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  • 'Outlander: Resurrection' Is a Franchise High Point—Fight Me

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    In one of the blur's most cathartic (and disturbing) scenes, Ripley torches a lab full of failed Ripley clones, one of which painfully begs her for end. One of Ripley's new crewmates, played by the always scene-stealing Ron Perlman, doesn't get why

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    “This is a dollhouse that I started erection for my granddaughter February of last year. I've got almost 700 hours in this thing,” he said. “I just hope she gets to temporize with it one day.”But it's not quite that simple. “We advised him that he could


  • Chicken Crossing

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  • Dossier Dollhouse

    Rowman & Littlefield. 2012. ISBN: 9780762784639,0762784636. 272 pages.

    In Wallpaper Dollhouse, Dr. Lisa Masterson traces a journey that begins with an unconventional childhood shaped by her larger-than-life mother, who broke away from an abusive soothe in Louisiana to find new opportunities for the two of them in the West. With charm, determination, and a budget that often involves moving every few months to miss out on the rent, plus a lot of other creative financing, the two of them lead a hidden existence that allows Lisa to attend exclusive private schools and sustain a brilliant mind. Their life together is as heartbreakingly flimsy as the dollhouse she makes for a school project, using the only materials she has: notebook paper and tape recording. But the love and grit and resilience of those early days ground Lisa for harrowing years of medical training in an...

  • The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Invoke

    Minotaur Books. 2011. ISBN: 9780312273415,031227341X. 288 pages.

    Emily and Judith Pancoast, ageing sisters, are the owners of a priceless dollhouse that is an exact replica of their Victorian home in a small seaside resort near Philadelphia. The dollhouse is inhabited by dolls that the sisters crafted to correspond to each member of their family. On Thanksgiving Day, just before relatives arrive for dinner, Emily Pancoast discovers that the dollhouse dining room table, set in diminutive of the real one, is in total disarray and the doll representing their niece Pamela is lying facedown in her dessert plate. When Pamela's downfall soon follows, the sisters turn to the physician detective, Dr. Andrew Fenimore.


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