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12'' Cheering Gang Spirited Fun Cheerleading Kit Cheer Poms Pack of 2 by FinalZ

  • These pom poms are great for Halloween or any sports event
  • Material: Metallic Foil & Plastic
  • Quantity: 2


Product Description

Gorgeous for cheering squads, players, matches, parties, dancers and audience

Twin, 6" Plastic Cheerleading Pom Pom with Baton Handle - Royal Blue/ White by kuugear

  • Quantity: 2
  • Per Pom Weight: 6 OZ
  • Pack with the re-sealable bag


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Product Description

Streamer Size: 3/4" W x 6" L Approximately 1000 Streamers Per Pom Weight: 6 oz Per Pom Baton Handle

PNHS Poms - Princess Cinderella pom routine TDI cavort cheer competition 2010 cheerleading children

Plainfield North Tigerette Poms performing Princess Cinderella pom cut a rug competition routine during TDI pom competition at MHS Minooka high school .

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Pom Pom Peal (12-pack) by Costume SuperCentre Canada

Cheerleaders frequently form a strong friendship and now they can celebrate that bond with our Pom Pom Ring. The colorful rings include purple, hot pink, green and turquoise. Each include comes with twelve rings, three of each color. Order yours today!


Risqu and White Dallas Cheerleader Pom Poms by Costume SuperCentre Canada

Add animation to your cheerleader costume with the Deluxe Dallas Cheerleader Pom Poms. This accessory includes a pair of blue and white pom poms. You can complete any blue cheerleader concern with this set.


Young lady finds acceptance, friends in cheerleading - Seymour Tribune

For a sort of Seymour Middle School girls, cheerleading is fun and makes them popular at school. Being a cheerleader is an opportunity for 13-year-old Jorja O’Neal to get together and fit in with girls her own age, which isn’t always easy. But none of that matters when Jorja puts on a cheer uniform. Her interest in cheerleading began a couple of years ago when she was ace a blue and gold Trinity Lutheran High School cheerleading outfit, her stepmom, Melanie O’Neal said. “She would wear it and inspirit just at home,” Melanie said. Jason O’Neal said he didn’t really think about his daughter being able to do much with cheerleading but never discouraged her, either. “We saw an dispose there, so we supported the interest at home,” he said. Because Jorja’s siblings play sports, the family often would go to Seymour basketball and football games together. Concluding December, she received a purple and white cheerleader outfit for Christmas. “We’d take her to ballgames dressed in her cheerleader outfit, and she would participate in her own way in the stands,” Jason said. Promptly, other fans began to notice Jorja cheering and commented on what a good job she was doing. During the final home varsity girls basketball prepared last season, Jorja went down on the floor and stood to the side and cheered by herself the whole game. That’s when the high fashion cheerleaders took notice. “They came over and told her how much they appreciated her cheering and how cute she was,” Jason said. “A couple of the cheerleaders posed for pictures with her,” Melanie said. “She loves the cheerleaders. This year, Jorja’s relative, Josh, is an eighth-grader on the Seymour Middle School football team. Before one of his games, Jason and Melanie took Jorja into the gym to touch the Seymour Middle School cheerleaders. “We just told them that Jorja wanted to come see them, and that she really likes cheerleading,” Jason said. Jason said he was amazed by the prop up and acceptance the girls showed Jorja, which led their coach, Megan Welch, to invite her to come practice with them one evening. Welch works as an instructional accessory with special needs students at Seymour-Jackson Elementary School. She noticed Jorja cheering during one of the football games. “She was static next to me and cheering with such spirit and heart,” Welch said. “She didn’t stop and learned so quick just being at the game. That next week, Jorja got to episode what cheerleading is really like by attending a practice. “They worked on cheers, and then we had a question-and-answer time with the girls so they could learn more about Jorja,” he said. “They were told about Jorja and about her syndrome and some of the struggles she deals with. Jorja’s story made a huge impact on the girls. “They were very emotionally touched,” Jason said. “They all wanted to be her friend and wanted their depict taken with her. Although Jorja doesn’t talk a lot, she uses sign commands and has no problem expressing that she is happy. The cheerleaders learned further cheering, Jorja also loves to go to church and loves Jesus with all her heart. “It made one little girl cry,” Melanie said. It was the force that asked Welch about letting Jorja cheer with them during a game. “I knew then we had to put it in motion and get her out there,” Welch said. “The girls were so supportive and upset about Jorja cheering with them. So Welch asked Jason and Melanie if it would be OK if Jorja cheered during a game. '” Melanie said. Jorja had to have a sports medic and was cleared to participate. Dressed in her purple and white cheer uniform, she went down on the track with the other cheerleaders during the home racket against Brownstown Central Middle School. Instead of standing at the side, Jorja was up front and center, and together with the other cheerleaders, they jumped, yelled and shook their pom-poms. “We didn’t have in mind she would cheer three of the four quarters, but she would have cheered all four of the quarters if I hadn’t made her take a break,” Melanie said. Source:

