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Still Stripping After 25 Years by Quilt in a Day

  • Still Stripping After 25 Years. By Eleanor Burns.
  • Look inside for a selection of sixteen different strip quilts,...
  • Eleanor celebrates her Silver Anniversary with a trademark "strip...



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Eleanor Burns and Quilt in a Day invite you to celebrate our Silver Anniversary with Still Stripping - After 25 Years! Eleanor reminisces as she journeys from 1978, with the publication of her first book, through her 25 years of strip quilting. Stroll down memory lane with photos and stories of good times, good friends, and beautiful quilts. Still Stripping is a collection of 12 quilt patterns, some traditional, some contemporary. The patterns are based on 2.5 fabric strips, which have become Eleanor's trademark. As an added feature, most patterns have complete yardage and cutting charts for all five quilt sizes. The book, with over 200 pages in full color, has fully illustrated, step-by-step directions for the patterns and features Eleanor's latest fabric line, Yours Truly from Benartex, Inc. Each quilt includes a convenient chart with each fabric color name and number for easy identification.Still Stripping - After 25 Years is sure to become a collectors item, for the fun, easy quilt patterns, photographs, and stories of Eleanor's first 25 years!

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wiley publishers fairy tale knits. this great book features thirty two projects to knit happily every after dreams for your little ones. this magical collection is reminiscent of the worlds most beloved fabled characters. designed for everyday school and play and using yarns that are soft durable and easy to maintain these whimsical patterns delight the imagination and inspire creative play. from a swashbuckling pirate to a fanciful flower fairy sundress these are the childrens knitting patterns dreams are made of. author alison stewart guinee. hardcover 166 pages. made in usa. Review

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32 whimsical patterns for children twelve months to eight years.

Two timeless traditions-fairy tales and knitting-come together magically in the season's most original knitting book. You'll get patterns to knit pieces that are reminiscent of the world's most beloved fabled characters, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel, knights, pirates, and many more. From a fanciful capelet and muff to a playful baby jumper and hat, these are the children's knitting patterns dreams are made of.

Richly wrapped in the look and feel of a real storybook, Fairy Tale Knits is saturated with lush photography and a beautiful full-color design. Whether you're a beginner or experienced knitter, these 32 imaginative projects truly make for knitting happily ever after. You'll get

  • 32 patterns for innovative projects kids will love to wear
  • Designs that are wearable for everyday school and play
  • A full-color design featuring lush photography

Fairy Tale Knits is a sophisticated and enchanting knitting book you and your children will turn to again and again.

Free Patterns from Fairy Tale Knits

Snowflake Queen Sweater Coat Pattern

Princess Crown Pattern

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crochet ever after 18 crochet projects inspired by leading fairy tales by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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They Lived Delightedly Ever After Pillows by Things Remembered

Giving a new whirl to the phrase, "Pillow talk," this makes an adorable gift for a bridal shower or wedding. It can be personalized with their names and wedding tryst, and comes with fairy-tale words to dream about ("And they lived happily ever after") that will delight the bride-to-be. The creamy, 100% linen pillow istrimmed with crocheted border for added charm-Choice of font colors, black, gold and silver


Garden Plaza of Aurora residents convene to knit, crochet and sew for hospitals, homeless - The Denver Post

