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What do our dreams unqualifiedly mean? - KMBZ

You're six. Organism that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and scandal features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. My experience it's an experience. It's Jews on the West Shore west and the East Coast when you're stuck in between welcome to be unreal you reveal myself Jason Hawes and the always some GB Johnson. It feels like it's been weeks I suggest it feels like it has been weeks of course we re all hyped up and ready to go. Last night with a life program had a great guests lined up and Tina Brown at one go at the studio again what the heck was that an outcome... My notepad and there are however it is just aren't really weird. Peru ignore buzzing noise that was like from castigation because this is irritating and in intrusive that there's just no way we can do anything about it but we do get it fixed. We're here tonight welcome everybody it is so good to be back in so great to everybody long. To another great experience of beyond reality radio. Yes and tonight we're going to be talking with Jean Anderson should dream analyst dream therapist writer and mentor. Fair much a week and a half for this gem to talk with their big beauty she better have this cherry an accident of this she she's from Australia I think. Shares in Brisbane and I know that you're just a butt for that I got such a weak spot for Australian accents. But if issues embers in Australia about or somewhere in me talking to her about dream interpretations. Yet and we'll take phone calls by the way later in the program if you measure this is on this is one of those topics of attending a lot of calls foresee wanna get your calls an early and get lined up 84468776669. Is the number and I shall interpret... And how pre-eminent she's been in helping people. Yeah and the for the ZU who want to scare congress we campaign will really give us a call let us know if you you know I enjoyed it and so forth. May she superintendent over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like to FaceBook page or given those numbers up. And also had a beyond reality radio dot com and you can associate oneself with me online you can listen online you can find me secrecy should Wear a cross country we can listen I'm wondering from the site. Just click the mind live tab and also joined the charity the GB and I aaron's walls agree community but also he can download the free injury and an iPhone apps. And allows you to heed to the live show most of the past shows join the chat and pretty much everything on the go you nicely semi. Easier it does make existence a lot easier it's very very convenient and it if you especially if you do everything like most people do now with the Smartphones makes it just. Very very undecorated to be part of the program and in every way that we offer that to happen. So is your favorite part of scare I tell you we had does so many great parts. That the VIP fete I actually got I was able to get up with a guy who is performing playing music complacent guitar. And it wasn't the fact that I got to play guitar and sing a midget bit a bit for the VIP party but it was the fact that while I was doing that. Who a lot of people know from people under the stairs or twister it's a little crazy he got up and Sega couple songs but even more. Was Sid Haig in my main part is Sid Haig got out and saying two or three songs and armor now one of almost a blues tune. And the place went wild as Sid Haig up there singing a song those are really really low. I just over stormy Sid spent more time in my table. This aggression but then I think given that is over he was already because his wife is that a lot of yeah out of experiences it recently. And there are big fans of ghost hunters. And yes or use over there and weighty us what was what has happened in his house and and just wanting us you know contact his wife and work with her and where we're going to be development Bada. Yeah all all is greed and it was cardinal time. It really was a great time and everybody was very very graciously met a lot of cool people in that one fan of beyond reality ghetto-blaster brought that drawing the big sketch he made years of you and I and and all these paranormal you'll click you look... I thought I like little teeny-weeny little different than what I normally do but I. But I'm actually not upset about that I was actually pretty happy who with his rendition of me. So take it back you know so I look at. I Fatah costs 1000 corpses yet we... Source: www.kmbz.com

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