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In this practical, handmade jewelry making guide you will find comprehensive schemes, used by seed bead jewelry designers. You'll learn basic jewelry making techniques and practice making simple as well as more sophisticated items. We will explore these schemes on every example of each particular jewelry item. You will then be able to apply these techniques while making your own items according to your fantasy and style.

In this step by step beading book you will also find photos of items and schemes with detailed instructions and explanation how to make one or another jewelry item. Moreover, each item has full description of materials used for beading of this item. So if you've ever wondered how to make jewelry quickly and easily then this is your MUST READ book!

Do you want to look attractive, stylish and unique? Nowadays fashion magazines set new trends literally on everything: shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry. It’s not surprising that jewelry, made of seed beads, has recently become very popular.

Variety of colors, fancy forms and different textures, which you can match and mix, will turn jewelry into masterpiece. But you will be mistaken if you think that beading with seed beads is a diligent and laborious work. There are a lot of various techniques and simple methods available to create fabulous jewelry with seed beads.

This handcrafted jewelry will always look unique and glamorous, and what's more important they will be made by your own hands. You will be able to create your unique and authentic jewelry, which will complete your outfit with its distinctive and glamorous design.

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Earrings set snaps (plugs), so they are not lost. black and white earrings with hypnotic pattern, perfectly complement your image (white top, black bottom). The main advantage of these earrings is that they are two-way ie there is no wrong side, as in other similar. No matter how you turn your head, earrings will look perfect from any angle. 100% handmade gift packedge shipping worldwide Thanks for view! Add to cart to ofrmit order now. See other earring in my store! *We are a wholesale seller, so if you are interest, just ask us about wholesale price and we'll be happy to show it to you Should not make contact with water, cosmetics, or perfume. 100 % handmade. *********************************************************************** Please note that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness, contrast and other settings, there might be some slight differences in the color tone / shade of the web site's photo and the actual item. Thank you for shopping at UkrainianBeadJewelry. If you have any questions, please contact me! Sincerely, Nina


Beadwork Intriguer of the Year Series: Bead Stitching Chevron Chain with Melanie Potter Preview

Determine chevron chain and take your beading skills to the next level with this versatile stitch. Enjoy creating fabulous beaded patterns with this relaxing,.

Cameroonian ceramics, textiles and beadwork featured in Fowler Museum demo - UCLA Newsroom

In the Grassfields department of Cameroon in West Africa, people may dine with their king, but a king never dines with his people. As the center of a kingdom’s solvent, spiritual and political life, the Grassfield’s king is unique among men. When before his people, he ingests only ancestral substances such as palm wine and bosom leaves. “Dining with Kings: Ceremony and Hospitality in the Cameroon Grassfields,” on view at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from Dec. 17 middle of April 15, 2018, presents stunning examples of Cameroonian ceramics, beadwork, textiles, embroideries and carvings in an installation that explores how the rituals and objects neighbourhood royal dining and food were about more than mere... This intimate study of hospitality in the western area of Cameroon in the 19th and 20th centuries uses examples of superb arts — notable for their use of restricted iconography and prestige materials — to represent ideas about status, diplomacy and... The exhibition will ask viewers to gauge how dining practices establish connections and hierarchies between members of the same society, and how these same practices inform encounters with members of other societies. “Dining with Kings” is responsibility of the Fowler in Focus series, dedicated to exploring aspects of the museum’s permanent collections in a gallery housed within Intersections: Happy Arts/Local Lives. While the king may not eat with others, cooking, drinking and dining are integral parts of ritual life at the residence. In this space, food is laden with meaning and the objects associated with consumption exude power. The 30 vessels in this exhibition show how the watch over and skill in their creation speaks to their important role within palace culture. Kings and lineage heads in the Grassfields region are described as vessels, since they suppress bodily substances like blood, breath and semen that connect them to the ancestors. This metaphoric connection extends to containers of blessed consumables, such as decorated palm wine gourds and carved drinking horns that are regarded as extensions of the king’s physical being. Beyond their kin to the king’s spiritual power, vessels for food and drink are essential indicators of status in the palace. Completely covered with expatiate patterns of colorful glass beads imported from Europe, the palm wine gourds add the prestige of foreign goods and scatter the king’s wealth with vivid displays of artistry. Also featured in the exhibition is a selection of rare, embroidered cotton tablecloths and napkins given to the Fowler Museum by Chicago-born author Mary Hastings Bradley, who had visited the Grasslands kingdom of Bamum in 1931. There, King... The elaborately embroidered provisions linens he gifted to Hastings Bradley masterfully combine Bamum iconography with a European dining tradition, and speak to the vibrancy of Grassfields taste. Through these textiles and the other vessels on display, “Dining with Kings” makes the important point that Grassfields cultures were never stagnant, but rather adopted new practices while still maintaining old ones. “Dining with Kings: Ceremony and Hospitality in the Cameroon Grassfields” is organized by the Fowler Museum at UCLA and is curated by Erica Jones, the Fowler Museum’s associate curator of African arts. About the Fowler Museum. The Fowler Museum at UCLA explores wide-ranging arts and cultures with an emphasis on works from Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas — past and present. The Fowler enhances apperception of world cultures through dynamic exhibitions, publications, and public programs, informed by interdisciplinary approaches and the perspectives of the cultures represented. Also featured is the business of international contemporary artists presented within the complex frameworks of politics, culture and social action. Source: newsroom.ucla.edu