A turtle-dove for knitting and crafting is the common thread that has pulled a group of Aurora women together for several hours each day for months. The Happy Hookers of Garden Plaza of Aurora, an unconnected living community, meets in the lobby at 14221 E. Evans Ave. to knit hats for chemotherapy patients, crochet sweaters for infants and create plastic mats for homeless people. “I started knitting with everyone when I moved here about a month ago,” said resident Jean Volz. “I walked by them while they were working on a collection of different things and thought, ‘This is great, I can come down here and knit to spend my time. ’ I’ve been knitting since I was 10 years old. My grandmother taught me. ”. The impromptu commitment began a little more than a year ago when Debe Hunt was thinking of ways to entertain her 93-year-old mother, Shirley Martin, after she moved to Garden Plaza. Over without surcease the weekly art projects transitioned to knitting, something Martin can still do in her sleep. “My mother does not like to have idle hands,” Hunt, 67, said. “So I come here to balm keep her busy, and then all of these other ladies started to join us. ”. Related Articles They made 85 blankets for children up to date winter and are making sleeping bag mats woven from plastic grocery bags to give to people... “We can give patients store-bought items, but to have something that’s handmade is really special,” said Stephanie Manley, volunteer programs manager at the Medical Center of Aurora. “Handmade things come with a keenness that someone wants you to be better, and that has a very real, positive impact on their health. The women occasionally sell jewelry to pay for supplies, but they are always in penury of yarn and crafting tools. “We don’t count how many we make,” Hunt said. We were just doing things for ourselves, and then as the group grew, we decided to start making things for donations. We’ve got all this moment and all this talent. Christina Lynch has been crafting since 1972. “I used to make travelling jewelry pouches and sell them at craft shows,” Lynch, 87, said. “They were made out of construction and had eight small pockets on the inside, and so when you went some place you put all your little stuff in there. I made thousands and thousands of them up until about three years ago. A few months ago, she saw Martin and others sitting together wide a large wooden table at Garden Plaza, chatting and creating, and decided to join them. “I’m happy to join this group here,” Lynch said. “It gives you someone to talk to. ”. Sara Lewis, 74, prefers to unite. She knits for six hours with Martin every day. “I’ve been knitting since I was 20,” Lewis said. And so now I’ve been knitting, crocheting, doing needlepoint — you name it — ever since. I can offset a baby hat in a day or two, but Shirley makes two a day. That’s just how she is, Hunt said of her mother. “My mother has always been artistic,” Hunt said. “My dad was a general contractor who built homes, and one ease she mosaic-tiled the whole inside of a swimming pool with a picture of those people’s children. “It took a long time,” Martin said. “They had 13 children, and I (made mosaics) of them, their bodies and all — all nearly the side of the pool. Hunt said she hopes to expand the group to the women’s families and anyone in the metro area who wants to butt. “We’re trying to get some of our members to bring their grandchildren in and teach them before it becomes a lost art,” Hunt said. Source:

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  • Garden Plaza of Aurora residents proper to knit, crochet and sew for hospitals, homeless

    05/09/17 ,via The Denver Post

    The impromptu forecast began a little more than a year ago when Debe Hunt was thinking of ways to entertain her 93-year-old mother, Shirley Martin, after she moved to Garden Plaza. At opening, the focus was jewelry — necklaces, bracelets, lanyards. Over

  • Gig Harbor Human being community events for May 12 and beyond

    05/11/17 ,via Kitsap Sun

    Gig Harbor Jobs Program: If you have ever been un-employed for any eventually of time, be it a week, a month or longer, then you know what it feels like to try to make it down this pathway alone. Several Gig Harbor residents If after this interval you see

  • Karen Danczuk shows off her overpowering curves in revealing crochet swimsuit during relaxing Spanish break... as MP ex ...

    05/09/17 ,via Daily Mail

    Karen, who divorced Simon after three years of federation in 2015, ensured she looked sensational as she chilled out by the pool, with her incredible curves highlighted in the barely-there swimsuit. The crochet detailing helped show off her shell through


RT @Rachamuffin: I started my foremost ever crochet thing last night! After a few false starts and a bit of swearing this is where I'm up to!… 05/03/17, @theyellowroses1
RT @Rachamuffin: I started my commencement ever crochet thing last night! After a few false starts and a bit of swearing this is where I'm up to!… 05/03/17, @KimberShook
I started my pre-eminent ever crochet thing last night! After a few false starts and a bit of swearing this is where I'm… 05/03/17, @Rachamuffin



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me me me
me me me
Miserable Carolyn, this is long as hell. Foods you like, despise, can't eat (allergies, etc.) Love almost all things coconut unless it’s sham tasting; do not like coconut M&Ms because of this. Also dig pretty much all chocolates, cheeses, nuts, salty and sweet combos, coffee flavored qualities, maple, toffee. And peanut butter and chocolate are one of my fave combos as well as Ferrero Rocher. I’m a huge fan of crunchy clobber, but don’t really care for salt and vinegar chips even though I absolutely love salt and all vinegars and crunch. Anything I don’t like or can’t eat, isn’t in effect going to work in the mail (green bell pepper, salmon, lima beans, etc..) Coffee vs. tea? Definitely coffee, but I do lap up a lot of iced tea and when I drink hot tea it’s usually sleepy stuff, some herbal or blood orange. I actually prefer dark roasts, but when I use the toddy (which is more usually than not) I use just straight up French Market and that’s a chicory / coffee blend. I think it...
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What's in My Bag
What's in My Bag
Oh man. For the archives... I wasted most of Monday just glancing through the pool of "What's In Your Bag?" before I submitted my own. I was sucked in... *lol*
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That was my apple of someone's eye poncho ever. I remember the day that it wouldn't fit over my head anymore. I cried and cried and cried. I was probably 4 or something when that happened. I didn't have any plaits for years, so I'm not very old here, maybe this is 1973? Mum? Did you make that poncho? Or did Grandma? (This is why I'm writing it down. I always forget right after you tell me)
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