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Ballet Fillet | Pink Stretch Band for Dance, Instruction Booklet Included | Latex Training Band for Improved Stretching | Dedicated for Cheerleading, Tumbling & Martial Arts by Frank Frog

  • INCREASED STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY: The Frank Frog band for...
  • MULTIPURPOSE BAND DESIGN: Every athlete today can take full...
  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION: We've created our workout bands using...


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Maintain longer, deeper, more reliable stretches with a Ballet Stretch Band from Frank Frog

Strength, balance and graceful body movement all begin with a proper balance of muscles, tendons and joints that work together in harmony. And whether you're a dancer, a gymnast, or a Pilates enthusiast, maintain a healthy body with proper stretching is essential to building a strong core and protecting yourself from injury. That's why you need a stretch band that properly supports your muscles and gives you deeper, more efficient stretching.


The Frank Frog Stretch Band is made of premium latex rubber that helps increase your flexibility and range of motion so you can move, jump, spin, twirl and dance without increasing your chances of straining a muscle or damaging a tendon. So increase your fitness levels and protect your long-term physical health by getting a proper stretch; choose Frank Frog Stretch Bands today and see what a difference they can make in your athletic performance.

Unique features of the Frank Frog Ballet Bands:

  • Heavy Duty Latex Rubber Design

  • 82" Continuous Loop (7/8" wide x 1/6" thick)

  • Adjust to Fit the Stretch

  • Reduces Chance of Injury
  • Increases Leg and Core Strength
  • Enhances Range of Motion and Flexibility
  • Includes Printed Instruction Booklet for some ballet stretch tips

Prepare your body for movement and physical activity by clicking "Add to Cart" above.

Encouragement Champs: Skills & Drills for Youth Cheerleading

  • Jump instruction for the toe touch, herkie/side hurdler, front...
  • Motion demonstrations and fun practice games/drills for young...
  • Introduction to basic standing & running tumbling, plus how to spot...


Product Description

with Britten Blackburn,
President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz in Bessemer (AL);
former Auburn University cheerleader, Auburn University cheerleading coach, and a 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Head Instructor.

• Motion demonstrations and fun practice games/drills for young cheerleaders
• Jump instruction for the toe touch, herkie/side hurdler, front hurdler, and pike
• Introduction to basic standing & running tumbling, plus how to spot these skills for the novice coach and athlete!

Prepare young athletes for cheerleading success with this comprehensive coaching video! Britten Blackburn offers examples and explanations in the following topics ...

Motion Technique - 20 motions!

• Arm and fist placement
• Common mistakes to prevent
• Games/Drills to practice motion knowledge and sharpness

Cheerleading Jumps

• Toe Touch, Herkie/Side Hurdler, Front Hurdler, & Pike
• Proper arm placement
• How to get power from legs
• Pointing toes
• Good posture/balance
• Drills to improve strength & flexibility

Standing Tumbling

• Progressions: Forward Roll, Handstand, Back Bend/Walkover, Back Handspring
• Spotting techniques for new to experienced tumblers

Running Tumbling

• Connecting a Round Off & Back Handspring
• Proper spotting techniques

This video is intended for coaches working with youth squads or cheerleaders with little to no prior cheer experience. This is also a great tool for a coach that has a limited cheerleading and/or tumbling background themselves and needs more information on these components and how to teach them!

How to Improve Jumps | Gabi Butler Cheer

Eric Ortiz and Michaeleddie Rivera join Gabi Butler to share some tips on improving jumps and tucks.

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5.5 Inch Jumping Cheerleader-CineSpinner-Ardent Suncatcher

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Cheerleading and Dance Jump Drills
Cheerleading and Dance Jump Drills
... Cheerleading Jumps on Pinterest | Cheer Jumps, Cheerleading and Cheer
... Cheerleading Jumps on Pinterest | Cheer Jumps, Cheerleading and Cheer
Cheerleading Jumps on Pinterest | Cheer Jumps, Cheerleading and Cheer
Cheerleading Jumps on Pinterest | Cheer Jumps, Cheerleading and Cheer
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