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Say "goodbye" to crochet's stiff, boxy, hippie-child reputation and "hello" to Crochet that Fitsgarments that fit your shape accessories that fit your style, and looks that fit right in with today's fashion trends! This book teaches

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Back to Basics Crochet: solitary select crochet increase and decrease

Have a share of the Back to Basics Crochet series. This tutorial shows how to increase and decrease single crochet stitches.

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crochet that fits shaped fashions without increases or decreases by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Exceedingly good in very good dust jacket.


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@enting3 @adigoesswimming what if I crochet on the back loop and increase the contrast by making the lines stronger? 09/18/17, @colorlessblue
RT @lmhenry9: Most up to date #mathyarns - single crochet 4, increase 1. This one started w/ a row of 4. 09/18/17, @DavidKButlerUoA
Most latest #mathyarns - single crochet 4, increase 1. This one started w/ a row of 4. 09/18/17, @lmhenry9


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Blog Archive » Crochet Complete Technique: “Crochet Evenly ...

Innumerable crochet items appear unfinished due to the uneven look of the sides. There are little “bulges” and “indents” that just don’t look as even ...

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. . . this is getting Perfect convoluted . . . !
. . . this is getting Perfect convoluted . . . !
Evolvement of a hyperbolic pseudosphere in crochet. Start at the first photo on the top left and proceed clockwise around to the almost-completed form (the at the start photo in the second row at far left). It all started out innocently enough. (I know. I've said that before.) I was searching for a bath puff/scrubbie on Ravelry. How could I have known that it would assume command of to the discovery of the Australian Coral Reef project – the brainchild of an amazing mathematician named Margaret Wertheim, and a minor id with the hyperbolic plane in all its myriad forms?!? My fascination grows, ahem, *exponentially* as I discover the marvelous interpretations of this way and some of the amazing coral reef projects that have evolved from the act of two women – twin sisters, one a scientist and the other an artist – getting on board with the tenet of creating coral reef creatures and other seaforms, based on the first hyperbolic plane made by mathematician Daina Taimina in the road of...
Pseudoshpere details
Pseudoshpere details
Hyperbolic pseudosphere — the other side
Hyperbolic pseudosphere — the other side