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Winter Stars, entices you off your sofa with its high quality and easy-to-learn, exhilarating motion controls. The unique "family mode" allows each participant to choose his or her own individual difficulty level, thus making for a fun multiplayer experience with even chances for everyone. In single player mode, Winter Stars offers a campaign full of variety that allows you to experience all aspects of an athlete's career.

Winter Stars is a breath of fresh air for the genre, enabling sports fans of all ages and abilities to compete with one another or against virtual opponents in no less than eleven disciplines: snowmobiling, bobsledding, downhill skiing, figure skating, biathlon, free ride skiing, snowboard cross, ski jumping, paraskiing, curling, and short-track. In thrilling multiplayer action, up to four players can engage in dynamic online or offline competitions for championship titles, or simply enjoy the variety of winter sports themed mini-games on offer. The story-driven single player mode not only features an extensive career system and character development, but also a number of special challenges such as training sessions that provide arcade-style enjoyment in between events. Console athletes can use the experience points earned to purchase new equipment and improve skills in preparation for the diverse challenges ahead, and to support your team on its path to victory.

Winter Sports 2011 - Go for Gold: Biathlon [Gameplay] [HD]

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    Ou encore dans des productions omnisports telles que Winter Summon (2006), la série des Winter Sports (entre 2008 à 2011), voire Winter Stars, apparu en 2011 sur Xbox 360. Minimalistes au reachable, ces divertissements n'ont évidemment impressionné 

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Winter Sports 2011 - Go for Gold: Biathlon [Gameplay] [HD]

Winter Sports 2011 - Go for Gold: Biathlon [Gameplay] [HD] HighscoreHeroes. ... Beijing 2008 gameplay ps3 xbox 360 pc wii hd purposes 1 - Duration: 11:00.

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Winter Sports 2011 - Xbox Games Amass

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