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Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon PCP Precision Target Rifle Review and Shooting Test

The Air Arms S400 MPR (multi position rifle) Biathlon, with white poplar stock, is a . 177 Caliber PCP precision target rifle. With fully adjustable stock, cheek rest,.

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Adventures at Chilcotin Holidays is the email address for an adventure packedexperience at the Guest Ranch in the South Chilcotin Mountain Park, close to Gold Bridge in British Columbia. On the last day of our stay (we had come back from camp the evening before) the guides Belinda and Lennart took us out for a round of target shooting at the ranchs own training range. The first day started off with a Firearm Orientation and Safety Lessons instructed by the two guides. They made sure we internalized the words ACTS and PROVE, each giving us guidance on how to safely handle our firearm and how to make sure that it is unloaded. After we were all professionals and knew the safety procedures, we went to the office to get targets and then straight to the range while one guide got the guns. The gun was a. 22 Caliber Biathlon Target Rifle. Starting with a biathlon rifle from 25 yards distance, we were shooting from prone position and sighted the rifle in by shooting at the paper target. As everybody got used to the gun and the shooting, we switched to a biathlon target, and we started off a little competition. 22 caliber rifle already, but when we moved on to the Ruger that fires. Shooting from a 100 yard distance, we were only firing at the target. To shoot a rifle like that was one of my many first time experiences at Chilcotin Holidays, me and my sister were even able to hit the bulls-eye. The kickback was not as bad as I expected, and we did not get any bruises and that was also because of the expert instruction of our guides. We finished our 7-Day Pack Trip adventure at Chilcotin Holidays with this exciting target shooting experience and we left the ranch after lunch with hundreds of new experiences and things we learned. We are looking forward to see you again, thank you Chilcotin Holidays team and guides. Source: Chilcotin Holidays Wilderness & Nature

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  • Soldiers conduct biathlon exercise during mountain skills training

    Using the biathlon weapons is an unexpected advantage, Cobb said. An unusual weapon gives the men confidence in being able to pick up a new weapons system that could be completely foreign to them, learn about it quickly and then implement when 

  • Biathlon: Mastering the heartbeat of skiing and shooting

    02/10/16 ,via Medill Reports: Chicago

    The unlikely paring of competitive shooting and cross-country ski racing form the biathlon—a Winter Olympic event since 1960. Biathletes strap a .22 caliber rifle to their backs and race around a trail system. They make four stops at a shooting range

  • Biathlon to benefit preschoolers

    09/13/16 ,via McPherson Sentinel

    The safety program is followed by a time for target practice with the .22-caliber rifles used in the race. Both the rifles and the ammunition are provided. More than 50 people took part in the biathlon last year, Kramer said, and she expects similar


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  • Biathlon Fun Facts : Questions & Answers

    10/02/16 ,via

    22 caliber and have a minimum weight of 3.5 kg ... After "just" one Gold and one Silver medal in Nagano, Bjørndalen won a Gold medal in every biathlon race held at the 2002 Olympics. He was the first biathlete ever to accomplish this.

  • Leadville paintball biathlon fun, popular

    05/06/16 ,via Denver Post

    And that’s especially true when you’re skiing in a biathlon atop 10,400-foot Tennessee Pass between Minturn and Leadville. But instead of .22-caliber rifles with live ammunition, Sunday’s Leadville Nordic Paintball Biathlon, just as the name implies ...

  • Hoover showed perseverance to gain fame in biathlon

    03/28/16 ,via Altoona Mirror

    The biathlon is a unique sport in that it combines two very diverse types of disciplines - running and rifle-shooting. Contestants in the summertime biathlons in world and national championship-caliber events participate in a 4K (2.4-mile sprint), a 6K (3 ...


Biathlon Manitoba

Biathlon Association of Manitoba 145 Pacific Ave. Winnipeg,MB R3B 2Z6 Ph. (204) 925-5687 Fax (204) 925-5792 Notice of Meeting

Biathlon - Wikipedia

Highest governing body: International Biathlon Union: Characteristics; Team members: Single competitors or relay teams: Mixed gender: Yes: Equipment: Skis, Poles, Rifle

Rimfire Steel - 22 Caliber Biathlon Target

The Rimfire Steel Biathlon Target is a scaled-down Biathlon target designed for use at 50' for training and recreational shooting! A local Biathlon team was doing ...

Two weeks ago Hilary and I went skiing and shooting at the Lake Placid Olympic Biathlon Range. After shooting 5 targets (perfectly! with no misses) on a .22 caliber rifle, Hilary did some shooting with a 12.8 megapixel image capture device.
Lowell Bailey squeezes the trigger of his .22 caliber rifle. He has to fire five shots and hit five small targets. When he hits the targets, they turn white. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Kokesh, USA Biathlon.)
Photo by WBUR on Flickr
Maine National Guard
Maine National Guard
Sgt. 1st Class Jennifer MacGillivary, a human resource specialist for the Command Group of the Maine National Guard competes in the National Guard Biathlon Championships at Camp Ripley, Minn., Feb. 26 - March 4, 2016. The National Guard Biathlon combines Nordic skiing with shooting a .22 caliber rifle at 50 meter targets in the prone and standing positions. MacGillivary placed second in the Women’s 7.5k sprint and third in the Women’s Pursuit 10k race. Her performance earned her a spot on the National Guard All-Guard Team; soldiers and airmen on this team represent their state in international competitions. (U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Staff Sgt. Anthony Housey, Minnesota Public Affairs)
Photo by The National Guard on Flickr
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...
Fotos - Rifle The Biathlon Rifle Is A 22 Caliber Straight Pull Bolt ...