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Buying this essential kitchen item, you are getting not only a high-quality article but an art product. This veneering chopping board is designed in decoupage technique. You can easily cut bread, meat, vegetables and fruits on the work surface made of real wood. The decoupage side is covered with water-based varnish, so it is completely safe. You can use this board as a decorating item as well as a kitchen aid. You can wash up this board using detergents which don't affect its condition and art look over time.



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Hand-made style for outdoor living
Outdoor style often comes at a high price, but it doesn’t have to. This lushly designed guide empowers you to create your own show-stopping containers made from everyday materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, terracotta, rope, driftwood, and fabric. The 23 step-by-step projects are affordable, made from accessible materials, and most importantly, gorgeous. They include new spins on old favorites, like the cinderblock garden made popular by design blogs or hanging planters made from enamelware bowls, along with never-before-seen ideas like a chimney flue planter and wall planters made from paint cans. Packed with color photographs and simple instruction, Potted is for anyone who wants to turn an outdoor space into a stylish oasis.

DIY 3 Decoupage Techniques Wares for beginners or Intermediates!

http://upcycledecoupage. com/2016/10/04/underlying-decoupage-supplies-a-decoupage-diy-video-for-beginners/ Did you know there are a few ways to decoupage.

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decoupage tome more than 60 decorative projects using simple techniques by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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Metalworking With Mont Overton - Chattanooga Vibrating

Creating ordinary and fanciful mixed media artworks from the mind of Mont Overton. A treasure trove of delightful mixed media copper sculptures are being made only here in the Chattanooga area by local artisan Mont Overton. These fascinating pieces walk a tightrope between folk art and fine art, ranging from tongue-in-cheek cartoon-like images to stunning surrealist forms. If Howard Finster and Tim Burton were to collaborate on some art, they would do well to create something as absorbing. Many art festival goers may already be familiar with Mont’s sculptures, as he has been exhibiting in town for over a decade. He recently showed a collection of his drudgery and did a demonstration of the coppersmithing process at the Chattanooga Mini Maker Faire. Though the subject matter of his work varies, from objective to intellectual forms, they are all consistently rendered with a high level of craftsmanship. Some of his most memorable works are his copper reproductions of musical instruments, and his series of trees and available-standing geometric designs. Over the years, he has incorporated a variety of traditional and experimental techniques into his sculptures, while mixing in new mediums in ways that are a certain extent innovative. “I’ve always been drawn to combining materials and processes in what could generally be considered an unexpected way,” says Overton. Elements of metal origination, coppersmithing, patination, woodworking, painting, collage, decoupage and origami are some of the more prominent features found in his pieces. In 2001, he went from drawing and painting with orthodox utensils on common materials to working out those ideas by using a plasma cutter on pieces of metal. “It seemed like a natural appositeness for the movements one makes with a brush or a pen, only using different materials,” he says. “Somehow, that body of work lead to participating in an art show for the first opportunity. In 2005, under the instruction of his father, Mont began to learn a skill set in traditional coppersmithing. His decision to apply traditional methods to the arts was transformative. From that bottom to present day, I’ve been very fortunate to find, and be found by avenues that propel my pursuit in the arts. He still does a fair amount of traditional copper occupation along with his sculptures. He creates and installs decorative home pieces, range hood covers, awnings, sinks, fountains, backsplashes and other accents. This toil informs his art, as he describes, “I enjoy having to follow the rules in my traditional work, that keeps me in practice and causes a bank of ideas to be Euphemistic pre-owned in free form sculpting sessions. Nature, architecture, history, cartoons, music, album covers, music videos, and pop learning are among his greatest creative influences, but his most important influence is the experience of being an artist. “My most formal training in the universe of art comes from making the work, having to find something to do with it, and the network one builds within that process. In addition to working as an artist, Mont is a main patron and supporter of the arts. His consistent volunteer work with that institution has driven his personal work, and given him a level of art knowledge that is unattainable somewhere else. He was also a primary builder of Chattanooga Film Festival’s opening night installation for the film Dave Made A Maze, which premiered at the Grand Theater downtown. Mont is excited about the upcoming months, saying “I think Chattanooga has a unique and progressive art culture in our division. In October, he will be building another of his custom copper range hood designs, (a kitchen ventilation system that circulates air above the stove top), assisting in the deconstruction and storage of the contents of Wayne-O-Rama, and creating an... Source:

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  • Metalworking With Mont Overton

    09/20/17 ,via Chattanooga Pulse

    Over the years, he has incorporated a mark of traditional and experimental techniques into his sculptures, while mixing in new mediums in ways that are quite innovative. “I've always been drawn to combining materials and processes in what could

  • A barrel-coaster ride of images and wordplay

    09/18/17 ,via Leominster Champion

    Smith takes art lovers on a wave-coaster ride of images, employing a bewildering array of media and techniques. Various distortions or modifications take place at each exercise care, and the final piece is nothing like “cut-and-paste” collage or decoupage.

  • Periodical-Making Classes for Teens (six sessions) - TAPinto

    08/24/17 ,via

    Teenagers will learn to go beautiful objects with paper, an unexpectedly versatile material. Techniques that will be covered include art block printing, 



How to Decoupage: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Decoupage. Decoupage—from the French little talk découper, meaning to cut out—is a craft or art form that entails pasting cut-outs (typically paper ...

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You can learn how to decoupage. Here are underlying decoupage techniques, supply lists, and easy projects you can do.

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Artisans in Florence, Italy have produced decorative objects using decoupage techniques since the 18th century. They combined decoupage with other decorative ...

Chap-fallen bottle and glasses decoupage
Chap-fallen bottle and glasses decoupage
Decoupage and composition techniques on glass
Photo by john bonham2 on Flickr
glasses decoupage
glasses decoupage
Decoupage and depiction techniques on glass
Photo by john bonham2 on Flickr
Decoupage Box
Decoupage Box
One of my original tryings with the decoupage technique. Done on 2005.
Photo by .:serena_in_wonderland:. on Flickr