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  • Female finds acceptance, friends in cheerleading

    09/26/17 ,via Seymour Tribune

    In place of of standing at the side, Jorja was up front and center, and together with the other cheerleaders, they jumped, yelled and shook their pom-poms. “We didn't judge devise she would cheer three of the four quarters, but she would have cheered all four of

  • Cheerleaders, rubber skirts, safeguarding blankets: What's Calvin Klein trying to say about America?

    09/08/17 ,via Washington Post

    This art event was dominated by giant pompoms which, depending on your feelings about cheerleaders, could be considered a dreamy reference to the high school social chapter and Friday night lights or a horror-scape allusion to mean girls and frat 

  • Waltham responsibility owner relives days as Patriots cheerleader

    09/25/17 ,via Wicked Local Waltham

    Annie DuLong Concentrated, owner of Center Stage Dance Studio and a former New England Patriots cheerleader, recently picked up her pompoms again and rejoined the kickline, dancing and cheering for her cherished team as part of an alumni reunion event, held 


RT @carlarochee_: "I did cheerleading for a year but I only did it to publish my own Pom poms" 09/26/17, @joeyftpreda
RT @carlarochee_: "I did cheerleading for a year but I only did it to make it with pretend my own Pom poms" 09/26/17, @Molly_Port



  • It's Not About the Pom-Poms

    Ballantine Books. 2012. ISBN: 9780345532916,0345532910. 304 pages.

    A forty-year-old cheerleader? When Laura Vikmanis, a solitary select mom in Ohio, told friends that she wanted to be an NFL cheerleader, they said it would never happen. But she proved them all wrong. . . . Laura Vikmanis has got spirit . . . and pom-poms, too! But before she stepped onto the domain as the oldest cheerleader in the National Football League, she was sidelined by a bad marriage and the many responsibilities of stay-at-home motherhood. She lastly got the courage to leave her husband and to ask herself something she had never asked before: What do I want to do? Remembering her teenage love of dance, she signed up for a at opposite extremes-dancing fitness class, where she met a former cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. When the woman suggested that Laura audition to be a “Ben-Gal,” Laura...

  • Girls Suck up to to Win Cheerleading

    Norwood House Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781599534626,1599534622. 64 pages.

    "Covers the curriculum vitae, rules, fundamentals, and significant personalities of the sport of women's cheerleading. Topics include: techniques, strategies, competitive events, and equipment. Gloss, Additional Resources, and Index included"--Provided by publisher.


Pom Pons - Cheerleading Attendance

Unqualified your cheerleading or dance uniform and dazzle the audience with our plastic and metallic poms. Ideal for all types of cheer and dance and ready to ship ...

Poms - Cheerleading Flock

The Industriousness Leader for made in the USA in-stock and custom Cheerleading Uniforms. Cheerleading Company also has all of the accessories you need, including shoes, pom ...

Cheerleading Pom Poms & Cheerleader Pom ... - Campus Teamwear

Wiggle up the crowd with our wide selection of Cheerleading Pom Poms. Grab their attention with Plastic, Metallic, Holographic or Wet Looks Pom Poms today!

Palatable Pom-poms by 1 Fine Cookie
Palatable Pom-poms by 1 Fine Cookie
Photo by 1 Fine Cookie on Flickr
Dave with pom poms
Dave with pom poms
Photo by itslucyr on Flickr
Chris Millett, Cheerleader
Chris Millett, Cheerleader
Photo by Chris-Millett on Flickr