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Rank IV, 90kg bw, jerk set, 85 reps

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There is confusion about what the relationship is between the IUKL and the AKA. The IUKL is a governing body for sport. It is composed of member countries, one of which is the USA. The AKA is the organization that pays membership fees to the IUKL in order to have the right to send Team USA to IUKL events. We are an independent not-for-profit organization promoting education and expansion of Within the IUKL, there is an executive committee with representatives from each part of the globe. and I represent the interests of all of the Americas in our alliance. Alliance publishes rules and regulations, updates, and information about lifts in the Americas, we do so on behalf ONLY of the AKA and the Americas and for the benefit of lifters in the Americas. We try to be clear about which rules/events are compatible with what the IUKL supports and which are not as they relate to each individual event. So we work hard to deliver what our market wants. As a result, we support event lifts and ranks that are not part of the IUKL World Championships yet. Our volunteer and advisory board has many projects we are working on. For example: ranking tables for two-arm lifts for women (as well as one-arm lifts for men). expansions of veteran bell weights and awards. proposing a new bell standard that supports a handle size compatible with the smallest lifter. These and other initiatives take time and resources, even as we strive to deliver over a dozen quality events per year. Since all of these projects are important to our constituency, they are important to me. Lastly, Douglas Seamans, KB sport fanatic and KB gym owner in Charlotte, NC: (Via facebook). I am writing this to clarify some things regarding the IUKL and AKA about female one arm and two arm long cycle. There is a large piece of information very few of you seem to know about or realize. I am going to preface and end this statement by telling you that I am not going to have a back forth squabbling conversation in the comments of this statement, this is merely to inform you of a bit of information that was explained to me earlier... My hope is that you take this information and that some of you take a deep breath and cut people like Yuri and Renee and Misty and even Ginko some slack. Please understand that adding long cycle for women is not as simple as the American or Canadian board and reps from those countries and countries like Denmark and Norway and Sweden and Ireland and the U. K. simply making a request to the IUKL. Yes the IUKL has replied to these requests with a very laughable “scientific study” that we have all been able to make a lot of jokes about and while it has given so many of us a big laugh it has also angered many. We all know that the “scientific” explanation is a bunch of bullshit and holds zero merit or actual evidence and it is not why the IUKL and the RGSF has not put women’s long cycle and biathlon into worlds. I have said this many times and I could be banned from competing at European championships and worlds for making this statement so I would also appreciate some slack and some respect for sticking my neck out. There is a man in charge of the IUKL and the RGSF and that man holds the power, that man is also greedy, for money and power. Changing the leadership of the IUKL is part of the key to changing the future of this sport to include women and allow them to participate 100%, not just 25% and be respected and awarded the same as the men. Also, I could be slightly off on my details regarding what I am about to explain to you all and if I am please be polite in correcting me. I also ask to those lifters who have never competed outside the USA, lifters who have never had to argue... I ask that those who have never won medals outside the USA to have some respect for those who have. I ask those who have only been competing for a couple years to have some respect for those who have been competing for a decade, and I’m not speaking about me, I am speaking about respecting those who have been lifting and coaching for twice the... And I ask those who don’t own gyms and don’t use fitness as their professions or their way of life and income to have some respect for those that do. Now, please allow me to explain how complex this situation is…. The IUKL is. Source: My Kettlebell Diary

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  • Italy coach says he should not be judged by lack of titles

    07/19/16 ,via

    Italy's new coach Giampiero Ventura, officially presented on Tuesday, said he should not be judged by his lack of major titles and that he had enjoyed "other victories" in his long career. Ventura, the second oldest coach to occupy the post, praised

  • Even With Confession of Cheating, World's Doping Watchdog Did Nothing

    06/15/16 ,via New York Times

    “We are facing systematic doping on a large scale in one of the strongest teams of the world,” Anders Besseberg, the president of the International Biathlon Union, said at the time. The Russians were left to investigate themselves. The Russian Biathlon

  • US Olympic Track And Field Trials

    07/05/16 ,via

    Kate Grace was the unexpected champion Monday after a collision – ruled incidental contact by officials -- took pre-race favorites Brenda Martinez and Alysia Montano out of the running on the final curve. “Yes, my heart hurts when those things happen


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  • USOC chair warns of 'Cold War mentality' in antidoping fight

    09/23/16 ,via Cadillac News

    Among those in the room listening to Probst's speech Thursday were Travis Tygart, the CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, and Max Cobb, the executive director of U.S. Biathlon ... ST. LOUIS (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that the NFL's Rams must ...

  • Five moments when good sportsmanship and fair play meant more than winning

    09/19/16 ,via ITV

    Anton Gafarov crashed and broke his ski in the semi-final of the Sochi men's freestyle sprint Credit: Reuters US athlete Tracy Barnes gave up her place in the US Olympic biathlon team at ... Andy Roddick corrected a line judge's bad call, ultimately ...

  • Forum puts focus on how Clinton is judged compared to Trump

    09/09/16 ,via Prince George Citizen

    The forum underscored a debate that's rapidly becoming a focal point in the race: Is the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S. party being judged fairly? Clinton's answer, unsurprisingly, is no. "I don't understand the reason for it," Clinton ...


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Biathlon is also really PRACTICAL.
Biathlon is also really PRACTICAL.
Catholic All Year: In Which the Biathlon is the Awesomest Sport in the ...
Catholic All Year: In Which the Biathlon is the Awesomest Sport in the ...
Catholic All Year: In Which the Biathlon is the Awesomest Sport in the ...
Catholic All Year: In Which the Biathlon is the Awesomest Sport in the ...