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IDEAPOOL Idiot Handcrafted Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set, Luxury Elegant Gift Pen Set for Calligraphy Signature Executive Business by IDEAPOOL

  • ❤ ENJOY IT: Enjoying the compliments on your beautiful rosewood...
  • ❤ UNIQUE PEN: Luxury, stylish and elegant gift pen for writers,...
  • ❤ REPLACEMENT INK: Extra 1 stainless steel black ink refill, the...


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Product Description

IDEAPOOL handcrafted creative rosewood ballpoint pen is a vintage gift pen set for festival.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Rosewood ballpoint pen
- 1 x Black ink refill
- 1 x IDEAPOOL black gift box

★ Because of the natural color difference of the rosewood, the ballpoint pen may look vary, and it may have natural marks, that is all because of the natural raw material.★

(10 pk) Multi-colored Entrancing pencil pen and slim dry erase holder clip - Best for fridge, locker, board, cubicle, whiteboard, refrigerator, memo pad- Gifted for kids, girls, boys, teacher, student by FOSSA

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Product Description

Super versatile, Patent-pending utility clips designed to hold 100's of writing utensils and magnetically stick to dozens and dozens of different surfaces. Here is a NON-INCLUSIVE LIST of what these clips hold. If you can find something we've left out, we'll send you a FREE 10 PACK if you show us what we missed! - SLIM Dry Erase (will NOT fit large Expo type markers), No 2 pencil, ballpoint pen, permanent marker, colored pencil, stick pen, mechanical pencil, medium point pen, art pencil, golf pencil, carpenter pencil, checking pencil, fashion pencil, felt tip pen, fine tip pen, extra bold pen, lumber crayon, grease pencil, tablet stylus, micron marker, copic marker, artist brushes, makeup eyeliner pencil, sketching pencil, quilters chalk, dress making blueline pencil, pattern drafting pencil, slim eraser inserts, pushup style eraser, tire gauge, toothbrush, razor, makeup brush, spice spoon, highlighter, lumograph pencil, tampon, chap stick, cord management, Another list of things we've stuck them on: - Locker, refrigerator, clipboard, cubicle, toolbox, fridge, washing machine, dryer, tools, tool box, microwave, oven, metal bed frame, magnetic board, white board, magnetic whiteboard, metal shelves, metal desks,

Calligraphy on girls

Talk about body art. The Russian artist and calligrapher Pokras Lampas weaves cyrillic letters onto supple bodies creating wondrous (but fleeting as he uses a.

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Tears of a Presence Clown by (dba Shopping)

Just when you intellect you'd put the past behind you- the forlorn crushes, the awkward fashions, the cliques, the pigeonholes, those rampant, raging hormones- it sneaks up on you when you least imagine it, and suddenly you're invited to turn back the clock ten years. Your high-school class is reuniting, and it feels so. bad. What happens when you're forced to prefer between dwelling in the past and living for the future? Nina Kurtz is every guy's gal. A bartender at Boston's Bellyaches Comedy Den, Nina's got the swiftest wit and a truckload of zingers, a combo that makes everyone from her Cockney sleazeball boss to her ruddy, beneficial-natured regulars wonder what's keeping Nina behind the bar instead of up on stage. Nina's more concerned with her status as the Funny Gal- she seems resigned to a lifelong role of the girl friend. When that fateful piece of calligraphied mail arrives, that invitation to relive the turbulent-school glory days, Nina's conflicted and somewhat mortified by the cards fate has dealt her. After all, though she was voted the Most Liable to Work in a Comedy Club, slinging cheap beer at a dingy dive probably wasn't what her classmates had in mind. Still, the only booming relationship Nina's had to date was with her high-school boyfriend, Jacob Ryan. Maybe slinking down memory lane isn't such a bad goal, if it means figuring out what the heck she did right romantically, all those years ago.


How Can It Be?

