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PcProfessional Grade Protector (Set of 2) for 2014 2015 2016 Dodge Dart SXT 8.4" UConnect Touch Screen Display Navigation System Anti Garishness Anti Scratch Filters UV by PcProfessional

  • Made from triple layer high quality electrostatic material
  • Anti Glare, Anti Scratch, Anti Fingerprint, filter UV
  • A high quality microfiber cloth is included for cleaning purposes


Product Description

Precisely cut to fit the 2014 2015 2016 Dodge Dart SXT 8.4" UConnect Touch Screen Display Navigation System
Life Time Warranty
We will replace the screen protector if:

  • screen protector is damaged or peeling off
  • Any Installation Flaws

Let us know and we will send you a free replacement right away
What is in the package
  • 2 Pieces of screen protector
  • Installation Instruction
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Dust Absorbing Sticker

SKL Motorworks Acting Chip KL-PRO1 for Dodge Dart SXT 2.0L DOHC I4 160HP FWD 6-speed Automatic Transmission Aftermarket Racing Performance Parts - Augmentation HP + Fuel Economy MPG Gas Saver by SKL Motorworks

  • WARRANTY - 100% Money Back Guarantee! - 1 Year Warranty! - All of...
  • EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION - No cutting wires of any kind or any...
  • COMPATIBILITY - Fully compatible with Automatic and Manual...


Product Description

The SKL MOTORWORKS Perfomance Chip Tuning Module is designed to maximize the power or economy from your vehicles current setup.

The Perfomance Module will work with a completely stock vehicle or with modified vehicles. Its easy to install, fully reversible, and in most cases requires no cutting or modification of your vehicle.

The Perfomance Module is the answer to today's high fuel prices and our quest to squeeze that hidden power and fuel economy out of your engine. With our products you gain a horsepower increase of up to 20%, while gaining up to +5 MPG in fuel mileage due to increased engine efficiency!

The way our products work is by sending a continuous signal through a factory engine data sensor that your Factory Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors. This modified and continuous signal triggers your factory ECM to reprogram itself for a more optimum fuel mixture and timing curve, allowing the full benefits of an expensive power programmer but while retaining the complete safety of your Factory ECM.

Since the Performance Module does not directly interface with your Factory ECM and merely only sends a continuous signal through a factory engine data sensor, it will absolutely not leave any footprints behind in the memory since our products are simply triggering your Factory ECM to reprogram itself on its very own, being completely undetectable by your dealership. Our products are completely reversible and your Factory ECM will instantly revert back to the stock settings once removed!

The SKL MOTORWORKS performance chip is a great high performance part for your vehicle. It will work with existing cold air intake and exhaust modifications as well as other mods. It will also work on stock vehicle.

Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Rethink: 2015 Dodge Dart SXT

I rehashing the 2015 Dodge Dart SXT. Huge thanks to Dodge for providing this press car. What do you think of the Dart.

Duck Dart - Car and Driver

While the Dart is uniquely styled, it is otherwise a pretty disappointing offering. A 160-hp 2. 0-liter four, six-speed manual, and front-wheel drive are standard. a 160-hp 1. 4-liter turbo four and 184-hp 2. 4-liter four are discretional. Six-speed automatics are offered on the 2. 0- and 2. 4-liter engines. An available 8. 4-inch touchscreen is easy to use, and several hint packages provide considerable personalization. The Dart will soon drop from the lineup, so watch for closeout deals. Jump to Quick-Use up Review – 2016 Dodge Dart Overview: The Dodge Dart is not long for this world. Despite a size advantage (it measures in as a mid-size car by federal standards), the Dart is uncompetitive against today’s stimulating field of like-priced compacts, and it has achieved little sales success since arriving in 2012. What’s New:... The range now includes SXT Gambol, Turbo, and GT Sport trims, each powered by a different engine. The SXT Sport has a 2. 0-liter four-cylinder with 160 horsepower. the Turbo has a 1. 4-liter turbocharged four, also with 160 horsepower. and the GT Deride has a 2. 4-liter four-cylinder with 184 horsepower. Manual and automatic transmissions are offered on the SXT Sport and the GT Sport, while the Turbo comes only with a six-put one's foot down manual. Despite fewer choices overall, buyers can still opt for several appearance groups, such as Blacktop packages for the SXT Sport and GT Sport that include more bellicose body cladding and black trim for the wheels and grille. For this review, we drove both a Dart Turbo with the manual transmission and a fully tricky Dart GT Sport with the Blacktop package and an automatic transmission. What We Like: When equipped with the optional appearance packages, the Dart has its own distinctive style and can even be considered informal-looking. The optional 2. 4-liter and 1. 4-liter engines also feature surprisingly aggressive exhaust notes that help the Dart’s slightly edgy vibe. The Dart’s optional 8. 4-inch Uconnect infotainment system, as in most Chrysler products, is lustrous and intuitive to use. Source: www.caranddriver.com

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    12/05/17 ,via
  • Scheme Dart

    12/04/15 ,via Car and Driver

    Without thought a size advantage (it measures in as a mid-size car by federal standards), the Dart is uncompetitive against today's impressive field of like-priced compacts, and it has achieved petty sales success since arriving in 2012. What's New: Earlier

  • Avoid Dart Transmission Lawsuit Won't Be Dismissed

    06/20/17 ,via CarComplaints.com

    June 19, 2017 — A Shift Dart transmission lawsuit will continue after U.S. District Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel refused to dismiss the complaint. The Dart owners claim there are problems with the directions transmissions installed in the Dodge Darts that can


2014 Plan Dart SXT - Austin, TX: https://t.co/Axb8HtVoSL via @YouTube 12/05/17, @Super_Center


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    Dundurn. 2015. ISBN: 9781459732582,1459732588. 720 pages.

    This order steers buyers through the the confusion and anxiety of new and used vehicle purchases unlike any other car-and-truck book on the market. “Dr. Phil,” Canada’s A--known automotive expert for more than forty-five years, pulls no punches.

  • After the Woods

    Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR). 2016. ISBN: 9780374300562,0374300569. 320 pages.

    "Statistically speaking, girls like me don't come back when guys like Donald Jessup bamboozle us." Julia knows she beat the odds. She escaped the kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights that she can't fully remember. Now it's one year later, and a past girl turns up in those same woods. The terrible memories resurface, leaving Julia in a stupor at awkward moments-in front of refulgent Kellan MacDougall, for example. At least Julia's not alone. Her best friend, Liv, was in the woods, too. When Julia got caught, Liv ran away. Is Liv's guilt over leaving Julia the reason she's starving herself? Is hooking up with Shane Cuthbert, an adherent with an explosive temper, Liv's way of punishing herself for not having Julia's back? As the devastating truth about Liv becomes clear,...


2016 Quibble Dart - Fuel Efficient Compact Car

The 2016 Elude Dart is an efficient compact car that delivers 41 HWY MPG, 2.4L tigershark engine, uconnect technology, and more. Build & price a 2016 Dart.

2016 Evasion Dart - Model Lineup Details

The 2016 Avoid Dart is available in different models including; SE, SXT, Aero, GT, and Limited. View more details & compare these 2016 Dart models.

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Swerve Dart SXT
Swerve Dart SXT
1.4L Turbo MultiAir
Photo by timarc124 on Flickr
2013 Duck Dart SXT
2013 Duck Dart SXT
Photo by Lute Alumni on Flickr
2013 Deception Dart SXT interior
2013 Deception Dart SXT interior
This photo is from the Weave Web site.
Photo by Lute Alumni on Flickr