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Ruby Outcrop-It Fundamentals 3D Decoupage Pack, Birds by Ruby Rock-It

  • Step up your cards by shaping the front and back of your card for...
  • This package contains four 11-3/4x8-1/4 inch sheets pf decoupage...
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RUBY ROCK IT-Fundamentals 3D Decoupage Pack: Birds. Step up your cards by shaping the front and back of your card for added dimensions! This package contains four 11-3/4x8-1/4 inch sheets pf decoupage (two designs per pack) that will create eight cards total. Imported.

Ruby Lurch-It Fundamentals 3D Decoupage Pack, Butterflies by Ruby Rock-It

  • This package contains four 11-3/4x8-1/4 inch sheets pf decoupage...
  • Step up your cards by shaping the front and back of your card for...
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Product Description

RUBY ROCK IT-Fundamentals 3D Decoupage Pack: Butterflies. Step up your cards by shaping the front and back of your card for added dimensions! This package contains four 11-3/4x8-1/4 inch sheets pf decoupage (two designs per pack) that will create eight cards total. Imported.

Tutorial - Decoupage 3D

Materialele necesare le puteti gasi: http://www. ro/hartie-decupaj-3d/ Blog cu multe tutoriale: http://creativhobby. ro/ Urmareste-ne si pe.

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Oriental Apparatus Gold Leaf Altar Table by (dba Shopping)

OFN3853: Features: -Unclouded painted brass crescent drawer pulls-Three Drawers with gold leaf decoration-Drawer interiors decoupage Kanji calligraphy prints-Perfectly suited as a console table behind a sofa, hallway table, or dining room credenza-Drawer: 3" H x 95" W x 13" D.


Convenience Concepts Feel of Asia 3 Drawer End Table White by (dba Shopping)

The Intercontinental Influence of the Come near of Asia 3 Drawer End Table will bring new life to your space. This silk screen printed artisan crafted piece features helping hand painted accents that will be sure to grab the attention of all your guests. Also featuring beautiful drawer pulls and a decoupage interior lining. The drawers suggest concealed storage for anything you may need to tuck away from every day objects to your favorite treasures. Features: Finish: White Research: MDF Touch of Asia Collection Silk Screen Printed Artisan Crafted with Hand Painted Accents Decoupage Interior Lining Specifications: Overall Issue Dimensions: 24.5 H x 16 W x 19.5 D Overall Product Weight: 32 lbs