Wood's character handwritten diary is shared here for the first time, giving unique insight into his life and the period. Throughout the diary, Wood reflects on the words he wrote 50 years ago, in a new manuscript of over 12,000 words. Wood discusses memories of the Birds, The Jeff Beck Organize, the Faces and the Rolling Stones, recounting stories of the breakups, breakdowns, cars and guitars that began his journey to super-stardom. How Can It Be? features an introduction by Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones and an end-note from Ali MacKenzie of The Birds. Ronnie Wood: 'It was a incessant adventure. Our overspilling energy was enough to chase girls, write songs, rehearse, play. It was all go, all the time.'Wood shares original artworks inspired by his engagement book. Friends such as The Who are featured, as are early influences including Howlin' Wolf. Others depict everyday life: loading a van, or pushing a car domestic. New anecdotes are personally reproduced in Wood's own calligraphy. Ronnie Wood: 'They capture the atmosphere. Some were done at the time and others I've drawn from remembrance.'


40 Years Later, The Bride Married in the Same Spot as Her Parents!

From the Bride… Rob and I were on the same page from the start, our wedding was going to be a party where guests left feeling the love. I am not an easy person to surprise, but Rob nailed the proposal…which overall could not have been more us – still in bathing suits, straight out of the ocean, on the beach, and the perfect combination of having it be a private moment and then... Family has always been the core bonding point between Rob and I. We both come from big, loud, loving families that we are very close with, so family and our respective family traditions was important for us to reflect in our wedding... I grew up dreaming about getting married in my grandparents’ backyard, I cannot tell you how lucky I felt to make that dream a reality (and what it says about Rob that he never even questioned it). Not only was their house special because of all... The meaning of the location and that view from the back lawn steered a lot of the creative vision for the wedding overall. We worked our family and large wedding party (another direct reflection of Rob’s and mine life together) in with features like our save the dates (my grandfather’s original blueprint digitized by Rob’s architect brother), our invitations... My dress, designed by Austin Scarlett, was also symbolic in that my mom wore an off the shoulder gown and I loved the idea of doing the same and wearing something timeless that I would love looking back in years to come. We also had the dream team of vendors who all felt like family throughout the entire experience. Abby Larson introduced me to Sarah True of True Event, who is now a life long friend and made everything possible. We hired our band, The Hudson Project (Elan Artists), after hearing them at a friend’s wedding three years before and still remembering them as the best wedding band we had ever heard. The whole team at Marcia Seldon Catering was not only amazing to work with, but our guests all absolutely raved about the food (which says a lot for a wedding where everyone spent 6 hours straight on the dance floor and hardly sat. )…they also did an unbelievable lawn party style cocktail hour and a half (the extra half hour was one of Rob’s few requests. Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral is a genius professionally and personally just the best person and energy to work with. Our tent speaks for itself…Greenwich Tent Company/Sperry Tents outdid themselves, and Ryan Designs with the bistro lighting, drapery, lounge area, and homemade life-size photo frame was the cherry on top. Both Rob and I have creative backgrounds and really appreciated working with such creative people throughout the entire process to bring the wedding weekend to life…Emily Hostetler of Paper Moss made all of our ideas a beautiful reality with all... Leila Brewster captured our wedding exactly how we want to remember it, through candid moments that show the emotion and pure joy of the day. Some personal favorite moments from the wedding itself included getting ready with the best group of women and girls anyone could ever ask for, the entire ceremony (which Rob wrote most of himself and was a mix of tradition and personal…we each... I love Style Me Pretty, and have been a power user since way before I was engaged…so this is truly another dream come true to have our wedding featured. Source: Inspiration Nation

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Watch “Calligraphy on girls session #8” on @Vimeo 11/26/16, @BlizzXO420
I mean, at the moment all I feel like doing is practicing calligraphy and bingeing on episodes of Gilmore Girls. 11/21/16, @joannefisher


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  • 30 Years Later, The Bride Married in the Same Spot as Her Parents!

    11/29/16 ,via

    Some personal favorite moments from the wedding itself included getting ready with the best group of women and girls anyone could ever ask for, the entire ceremony (which Rob wrote most of himself and was a mix of tradition and personal…we each wrote ...

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