Base Jumping Underwater

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Nexxgen Sports Gear Compression Arm Sleeve (Single)- 40 Styles and Colors- Men, Women, Youth - Basketball Shooter, Football, Baseball, Lymphedema, Tattoo (Salad days Medium, Flames/Fire) by NexxGen Sports Apparel

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NexxGen Sports Apparel Compression Arm Sleeve **The Power of Compression**

"This sleeve is awesome"

"Bright colors hold up well to washing"

"This is a great armband sleeve"

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Perfect for any athletic activity (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Running, Volleyball, Football)

Size Information and Suggested Height:

Youth Large 14.5" long - 4" top - 2.8" bottom ( Suggested Height: up to 5' 2")
Small 16.0" long - 4.6" top - 2.95" bottom ( Suggested Height: 5' 1"- 5' 5")
Medium 17.0" long - 4.75" top - 3.14" bottom ( Suggested Height: 5' 4"- 5' 9")
Large 17.7" long - 5.0" top - 3.5" bottom ( Suggested Height: 5' 9"- 6'-1")
X-Large 18.1'' long- 5.1'' top- 3.9'' bottom ( Suggested Height: 6'- and up)

** Suggested Height based on average weight and build
Compression fabric will stretch and conform but for more muscular builds go one size up.

Hookah Base Submersible LED Soir Lights Waterproof Lamp Works with Remote Controller for Aquarium ,Vase Base,Swimmin Pool, Garden,Christmas,Halloween, Homogenizing Centerpieces including battery by DarNio

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Unlike other similar submersible lights on the market, our 1-pack IP68 waterproof submersible lights ensure exceptional durability and high performance for decorating your swimming pool, pond, fountains and etc.

13 Different Static Colors Available
There are 13 different vibrant colors like red, green, blue, yellow, lime green, teal, purple, pink, white and more. You can press the button to choose one static color to go with specific occasion.

Dynamic Color Changing Effects
Come with 2 dynamic light modes including fading mode and jumping mode. Press FADE button for fading mode and the light will change colors slowly. Press the JUMP button for jumping mode and the light will change colors rapidly. Bring fantastic lighting effect to your flower vases, ponds, pools and add more fun for your party, wedding, etc.

5 Adjustable Brightness Levels
With remote controller, you can easily control the brightness from subtle lighting all the way up to the brightest lighting and vice versa.

IP68 Waterproof
IP68 waterproof design makes the LED light more durable for constant use.

Wattage: 2 watts
LED source: 10 LEDs
Dimension: 3.46×3.46×2.36in (88mm×88mm×60mm)
Power Supply: Requires 3 x A A battery per light (not included in the package)
IR Remote Battery: 1 × CR2025 button cell batteries (included)
IR Remote Controller Signal Range: 10ft

Package Included:
1 × RGB LED Light
1 × 20-key IR Remote Controller
1× User Manual
3 × AAA battery

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Downhearted Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier

OUR NEW Coating NARCOSE IS ONLINE: http://vimeo. com/95182734.

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Underwater base jumping. [VIDEO] -

A man named Guillaume Nery, wearing only a wetsuit and goggles, approaches what appears to be an gaping void at the end of the ocean and dives into it.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Depressed Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Downcast Hole, ... Standard YouTube License; Show more Show less. ... 100 girls are underwater ...

Underwater Base Jumping [Video] | I Like To Decay My Time

Underwater Base Jumping [Video] Sep 27 2012. Now that's something you don't see day-to-day. Someone going underwater to base jump into the abyss. Looks extremely ...

Controversy Water Survival Test
Controversy Water Survival Test
A U.S. Army Soldier assigned to the 7th Primary Forces Group frees himself from a parachute harness Oct. 16th in the Eglin Air Force Base Pool as part of a Combat Water Survival Investigation and in preparation for a deliberate parachute jump into water. The CWST is used to assess a Soldier’s swimming capability and train him for maritime operations. (U.S. Army photo by Capt. Thomas Cieslak)
Photo by The U.S. Army on Flickr
Steven F. Udvar-Faint Center: View of south hangar, including B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay", a glimpse of the Air France Concorde, and many others
Steven F. Udvar-Faint Center: View of south hangar, including B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay", a glimpse of the Air France Concorde, and many others
Quoting Smithsonian Resident Air and Space Museum | Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay": Boeing's B-29 Superfortress was the most experienced propeller-driven bomber of World War II and the first bomber to house its crew in pressurized compartments. Although designed to fight in the European theater, the B-29 found its nook on the other side of the globe. In the Pacific, B-29s delivered a variety of aerial weapons: conventional bombs, incendiary bombs, mines, and two atomic weapons. On August 6, 1945, this Martin-built B-29-45-MO dropped the first atomic weapon used in combat on Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later, Bockscar (on exhibition at the U.S. Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio) dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. Enola Gay flew as the progress weather reconnaissance aircraft that day. A third B-29, The Great Artiste, flew as an observation aircraft on both missions. Transferred from the Common States Air Force. Manufacturer: Boeing Aircraft...
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
Steven F. Udvar-Dull Center: Photomontage of Overview of the south hangar, including B-29 "Enola Gay" and Concorde
Steven F. Udvar-Dull Center: Photomontage of Overview of the south hangar, including B-29 "Enola Gay" and Concorde
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr