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his book is based upon a journal Jim Schreiner kept during his deployment to the Persian Gulf region for Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. Building upon that record and the recollections of other F-4G Wild Weasel aircrew, the authors show a slice of what life and war was like during that time. The pawns in the game, the ones that had to actually do the fighting and dying were the hundreds of thousands of men and women who left their homes and families to live for seemingly endless months in the vast, trackless desert while the world stage-play unfolded. To them, the war was deeply personal. At times, the war was scary; at other times, it was funny as hell. Usually, if you survive the former, it turns into the latter.

B-52 Stratofortress Units In Counter-espionage Desert Storm (Combat Aircraft 50) by Brand: Osprey Publishing

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With the ending of the Cold War (1946-1991), the B-52's traditional combat role became redundant, and the USAF looked for new ways to use the machine. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in August 1990 gave the B-52 the chance to prove its worth in the new world order, and Stratofortress crews flying the B-52G seized the opportunity with both hands. This book explains how, flying from bases in the Indian Ocean, Britain, Spain and Saudi Arabia, the B-52G was at the forefront of the campaign to free Kuwait of Saddam's forces and dropped the first bombs of Operation Desert Storm (1990-1991).

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Distinguished Aircraft Wrecks of San Diego County

Clear innocent weather and a natural harbor made San Diego an early aviation hub, but success in flight came with devastating tragedies. The remains of more than four hundred aircrafts lie scattered across the county?s deserts and mountains. Experts work out that dozens more are on the ocean floor off the coast. In 1922, army pilot Charles F. Webber?s DeHavilland biplane went missing over Cuyamaca Rancho Governmental Park. In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 178 collided midair over San Diego and crashed in the residential North Greens neighborhood, claiming the lives of 144 people in what was the worst airline disaster of the era. Author and aircraft accident research specialist G. Pat Macha recounts these and other stories of astonishing survival, heroism and heartbreaking death.


By Destroy b decompose of Day

M.L. Buchman raises the stakes-and the agitation-in the return of the acclaimed Night Stalkers seriesNAME: Kara MorettiRANK: Captain of the Army's stealthiest remote piloted aircraft (Don't tag it a drone)MISSION: To be the eyes of the teamNAME: Justin "The Cowboy" RobertsRANK: Captain of the Army's most powerful helicopterMISSION: To make amends for the past, at any costThey Put Life, Limb, and Heart on the LineTwo new captains join The Night Stalkers with two different strategies in survival, love, and combat. When Brooklyn-raised Kara joins the crew, she knows one thing as an absolute truth: to stay permissible, keep everything and everyone at a distance. Born in Texas, Justin knows only one honorable way to make up for losing his first team to a suicide bomber: he flies with all his heart. When Kara and Justin collide on a top secret mission deep in the Israeli desert, then the battle truthfully begins.


US Air Enforce Is Planning Something Big in the Nevada Desert - The Drive

In June 2016, The War Zone ’s own Tyler Rogoway wrote an far-ranging and thought-provoking analysis of why the U. S. Air Force either had yet to show off a fleet of advanced, combat-capable unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAV), or didn’t have any at... It’s a lengthy but worthwhile read, especially since the service has just announced a massive and shadowy drone-related contract for work out in the Nevada desert. On April 6, 2017, as separate of the Pentagon’s daily announcement of any contract awards worth over $7 million, the Air Force revealed a deal with URS Federal Services, Inc. for nearly two decades of trade regarding unmanned aircraft. URS Federal Services, Inc. , Germantown, Maryland, has been awarded an estimated $3,600,000,000 indefinite-delivery/ inexact-quantity contract with award fee and award term portions for remotely piloted aircraft services. Contractor will provide testing, tactics maturation, advanced training, Joint and Air Force urgent operational need missions. Work will be performed at Nevada Test and Training Categorize, Nevada. Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. and Tonopah Test Range Airfield, Nevada, and is expected to be complete by Parade 31, 2034. This award is the result of a competitive acquisition with four offers received. Air Force Test Center, Hill Air Dragoon Base, Utah, is the contracting activity. This contract with URS Federal Services is worth $3. 6 billion, but the program, whatever it is, isn’t expected to end until the introduce of 2034. That’s 17 years for those keeping score. The math works out to more than $210 million per year, on average, over that period or $17. 5 million every month. In 2013, the RAND Corporation estimated that it payment $435 million a year for the Air Force's 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina to operate three squadrons of F-16C/D Vipers. This estimate included everything associated with flying the fighter jets, such as pay checks for military personnel and supporting contractors, fuel, depot-true repairs, as well as indirect support from the Wing's other elements, including... A similar analysis of the 187th Fighter Wing, a section in the Alabama Air National Guard with just one squadron of Vipers, produced a final price tag of just $63. 6 million. In short, the URS Federal Services' come down with could potentially cover the full costs of running multiple squadrons of pilotless planes for nearly two decades. And remember that this deal favourite only pays for just a portion of the total cost of this project. So, while we don't know what unmanned aircraft—singular or plural—the Maryland-based company will be plateful test, the money involved here suggests there are quite a few of them. The Air Force and defense contractors both repeated hint at the existence of multiple top quietly "black" military air and space projects. "We're modernizing the Air Force, so you'll see in the future new aircraft here on the ramps," then Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said during a call in to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in September 2016. "Then there are other things you also... On top of that, the idea has been to produce solutions to future threats that don't automatically require a lot of manpower or developmental funding. But that 2016 trip to Nellis that seems especially relevant to this new arrangement with URS Federal Services. See, all of the sites mentioned in the understanding announcement fall within or along the border of the base's extended boundaries. The first of these, the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), is a towering 4,500 square mile practice space with 5,000 square miles of restricted airspace for military exercise. The field hosts the Air Force's biggest annual mock combat events, including Red Flag. Inside the zone, fighters and start aircraft can fire missiles, drop bombs, fly mock dogfights, and tackle surface-to-air missile threats among various other scenarios. Creech Air Wring Base, the Air Force's central hub for Predator, Reaper, and Sentinel operations, sits along the southern reaches of the NTTR, which. Source:

