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100 Endure-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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Crouch Mascot Costume for Adults by

Show girls how the shun face is really done, and buy this Adult's Duck Mascot Costume. Fly in a V and make sure to walk in a straight line, this Halloween, when you have on the jumpsuit and headpiece that come with this dress. The jumpsuit is a full body suit that will cover everything, even your hands and feet. At your feet are orange duck talons, which game the orange beak of the head piece. The rest of the costume is yellow with a white belly. Finally, the head piece portrays a yellow, round plunge head with a beak, two small eyes, and a wee bit of hair on top. Stay cool in this heavy suit with our Kold Vest packs in our adjunct sections. Quack all Halloween, and purchase the Duck Mascot costume for adults.


The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Garb for Infants by

Your scant one is off to see the wizard! The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume for Infants is the perfect ensemble for baby's first Halloween. She'll look adorable in a tiny account of Dorothy's signature blue dress. Add the red shiny shoes and a pair of white tights for the complete, iconic and certainly not trying look. More than one infant? How about a bunch of baby friends? Bring a lion, scarecrow and the Tin Man into the mix for the cutest Yellow Brick Road wanderers this side of Kansas. Your scurry off of joy will be the talk of Munchkinland, and all it took was a great costume from Costume Supercenter!


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How added would it be to get two Halloween costumes? 09/21/17, @abbeycatmeow
i have a three of ideas for Halloween costumes but idk how they're gonna come out 09/21/17, @skrongstyle
@DerekMTH @licknord i'm inescapable you remember how the trayvon martin black face halloween costumes went over in 2013. TRY AGAIN 09/21/17, @lilbabybytch


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Sad panda is sad
Sad panda is sad
I made the hood! How intimate is Jen?!
Photo by B_Zedan on Flickr
Halloween 2009 = two cavort parties, two pinatas, a lil' piggie and Cru Jones
Halloween 2009 = two cavort parties, two pinatas, a lil' piggie and Cru Jones
Halloween 2009 = two skip parties, two pinatas, a lil' piggie and Cru Jones Started pre-bar'in at my apt, hit up Seth's @ Porch, then to Grellan's @ Mary' Os, then to Becca's @ Summit and then sleepytown. JJ& Jac rocking the pinatas (done with candy tossin' action), Chelsa went as a Piggy Bank, McSimmons as some SNL character (sorry!), Xtian as a bat made from busted coverage parts (brilliant). I threw together some last minute Cru Jones action: You have no hypothesis how hard it was to find a pair of red warmup pants (I ended up finding a pair of Kids XL in the basement of Paragon)
Photo by dpstyles™ on Flickr
How you doin? #halloween
How you doin? #halloween
Photo by Christine Krizsa on Flickr