. The weave also provides a nice, comfortable feel under your hand, Minimizing Fatigue over extended periods of time.

Works With Any Standard Mouse. Low Friction and Ultra Smooth Fabric surface optimized for better Mouse Gliding.

Warm Tip:

After being tested, we found that color might seem a little different (lighter or darker) on different monitors.

After-sales Service:

1. 30 days warranty by Liili. Free return of or replacement within supported if defective.

2. " Your satisfaction is our highest priority". If you have any problems about this product or your order, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us:

Log in Amazon account>find the order>click "Get help with order">choose specific subject>click Ask Seller.

Azue Women's Plus Size Shirring Relieve Elastic Waist Cool Leisure Wear Mini Skirted Skorts with Pockets Pink 4XL (US Size: 1X Plus-3X Plus) by Azue

  • ♥ Attention: Color maybe a little different due to computer and...
  • ♥ BRAND: Azue, a brand registered in the US. We only choose...
  • ♥ Soft and Breathable Fabric: Made by high quality Modal, allowing...


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Product Description

Azue Women's Plus Size Shirring Soft Elastic Waist Cool Leisure Wear Mini Skirted Skorts with Pockets

It is a slouchy skort designed for your comfortable wearing, ultra soft cool modal fabric is of smooth touch, elastic stretch. Shirring flared shorts are more like flowy skirt, skorts design makes it more safe wear. You can wear it at home or as a base under dress. Just enjoy a cool and leisure summer with this amazing skorts!


1. Please follow the size chart before you add it to the cart.

2. The Color maybe a little different due to computer and picture resolution.

3. Manual measurement may cause little difference.

4. Imported. Shipping may cost around 7 to 15 days or 3 to 5 days Expedited.


This item is sold by "Azue", we believe in your natural beauty and we are doing our best to find out products which is of goood quality and can bring you happiness. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

Compress Image Size to Reduce File Size in Word 2007

Compress Image Size to Reduce File Size in Word 2007, reduce file size in Word 2007, Reduce image size in word 2007, compress file size of Microsoft Word .

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Efotoxpress ( Windows ) by (dba Shopping)

A critical problem facing the digital camera market is the difficulty in sending pictures over the Internet. While there are some limited solutions, none is accomplished to compete with e-FotoXpress. @@ e-FotoXpress is an easy-to-use software utility that will compress images with the highest possible compression. It allows scads more pictures to be sent in one e-mail without the loss of quality. @@ The product is designed to compress any high-resolution JPEG images from tons different digital cameras and camcorders. It can also compress any high- resolution JPEG images from scanners. @@ While it works with uncountable e-mail utilities, such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail, this user friendly product allows you to browse your directory for the desired images, devise thumbnails and send thumbnails of JPEG2000 compressed images to any recipient. By double clicking on the thumbnail, a full size image will release by the free AMC-JPEG Viewer. (Download the Free Viewer at www. The Viewer options include rotation, zoom in, zoom out and run off images. The print option works on any printer. By right clicking on the thumbnails, you can see the image properties (name, format, size and location), mutate the name, add individual personalized notes and set the desired compressed size of the JPEG 2000 image. e-FotoXpress can support compression size options of 80K, 60K, 40K, 20K and 10K Bytes in JPEG, BMP, Difference of opinion and JPG2 file format. AMC's technology is based on wavelet compression algorithms. Wavelet compression works by scanning the entire image for the most adroitly wavelet basis function that represents that particular image. To reduce the overhead, JPEG2000 standard picks a universal female parent wave ahead of time. JPEG2000 standard specifies a 9/7 wavelet for ordinary lossy compression and a 5/3 wavelet for lossless compression.


Content Gating: When, Whether, and How to Put Your Content Behind an Email/Form Capture - Whiteboard Friday

