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Born to Light-heartedness, train to shine AAU cheer competition.

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  • Steller: University of Arizona basketball skeleton in the cupboard smashes Tucson's delusions

    09/30/17 ,via Arizona Daily Star

    Adidas and Nike have well-heeled to splash around, the TV networks do, the agents, the AAU teams, the boosters. But the young players and their families are prohibited by archaic NCAA rules from difficult their fair share of the spoils. That's just wrong.

  • 5-at-10: Potent and lengthy playoff baseball, College football playoff poll, Coach K

    These big-span coaches are control freaks who known every detail of every prospect, but are somehow caught by surprise when someone violates rules and federal laws. And in facts in fact Coach K, do you guys pay recruits or AAU coaches or reps or what have

  • Superior school football coaches blame surge in transfers on rise of 'AAU-type' culture (Part 1)

    08/14/17 ,via OregonLive.com

    Divers are worried that high school football is developing an AAU-type basketball culture, with private coaches potentially influencing players to transmittal. About 75 high school coaches have signed a letter expressing those concerns to athletic directors


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  • The Mesial School Rules of Skylar Diggins

    BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC. 2016. ISBN: 9781424552450,1424552451. 176 pages.

    Skylar Diggins is a basketball wonder, receiving her first letter of interest from a respected college coach when she was in fifth grade. She is an icon: signing as the first female patron of Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports, serving as the face of Nike’s Women’s Basketball Collection, and establishing herself as a must-follow on social media platforms such as Instagram (931,000 followers) and Ado (604,000 followers). The Middle School Rules of Skylar Diggins features Skylar’s defining childhood stories and lessons about growing up in a differing middle-class family. Young readers will learn how Skylar dealt with bullying, struggled to fit in at school, and figured out how to shine in basketball despite never being the tallest, strongest, or fastest player. Skylar shares personal...

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