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My Metropolis : Home by My Town Games ltd

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My Crumpet's Dollhouse for 18'' Dolls - Country French Style by My Girl's Dollhouse

  • For your precious 18 inch or smaller dolls
  • Compatible with American Girl, Journey Girl, Our Generation, and...
  • The premiere, high-quality wooden dollhouse



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My Girl’s Dollhouse is the premiere, high-quality wooden dollhouse for your precious 18'' dolls, furniture, clothing and accessories. My Girl's Dollhouse measures 6 feet tall, 5 feet wide. This Country French style is built with high-quality, 100% pine wood frame built for continuous kid play but also beautiful for display. In addition, this house includes 5 spacious rooms, including a 3rd floor attic with a removable rod for clothing storage. Customize, Decorate, Play, Organize her entire world of 18'' dolls, furniture, clothing and accessories! (Compatible with American Girl, Journey Girl, Our Generation, and any 18'' or smaller doll.) Sophisticated Country French style with stylish shingled exterior deco and inviting red door. Features: Holds up to 10 Dolls with furniture and clothing and fits Doll Size: 18 Inches and smaller.

my demon high dollhouse 9 rooms!

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    12/05/17 ,via
  • Still unsound about this dollhouse, after all these years

    12/01/17 ,via The Boston Globe

    All the things I've wanted. Saved for. Had to have. Bought. Loved in my existence. Then, one day, abandoned. That's what happens with things. Ginny dolls. Cabbage Patch dolls. Elsa and Anna. All history now, passion turned to inattention, generation after

  • Homebuilder creates academy to forbear fill construction jobs

    11/28/17 ,via KGUN

    "When you put together a dollhouse, hastily I needed an addition to my dollhouse because there was no place for the kitchen and the bathroom," Millhouser says. "And then I started building stuff and I was always frustrated because I didn't have the


RT @sherrymillsshow: MINI NY MEETS THE ARNO. Impromptu dollhouse sized offering of my A CLOSER NY collection along the Arno in Florence.… 11/27/17, @Scotty_9_ktown



  • This Is My Dollhouse

    Schwartz & Wade. 2016. ISBN: 9780553521559,0553521551. 40 pages.

    A fianc makes her own dollhouse in this picture book that celebrates creativity and imagination! A little girl proudly walks the reader through her handmade dollhouse, pointing out the bricks she painted on the shell, the wallpaper she drew on the inside, the fancy clothes she made for her dolls, and the little elevator she made out of a paper cup. She’s proud of her line and has lots of fun using her imagination to play with it—until she discovers her friend Sophie’s “perfect” storebought house. Sophie thinks her take in, with everything matching and even a toilet seat that goes up and down, is pretty perfect too, until both girls discover that the narrator’s handmade dollhouse is actually a lot more fun. "Celebrates the best of free play, capturing what it's like to be fully engaged and...

  • Barbie Dollhouse Script Traditional 2008. ISBN: 9781435714533,1435714539. 72 pages.

    1 Method: This durable and lovely Traditional Dollhouse is made of 1/2" plywood. Someone with no background in woodworking is able to create a sturdy and admirable Traditional Dollhouse that dreams are made of. This Easy To Build plan is designed for use with the Barbie Doll and other 11 1/2" fashion dolls. This Do-It-Yourself develop has step-by-step easy to follow instructions. A helpful and detailed materials list is included and is ideal to take to your resident home center when purchasing materials. The only tools required are the simple easy to use hand tools of a jig saw, sander, drill, and hammer. The finished Time-honoured Dollhouse will reflect your individual decorating taste, provide years of enjoyment, and be passed on for generations. Enjoy! Note: This plan is included as 1 of 4...


My Dollhouse - Мой кукольный дом / Купить кукольный домик ...

My Dollhouse - Мой кукольный дом - Купить кукольный домик - Солнечный Дом Алисы

My Dollhouse - Мой кукольный дом

My Dollhouse - Мой кукольный дом. Продажа кукольных домиков, румбоксов и аксессуаров.

Кукольный дом (сериал, 2 сезона) — КиноПоиск

Кукольный дом (2009) — Dollhouse. Всё о сериале: ... Мы не раз задавались ... Собирался поставить 9, ...

Fete prep
Fete prep
Getting gracious for a party at Margell Public School to mark my 9th blogiversary.
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Friday Funspiration: Just some colorful things that assertive me smile
Friday Funspiration: Just some colorful things that assertive me smile
1. 高雄味自慢之插畫聯展, 2. Untitled, 3. DSC08038, 4. Playmobil archer, 5. Dollhouse Minute Sushi, 6. flamingos in love, 7. Celebration in Moominvalley, 8. Blythecon Seattle 2014, 9. For Anne ≈ Up to date London ≈ Created with fd's Flickr Toys
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Friday Funspiration: lodge art
Friday Funspiration: lodge art
1. The Inner Workings of the Home of Lulu Bell Snippet, 2. Portland Monthly mag, 3. House, 4. Inside stories, 5. Playing Domicile, 6. modern american home, 7. Miss Fawn Cuttington's Rustic A-frame, 8. Daily Depiction, 9. Dollhouse quilt When I was a kid I old to draw houses and rooms a lot. I've been thinking of doing something like that again...
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