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  • Cameroonian ceramics, textiles and beadwork featured in Fowler Museum showing

    11/30/17 ,via UCLA Newsroom

    of a monarchy's economic, spiritual and political life, the Grassfield's king is unique among men. His exalted position is underscored by the interdiction against his consuming food in public. When before his people, he ingests only ancestral

  • Aboriginal craft show this weekend celebrates ancient traditions

    11/29/17 ,via Shreveport Times

    Innate artists will sell pinestraw and rivercane baskets, rivercane and oak baskets, alligator and gar scale jewelry, beadwork and other traditional crafts. All proceeds go to the artists, who are not charged a fee to stretch their work and so


RT @UrbancrestBC: You Direction Ministries On December 3 & 10, the Joe Veal family & You Turn Ministries will display African artwork for sale… 12/03/17, @AudreyGraceVeal
Allowed to Iceni Bead Design. Your source of inspiration, patterns and designs for beadwork Beautiful Beadwork jewe… https://t.co/lKItW68scE 12/03/17, @Chris_BarkerUK



  • Fashionable and Unique Beaded Jewelry

    David & Charles. 2007. ISBN: 9780715327272,0715327275. 128 pages.

    A unstinting assortment of fifty-five beaded jewelry projects by an array of talented craft designers includes demonstrations of serene-to-follow techniques, helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, and full-color photographs that show readers how to create a strain of necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings, watches, and more. Original. 10,000 first printing.

  • Bead Quilled Jewelry

    Creative Publishing international. 2011. ISBN: 9781616733889,1616733888. 128 pages.

    Initiator Kathy King has developed a variation the decorative paper craft of quilling to create unique designs in beadwork. In bead quilling--in preference to of thin strips of paper--thin strips of beads, made with square stitch, are wrapped to form circles, scrolls, and squares. The holes of the beads, somewhat than the sides, are exposed, to become part of the distinctive design. The author works with simple and complex combinations of quilled beads to generate a variety of jewelry designs. She also incorporates crystals, pearls, and decorative threads into the pieces to add interest and texture.


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Peach on for unique beadwork on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.

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Unique Beadwork. 85 likes. Outgrowth chic has never been so much fun! Unique Beadwork offers trendy, stylish, unique jewelry and gorgeous beaded items for...

Hephzibahs Pendulum
Hephzibahs Pendulum
Hepzibah's Pendulum named after my my weighty grandmother. The pendulum is a faceted 34ct Amethyst. The pendulum swings freely due to the bead engineering that was involved to make it so. The large jewels are retired best Swarovski 'Light Siam' 70ss Dentelles. The colour way is old gold, reds and various hues of purple. The stitch is in great measure cubic right angle weave, other stitches used include tubular peyote, right angle weave, herringbone and picot.
Photo by Social Butterfly Jewellery on Flickr
Bud of Fire's Heart
Bud of Fire's Heart
'Bud of Fire's Heart' Hand beaded necklace 26" in length4.5" in width at widest germane. This unique, and stunning piece was carefully hand beaded, and features a genuine resin dipped, Cattalya Orchid. The grovelling of this stunner is a spiral rope chain, in the graduated colors of fire, 16 different colors in all, then carefully branch bead fringed on each and every hit upon of the spiral, terminating in a goldtone toggle clasp. This magnificent piece is built using 10lb FireLine for the base necklace, and 6lb FireLine for the limits. In this piece, you see the culmination of well over 100 hours worth of work, almost a full (125yd) spool of FireLine, and nearly thorough hanks of each color of Czech glass seed bead. A true Masterpiece, this gorgeous piece is guarenteed to gather multifarious compliments and turn heads where ever you may wear it. Please be aware, this is not a lightweight piece, coming in at over 1lb in weight, by itself. This whiff taking piece was created for...
Photo by WolfSilverOak on Flickr
Go off the deep end of the Seraphs, B side
Go off the deep end of the Seraphs, B side
'Hit the ceiling of the Seraphs' OOAK Beadwoven necklace and pendant 19" long, 4.5"x 2" pendant to the fullest extent a finally/width This absolutely stunning piece is a true One of a Kind work of art. Featuring a genuine Ammonite fossil in the pendant, it has been carefully round beaded using both Matsuno seed beads and Miyuki Delicas, with genuine Amber, Carnelian, and red Tiger's Eye chips. The necklace section is actually four strands of spiral rope chain, created using Czech glass seed beads, then carefully braided together, held in neighbourhood by more Miyuki Delicas, Carnelian, Amber and red Tiger's Eye chips. The Celtic knotwork square beads are 14k gold plated, the bead caps and toggle hook are also 14k gold plated. The 'jump rings' are brass. This entire piece has been created using 6lb FireLine for strength and durability. The unique, OOAK drawing of this piece allows the wearer to decide wether to be dark and mysterious, or more light, with a unique two sided design to the pendant itself....
Photo by WolfSilverOak on Flickr