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At the start of a new year, we’re usually compelled to make drastic changes in our diet in an effort to undo some of the damage caused by holiday overindulgence. Whether it’s opting for Drynuary , giving up sugar for a month or maddening one of the ever-growing list of fad cleanse diets, the urge to reset bad habits can be tempting. Despite warnings from health experts that our livers are superlatively capable of detoxing themselves and that juicing or cleansing won’t lead to long-term change, it’s hard to resist a quick fix. To find out which cleanse diets are significance a few days of deprivation, we asked leading health experts to weigh in on some of the most popular plans. (A good rule of thumb: If it sounds too complimentary to be true, it is. ). Taco Cleanse What It Is: This cleanse, based on The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life , suggests eating tacos with every spread. Expert Insight: While this may work for the short term, this is highly unsustainable. “Healthy taco variations can be great when your body is craving a mix of protein, carbs and fresh salads,” says health expert and author of The Earth Diet Liana Werner-Gray. “There is a lot of order of flavor and texture in a taco meal, it’s not surprising that our bodies crave it from time to time and it’s not unusual for people to live off tacos for three days and gut that nutrition density over those days. If you’re going for a taco, however, be mindful of your choices. Vodka Cleanse What It Is: The vodka cleanse was thrust into the spotlight by CleanDrinking, a mark that sells cold-pressed juice mixers (think cucumber basil). The idea is that if you’re going to drink, drink freshly laundered. Expert Insight: If you’re going to have a drink, opting to mix your vodka with a cold-pressed green juice is naturally better than your example cranberry, but when it comes down to it, not that much better. Juices are full of sugar and, unlike smoothies, don’t contain fiber to help soften blood sugar spikes (in fact, your green juice probably isn’t as healthy as you think ). As for the vodka, it’s nothing but desolate calories. That said, we all crave a little excitement from time to time. Werner-Gray suggests vodka-infused waters made with, for case, pureed strawberries (which contain fiber) and opting for vodka made from potatoes or non-GMO wheat. Anytime you’re drinking alcohol, upping your not hold up under intake is imperative. Master Cleanse What It Is: One of the original cleanses, it was used in 2006 by Beyoncé to shed weight for Dreamgirls , it’s currently experiencing a comeback (conceivably a backlash against pricey popular alternatives like BluePrint. Expert Insight: “While some believe this cleanse helps you reset your digestive set-up, eliminate toxins and train your body and mind to practice discipline, this diet may actually leave the body nutrient deficient and may issue muscle and bone... Soup Cleanse What It Is: Popularized by brands like Splendid Spoon , these cleanses consist of eating nothing but soup all day. Though oftentimes low in calories, many of the branded soups have a high water and sodium content, which can actually make you retain water, resulting in a swollen belly. Expert Insight: While there’s nothing wrong with only eating soup since you can still get all the minerals, vitamins and proteins you need, it’s important to make foolproof there is variety and that you’re keeping salt levels low and avoiding high-fat... Making sure you’re getting protein in your soups with things like chicken, beans or fish is also worthy. That said, most people tire of the monotone texture quickly and there is no reason to think that you’re actually helping your body “cleanse” by replacing whole food with soup. You also won’t be any less hungry eating a 300-calorie soup lunch versus 300 calories in solid foods (in fait accompli, the opposite is likely true). “When done with the right intentions, soup cleanses are less about calorie restriction and denying the viscosity of essential nutrients for the sake of the temporary weight loss and more about consuming nutrient-dense foods that are easily digestible,”... “Like other cleanses, they can be a yard goods reset. Source:

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