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Over a century ago, Gustavus Hindman Miller published a groundbreaking study of the sub-conscious mind which led to his seminal work, '10,000 Dreams Interpreted.' It rapidly became one of the biggest selling books of its time as people became fascinated with the idea that there could be a meaning to dreams.

The book is a compelling and thorough study of all the symbols and subjects that appear in our dreamscape and Miller provided an enlightened introduction to dream history and presented his conclusions in clear and logical categories.

The sub-conscious mind is a power place indeed and could there really be a 'meaning of dreaming.' Is it really possible that dreams do come true?

This 2016 version is now available to an entirely new generation of people hoping to make sense of their subconscious thoughts. What exactly was it we were dreaming about last night and what does it all mean?

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The Dictionary of Dreams provides the necessary tools to interpret almost every dream object and its hidden meaning to better understand what your subconscious is telling you.

Dreams can be fun and adventurous, but also frightening and distorted, and still again, they can be an endless combination of both. From spitting teeth out (a sign of aging), to creepy, crawly spiders (a sign that one feels like an outsider), dreams can mean much more to us once we learn how to decipher their hidden meanings. Whether positive or negative, The Dictionary of Dreams gives you all the tools, symbols, and their true meanings to translate our cryptic nightly images.

Starting with selections from classic texts like Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, and 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller, one of the first authors to complete a thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dream-scape, this updated edition with a board of popular psychics and mediums will feature revisions (such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and more) of Miller’s original interpretations to bring the book up to speed with our modern life.

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lexicon of dreams 10 000 dreams interpreted by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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10 000 dreams interpreted a glossary of dreams by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Superb in Very Good jacket Octavo, hardcover, fine in VG red and pink dj. 576 pp. including index. groundbreaking masterwork, published nearly a century ago, remains the most compelling and meticulous study of all the symbols that appear in our dreamscape. Updated, beautifully designed, and wonderfully easy to follow, it? s an invaluable source of low-down, and key to understanding the unconscious impulses that guide us. Miller offers an enlightening introduction to dreams in history, dream types etc.


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  • 10,000 Dreams Interpreted

    Arcturus Publishing. 2006. ISBN: 9781848585119,184858511X.

    Up the fascinating world of dreams, their mysteries, their meanings: . To dream of a bird flying freely represents hopes and aspirations . To dream of winter means a values bright and early in life that is not fruitful . To be visited by someone in a dream can mean that there is information, warmth, or love available . To be searching in a dream is an atte...

  • 10,000 Dreams Interpreted

    HarperThorsons. 2001. ISBN: 1862044082,9781862044081. 304 pages.

    As the reference book guide to The Work We Were Born to Do, this book delves deeper into the 12 principles that can help readers discover meaning and passion in their exertion. Offering three exercises, affirmations, meditations, and quotes for each principle, this is a practical, accessible-and inspiring-guide to career self-fulfillment and accomplishment.


10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller

Foreword to What's in a Dream: A Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams, or, Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted - Purloin Montfort

Inscription Page for What's in a Dream: A Scientific and Practical Interpretation of Dreams, or, Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, by Gustavus Hindman Miller

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted - Eso Garden

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted BY GUSTAVUS HINDMAN MILLER ``In a dream, in a ghost of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon

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sparkling star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate
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Oh the joys of the provide road!
Oh the joys of the provide road!
Timeline of motoring curriculum vitae 1940 - 2008 1940 Car production in Britain is put on hold as most factories go over to munitions production. The German Luftwaffe destroys the mid-point of Coventry. Oldsmobile and Cadillac offer the first fully automatic transmission. Enzo Ferrari leaves Alfa Romeo to fix Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. In Japan, Toyo Kogyo produces its first passenger car. 1941 Pull rank Austin dies aged 74 Louis Chevrolet dies aged 63. He is buried at Indianapolis, scene of his greatest racing victories. Packard are the start with car manufacturer to offer air conditioning. Chrysler introduces the Fluid Drive transmission, a manual transmission with a fluid coupling as contrasted with of a clutch. 1943 American passenger car production falls to just 139 vehicles as war production requirements take over. 1944 Volvo concentrate on occupant safety with the introduction of a safety cage. Louis Renault is arrested and imprisoned for collaborating with the Germans. He dies at...
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Collingwood Masonic Place
Collingwood Masonic Place
A Masonic Jacob's Ladder. An significant symbol of the Entered Apprentice Degree. A ladder of several staves or rounds of which three are illustrated tot he candidate as Faith, Hope and Chairty; the three theological virtues. Fountain-head: Masonicdictionary.com Articles On Jacob's Ladder: Mackey's Encyclopedia Article 1897 Canadian Craftsman Article 1935 MSA Stunted Talk Bulletin JACOB'S LADDER: The introduction of Jacob's ladder into the symbolism of Speculative Freemasonry is to be traced to the vision of Jacob, which is thus essentially recorded in the twenty-eighth chapter of the Book of Genesis: When Jacob, by the command of his father Isaac, was journeying toward Padanaram, while sleeping one twilight with the bare earth for his couch and a stone for his pillow, he beheld the vision of a ladder, whose foot rested on the earth and whose top reached to happy hunting-grounds. Angels were continually ascending and descending upon it, and promised him the blessing of a numerous and happy posterity....
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