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Set of 8 Woods Kitchen Cabinet Knobs by Twisted R Design

  • Durable Enough for Everyday Use on Cabinets or Furniture
  • Hand Crafted in The USA
  • Mounting Hardward Included


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Set of 8 country kitchen print wood knobs are 1.5" wide and have been stained English Chestnut with a decoupage country kitchen pattern. Sealed with a triple coat gloss finish so these knobs are durable enough for everyday use on your cabinets or furniture. Mounting screws included, these wood knobs feature a brass insert to ensure a secure fit when attaching the enclosed screws.

Apparatus Refinishing by


Product Description

Learn how to give old flea market finds new life in this information-packed four-part series. Furniture makeover expert Barb Blair has more than a few refurbishing ideas up her sleeve, from selecting and preparing furniture to choosing and applying paint, and adding fun accents like wallpaper or color-blocked designs. In no time, you'll be ready to head to the garage, grab your power sander, and fill your house with gorgeous, customized pieces of your very own design.

Decoupaging Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I couldn't find many descriptions of how to decoupage kitchen cabinet doors, so I made my first quick (and kinda shaky) video on how I did it. It was really easy,.

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Oriental Movables Gold Leaf Altar Table by (dba Shopping)

OFN3853: Features: -Astute painted brass crescent drawer pulls-Three Drawers with gold leaf decoration-Drawer interiors decoupage Kanji teleplay prints-Perfectly suited as a console table behind a sofa, hallway table, or dining room credenza-Drawer: 3" H x 95" W x 13" D.


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  • Fresh Ideas in Decoupage

    North Light Books. 2005. ISBN: 1581806558,9781581806557. 128 pages.

    Presents a guide to decoupage and integrates staining, stamping, and texturing into a variety of projects, including bowls, memory boxes, napkins, and wrapping paper.

  • The Decoupage Workshop

    Doubleday Books. 1976. 191 pages.

    A detailed explanation of the decoupage process with suggestions for projects and designs.

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10 Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

Not sure what to do with that empty space above the cabinets in your kitchen? Check out these 10 stylish solutions for decorating above kitchen cabinets.

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A cabinet is a box-shaped piece of furniture with doors or drawers for storing miscellaneous items. Some cabinets stand alone while others are built into a wall or ...

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"Das Suppenschwein" by Michael Sowa
"Das Suppenschwein" by Michael Sowa
which was already hanging on my kitchen wall and I found that the motif would be a perfect match for an old cabinet
Photo by swamp dragon on Flickr
Newsprint Cabinets - Aunt Peaches
Newsprint Cabinets - Aunt Peaches
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Tags / decoupage kitchen cabinets
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