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Get adrenaline rush like not under any condition before — blasting down from official Olympic bobsleigh track at mind-blowing speed is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Latvian move prompts rethink on skeleton championships - Public broadcasting of Latvia

The talk came just one day after Latvia's skeleton team, led by the multiple world champion Martins Dukurs, announced they would not participate at Sochi in asseverate at the systematic use of doping by Russian athletes, as revealed in a string of... The principled stand came despite the likelihood Latvia would win several medals at the championships. A assertion released December 13 by the world governing body the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) said:. "The IBSF definite to move the IBSF World Championships 2017 from Sochi, Russia to another location which will be determined in the coming days. "The IBSF Regulatory Committee felt that during this difficult time it is prudent not to organize such an event in Russia. · 2nd: The Russian Bobsleigh Federation has put a great try in the preparation of the World Championships, but the current climate would make it nearly impossible to appreciate the efforts of the Organizing Committee to host a accomplished event or... As recently as December 9, the World Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation said. "The IBSF deplores any action that attacks the values of lark and of clean athletes. "At today´s meeting its Executive Committee decided to act promptly and decisively following the publication of the final McLaren Article. Therefore the IBSF will need to read and digest the report, the IP Evidence Disclosure Package (EDP) and gain IBSF-specific information from WADA. "Some time ago all information has been collected and evaluated the IBSF will report on actions related to the McLaren Report. However, it seems that the action of Latvia's skeleton troupe - taken independently of the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOK) which says it is still thinking things over - has hurried things along considerably. LOK wholly said it "respected" the decision of the skeleton team. Source:

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  • Latvian abide prompts rethink on skeleton championships

    2nd: The Russian Bobsleigh Association has put a great effort in the preparation of the World Championships, but the current climate would make it nearly impossible to appreciate the efforts of the Organizing Panel to host a great event or the

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    The breed, this season's last, of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) World Cup took place Pyeongchang in South Korea on Cortege 17. It's the track where the 2018 Winter Olympics will happen. After finishing second in the first run

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Bobsleigh in Sigulda
Bobsleigh in Sigulda
Bobsleigh shadow in Sigulda, Latvia. About Latvia: Latvia information blog: maps, prices, places in Latvia and Riga Copyright: This is a free picture, licensed under Creative Commons, you can use it for your blog, website or other work. Just drop me a line - I love to see my pictures are useful for others.
Photo by Helmuts Rudzītis on Flickr
Sigulda bobsleigh
Sigulda bobsleigh
Russian Gang practising at the Sigulda bobsleigh in Latvia
Photo by shanelcuthbert on Flickr
Sigulda Bobsleigh, Latvia
Sigulda Bobsleigh, Latvia
Russian Combine practising at the Sigulda Bobsleigh in Lativa
Photo by shanelcuthbert on Flickr