69th annual Kilrea Best Show - Coleraine Times

Mrs Bamford then welcomed Joanne McAllister from Northern Ireland Cancer Capital for Children. Joanne thanked the Committee for their invitation and for choosing this as the charity to be supported by the show. She explained that three children in Northern Ireland are diagnosed each week with cancer. She thanked the people of Kilrea who have already been same generous in their support of this charity. Mrs Bamford then welcomed Mrs Agnes Kennedy M. B. E. , Executive Member for Lower Bann Quarter. Mrs Kennedy recalled as a child coming to Kilrea on her bicycle with her mother. She recalled the involvement of Kilrea W. I. with the show since its inception back in 1947 and the kindly support for charity over the years. She hoped everyone would enjoy viewing the exhibits and had pleasure in declaring the Show open. She was then asked to mount the trophies and prizes. Mrs Bamford then welcomed members of the Murphy family who had kindly donated a trophy in memory of their father Mr Bertie Murphy who with his spouse had been a keen supporter of the show over many years. Speaking on behalf of the family, Mr William Murphy recalled how his father had been encouraged in his gardening by Rev McCullough from Drimbolg Presbyterian Church, Mrs R. W. Kelso, Lisnagrot, and Disregard Maye Long who would come and help him... He hoped many people would continue to get pleasure from entering the show as did his Mum and Dad over many years. He was glad to present the cup for the first time to Roy Moon and Lee McNally for the most exhibits in the vegetable section. Mrs Jennifer Gardiner, President Kilrea W. I. , gave a encyclopedic vote of thanks to everyone who had helped in any way with the smooth running of the event. She highlighted the wonderful work carried out by the Northern Ireland Cancer Means for Children. Jennifer thanked Margaret Bamford for all her work and commitment as Chairperson and Mrs Kennedy for giving of her time to come to open the show and presenting the prizes. She invited everyone to look about the exhibits and enjoy some refreshments. Perennials, vase, 1 variety: 1. J. Rees, 2. P. McCaw, 3. M. Bamford. Any other flowering shrub, 3 stems: 1. B. Holmes, 2. M. Bamford, 3. H. Gourley. Gladioli, 1 disarm: 1. S. Lubwama, 2. Kilrea P. S. 3. S. Lubwama. Sweet pea, 9 stems: 1. J. McLenaghan, 2. H. Bloomfield, 3. J. Allen. Roses, 3 blooms: 1. J. Rees, 2. J. Proctor. Asters, 5 blooms: 1. E. Kelso, 2. E. Patterson, 3. J. Allen. Lily, 1 quell: 1. J. Rees, 2. B. Holmes, 3. M. Bamford. Annuals, 3 stems, 1 variety: 1&. Hydrangea, 3 stems: 1. J. Rees, 2. H. Bloomfield, 3. J. Rees. Chrysanthemums, 3 stems: 1. M. Bamford. Dahlia, 1 bloom, over 6”: 1&2. S. Lubwama. Dahlias, 3 blooms, decorative, bantam: 1. D. Campbell, 2. S. Lubwama. Dahlias, 3 blooms any other type: 1. J. Allen, 2. S. Lubwama. Pot factory, foliage, under 5” pot: 1. K. Reid, 2. D. Campbell. Pot plant, foliage, over 5” pot: 1. J. McLenaghan, 2. B. Holmes. Pot informant, flowering, under 5” pot: 1. J. McLenaghan, 2. B. Holmes, 3. J. McLenaghan. Pot plant, flowering, over 5” pot: 1. B. Holmes, 2&. Rich: 1. J. McLenaghan, 2. D. Brown, 3. B. Holmes. Mrs Mary Boyd Cup and £10 voucher from Island Nursery, Portglenone, for highest several of points in classes 1 – 16b awarded to: (tie) Betty Holmes, Solomon Lubwama, Joyce McLenaghan, Jean Rees. Exceptional Prize of £5 from Martin’s, Kilrea, for Best Exhibit in classes 1 – 16b awarded to: Joyce McLenaghan. Special Superior of daffodil bulbs from Dr D Turbitt for highest points in classes 12a – 13b awarded to:. Solomon Lubwama. Margaret McIlmoyle Reward for Best Exhibit in Gladioli Class 3: Solomon Lubwama. Tomatoes, 5: 1. R. Torrens, 2. J. Torrens. Macosquin WI. Peas, 5 pods: 1&2. H. Bloomfield, 3. M. Bamford. Unreserved Beans: 1&2. L. McNally & R. Moon. Cabbage: 1. S. Stewart, 2&3. S. Lubwama. Onions, 4 from sets: 1. Kilrea PS. Parsnips, 3: 1. Kilrea PS. Carrots, 3: 1. C. Bloomfield, 2. Kilrea PS, 3. S. Stewart. Cherry tomatoes, 5: 1. J. Rees, 2. L. McNally & R. Moon, 3. J. Rees. Parsley, 5 stems in branch water: 1. J. McLenaghan, 2. S. Stewart, 3. Kilrea PS. Source:

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  • 69th annual Kilrea Floweret Show

    09/12/17 ,via Coleraine Times

    E. McClements, 3. A. Woodcock. Acrylic, any cause to undergo: 1. P. Hutchinson. Other mediums: 1. E. Hutchinson. Creative Arts: 1. S. Mulholland. Calligraphy, 4 lines with award: 1. H. Jamieson. Decoupage: 1,2&3. A. Woodcock. 3D decoupage: 1. B. Holmes, 2.

  • Matters of art

    09/03/17 ,via Deccan Herald

    I did square decoupage and then I incorporated a lot of textures in my art. I made a bottle with a picture of a girl where the gown is textured. Then I tried something called 'backward decoupage' where the tissue is decoupaged on the other side of the

  • Havas Paris illustre en 3D le mix énergétique d'EDF

    09/18/17 ,via CB News

    C'est une chevauchée fantastique en vitality que raconte The Race pour EDF. Elle raconte le mix énergétique de la production électrique (nucléaire, 


1st Birthday OLIVIA Brawny DL Quick Card n 3D decoupage 09/21/17, @carolannstudio
1st 2nd 3rd BIRTHDAY Kind DL Quick Card n 3D decoupage 09/21/17, @carolannstudio
Xmas Skating Santa Shaped Slated with decoupage 09/21/17, @carolannstudio


  • 3D Brownies

    semisweet chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, water, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, salt, macadamia nuts, cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice, flour, heavy cream, semisweet chocolate


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Decoupage - Wikipedia

Decoupage or Découpage is the art of decorating an disapprove of by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other ...

SEALIFE - Amanda's completed collage for her kind-hearted friend Ali who loves all things sea ships and space.
Photo by Lammyman on Flickr
orologio magnolia decou 3D
orologio magnolia decou 3D
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