Are Crochet Hooks Allowed On Planes

crochet on a regular #60dvc

Can you lease crochet hooks, knitting needles on a plane. Day 2 of the 60 day video challenge.

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  • 12 items you didn't be familiar with you could carry onto a plane in Canada

    06/28/17 ,via

    Fishing rods and poles are allowed on the aircraft with you. You cannot have a hook on the rod, but if there it one, it has to be less than six centimetres. Fishing poles with hooks larger than six centimetres should always be packed in your checked

  • Slab & laptop ban on flights between US & Europe reportedly now off the table

    05/18/17 ,via 9to5Mac

    A ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone was introduced on flights to the USA from 10 airports back in Demonstration. The measure was said to have been taken in response to intelligence on terrorist threats from eight mostly Middle Eastern and

  • Mortification over laptop flight ban as US denies EU claim that proposals have been scrapped

    05/30/17 ,via

    American plans to develop a ban on carrying laptops on to transatlantic aircraft were mired in confusion last night with Washington denying reports from Brussels that the plans had been scrapped. An commercial of an extended ban had been considered 



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