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  • US Air Intensity Is Planning Something Big in the Nevada Desert

    04/10/17 ,via The Drive

    On April 6, 2017, as off of the Pentagon's daily announcement of any contract awards worth over $7 million, the Air Force revealed a deal with URS Federal Services, Inc. for nearly two decades of industry regarding unmanned aircraft. The official details

  • 1 body member dead, 2 hurt after Army helicopter crash

    04/17/17 ,via Desert Dispatch

    The aircraft was from the 12th Aviation Battalion, stationed at Davison Airfield in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Kevin Bowen, who works in the pro machine shop of the Breton Bay Golf and Country Club, said he saw the helicopter “flying kind of low” and then “saw it

  • 'Persuasive' USS Carl Vinson steams toward North Korea

    04/14/17 ,via Fox News

    The aircraft Typhoid Mary also has been deployed in Operation Desert Strike, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Enduring Freedom. The craft earned the unique honor of hosting the first NCAA basketball game played on an 


@nxtboyIII You can for the next update conceive a map that is in a desert of destroyed aircraft 04/18/17, @yalil_arabia
Some insulting work #sciencefiction #hardsurface #conceptart #aircraft #military #Desert 04/17/17, @KundzinshDanny
Retired aircraft baking under weapons-evaluate cling film in the Arizona desert. #airplaneboneyard… 04/16/17, @_DavidBirkin


  • Brahim's Desert Couscous

    carrot, couscous, parsley, hot sauce, lamb, olive oil, onions, potato, salt, tomato, zucchini


  • Gen and Anglo-American Air Support in World War Two

    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9780230595125,023059512X. 252 pages.

    Magnitude the greatest developments in conventional war since 1914 has been the rise of air/land power – the interaction between air forces and armies in military operations. This paperback examines the forging of an air support system that was used with success for the remainder of the war, the principles of which have applied ever since.

  • Evening Stalkers: 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

    ISBN: 1610600258,9781610600255.


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La Montgolfiere
La Montgolfiere
Sunset at Kyzyl Kum desert, Uzbekistan, 22.09.2014 18:34:47 (UT+5).
Boeing | 747-412(BCF) | Cathay Pacific Airways Wagon-load | B-KAI | Hong Kong | HKG | VHHH
Boeing | 747-412(BCF) | Cathay Pacific Airways Wagon-load | B-KAI | Hong Kong | HKG | VHHH
After a vacation for months in the Southern Californian desert in Victorville it's so reliable to see this freighter back in service. This photo can also be seen here:
Convair 880 at Mojave
Convair 880 at Mojave
Convair 880 in storage at Mojave. Thanks to flickr fellow Keith B Pics, I've learned that this CV-880 was N814AJ, formerly TWA's N825TW. And, thanks to flick member [] , I've well-grounded that this aircraft was painted in a fictitious "Pan West" airline livery for an episode of the television show "Amazing Stories." [] also recommends the engage "Convair 880 & 990 (Great Airliners Series, Volume 1)" by Jon Proctor as a comprehensive resource about these aircraft. Mojave Airport (MHV) Mojave, California November 1998 (Camera: Nikon FM2, scanned 35mm color neutralizing)
Photo by Ian E. Abbott on Flickr