Have you ever considered gating your content to get leads. Whether you choose to have open-access content or gate it to gather information, there are benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand weighs the pros and cons of each approach and shares some tips for... Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we're going to chat about content gating. This is something that a lot of content marketers use, particularly those who are interested in generating leads, individuals that their salespeople or sales teams or outreach folks or business development folks can reach out to specifically to... Many content marketers and SEOs use this type of content as a lure to essentially attract someone, who then fills in form fields to give enough information so that the sales pipeline gets filled or the leads pipeline gets filled, and then the... As opposed to the classic model that we're used to in a more open content marketing and open SEO world of, "Let me give you something and then hopefully get something in return," it's, "You give me something and I will give you this thing in return. " This is a very, very popular tactic. You might be familiar with Moz and know that my general bias and Moz's general bias is against content gating. We sort of have a philosophical bias against it, with the exception of, on the Moz Local side, some enterprise stuff, that that marketing team may be doing, may in the future include some gating. But generally, at Moz, we're sort of against it. However, I don't want to be too biased. I recognize that it does have benefits, and I want to explain some of those benefits and drawbacks so that you can make your own choices of how to do it. Then we're going to rock through some recommendations, some tactical tips that I've got for... Benefits of gating content. This is the gated idea. So you get this free report on the state of artificial intelligence in 2016. But first, before you get that report, you fill in all these fields: name, email, role, company website, Twitter, LinkedIn, what is your budget for AI in 2017 and you... Many of these reports require these and many other fields to be filled in. I have filled in personally several that are intense in order to get a report back. The opposite of that, of course, would be the report is completely available. The benefits of gating are you actually get:. More information about who specifically accessed the report. There are people who work around that by verifying and validating at least the email address or those kinds of things. Those who expend the energy to invest in the report may view the data or the report itself as more valuable, more useful, more trustworthy, to carry generally greater value. This is sort of an element of human psychology, where we value things that we've had to work harder to get. Sales outreach to the folks who did access it may be much easier and much more effective because you obviously have a lot of information about those people, versus if you collected only an email or no information at all, in which case would be... Drawbacks of gating content Let's walk through the drawbacks of gating, some things that you can't do:. Smaller audience potential. Maybe not this page specifically, but certainly it's hard to get amplification of this, and it's very hard to get an audience, get many, many people to fill out all those form fields. People generally do not link to content like this. By the way, the people who do link to and socially amplify stuff like this usually do it with the actual file. So what they'll do is they'll look for State of AI 2016, filetype:pdf, site:yourdomain. com, and then they'll find the file behind whatever you've got. I know there are some ways to gate that even such that no one can access it, but it's a real. Source: Moz Blog

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My History with Apple (Computer) Inc.
My History with Apple (Computer) Inc.
Edwin Tofslie created this visual. On his site, he says, "A visual I created to show the evolution of most all Apple products created over the past 30 years. This was created to show the evolution of the form factor and industrial design of the products, not to show every single model or upgrade Apple has launched." I grabbed it and thought I'd use it to make a history of my Apple purchases. From left to right, top to bottom: The Apple ][c I must have gotten this in 1985 or '86 (when I was 10 or 11). I remember wanting this computer *so bad* after using the Apple ][e in grade school. I remember going to the Apple dealer (er, excuse me, the Apple authorized reseller) in Olathe, Kansas—The Bottom Line—and drooling over the computers there. I was an overweight kid, so my parents made me a deal: Lose X many pounds, and they would buy the computer. I lost a little weight, but not the specified amount. Still, I think my parents were swayed by my argument that it was an...
Photo by Adam Kuban on Flickr
At Google this weekend. Seeing a CMU telepresence robot now. Some details from the scifoo Wiki: I'd like to discuss an idea I'm formulating to improve climate modeling called "Global Swarming." The core idea is to deploy tens of thousands of ocean probes by leveraging the creative smarts and logistics coordination of the web. As someone who served as an expert witness in the Dover "Intelligent Design" trial, and who has worked in the "creation-evolution" arena for a long time, if there is any interest I would be happy to run a session on "What happens post-Dover?" What will be the next wave of anti-evolutionism and anti-science? What needs to be done to combat it and raise the American public's awareness of the evidence for evolution? Why is this issue critical to the success of basic research in this country? How do scientists, educators, and tech folks fit in? I'd like to brainstorm about programmable matter ProgrammableMatter....
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
Yahoo's New Marketing Chief Elisa Steele Doesn't Use Flickr and How This Signals That Yahoo Management Is Out of Step With Innovation
Yahoo's New Marketing Chief Elisa Steele Doesn't Use Flickr and How This Signals That Yahoo Management Is Out of Step With Innovation
The Wall Street Journal today reported on Carol Bartz's (Yahoo's new CEO) latest executive appointment, Elisa Steele. Steele joins Yahoo in a newly created Chief Marketing Officer position. "Yahoo's marketing strategy and teams have become decentralized over time-- hiring Elisa in the CMO role will quickly mobilize our plan to integrate the function globally and more effectively represent the Yahoo brand," Ms. Bartz said, according to the Journal. When I first read about this appointment, the first thing I did is went and did a search for Elisa Steele on Yahoo's photo sharing site Flickr. It turns out that there is a single account under this name (completely dead and inactive) going by the handle Kangas. There is also a single photograph of Steele on the site as well. After Bartz was appointed as CEO of Yahoo I did a similar search on Flickr to see if Bartz was active there after Bartz mentioned on a Yahoo earnings conference call that her daughter used Facebook to...
Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr
Email Marketing Benchmarks – Stats by business size, stats by ...
Email Marketing Benchmarks – Stats by business size, stats by ...
Email Marketing Templates - Premium Download | Sample Templates
Email Marketing Templates - Premium Download | Sample Templates
mail Marketing Introduction
mail Marketing Introduction