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Astrology: Invented 10,000 Years Ago In Egypt?

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  • What the Heaven's Gate suicides, committed 20 years ago, say about American culture

    03/24/17 ,via Peoria Journal Star

    It was founded in 1972 when two Texans, Bonnie Lu Nettles and Marshall Herff Applewhite, bonded over shared interests in alternative spiritual exploration, astrology and biblical prophecy. They came to believe that the Bible foretold an

  • Free Will Astrology: Don't get fooled

    03/27/17 ,via NUVO Newsweekly

    19): You should begin work on a book with one of the following titles, and you should finish writing it no later than April 28: "The Totally Intense Four Weeks of My Life When I Came All the Way Home" . . . "The Wildly Productive Four Weeks of My Life

  • A Shaman Explains the Symbolism of the Talismanic Necklaces at Dior, Prada, and More

    03/28/17 ,via Vogue.com

    The runways were full of nods to astrology and mysticism not only via prints and embroideries, but also in the jewelry spotted at shows like Christian Dior, Prada, Valentino, Lanvin, and Maison Margiela. The talisman-like necklace turned out to be one


@flowerjizz I have many more zingers where this came from, like "astrology is essentialist", and uhhhhhhhh???? 03/23/17, @Richaod



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Babylonian astrology was the first organized system of astrology, arising in the 2nd millennium BC. There is speculation that astrology of some form appeared in the ...

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Where does Vedic astrology come from? Update Cancel. ... Vedic astrology is a science given to us by the ancient sages of India like Parashara,who ...

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Where does Astrology come from? By that I mean why does a Virgo or a Cancer or what ever have the traits they are supposed to? Where does this knowledge ...

suspending disbelief
suspending disbelief
SOMA, san francisco as world religions come under attack, i have been thinking about the ordering of the attacks. for instance, notice the rise in anti-islamic and anti-christian/catholic media. the catholic church has its sexually abhorrent priests, et al, while the islamic way of life gives rise to its extremists who engage in "terrorist-like" behavior against their perceived oppressors. who wins when religions go to war with each other? today the irish catholic church disassembled its embassy for the vatican. will this set an example? is the catholic church a working facade for a smaller and more powerful elite? if the media begins to strip away the false impressions that the masses have for these long-standing institutions, will impressionable people like u.s. citizens have the mental strength and prowess to read between the lines? for instance, the idea of jobs is already outdated. we don't need jobs anymore. it is true that some people really, really need...
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Piccadilly Book Stall interior before renovation, New Delhi 2011 (3)
Piccadilly Book Stall interior before renovation, New Delhi 2011 (3)
New Delhi, India, November 2011. Before renovation in 2013, there were two main aisles in the Piccadilly Book Stall: the narrow one on the left and this even narrower one on the right. If you wanted to turn around in this one you had to shuffle outside and come back in facing the other way. Fortunately, Mr. Chaudhary knew where every book was piled. The major renovation in 2013 expanded the shop in the only direction possible: UP. Adding a balcony doubled the shelf space and made browsing possible again. The business card says: MYSTIC BOOK SHOP Specialization in: Tibetan, Zen, Yoga, Tantra, Occult, Buddhism, Vedanta, Hindu Philosophy, Sufism, Magic, I Ching, Kabbalah, Tarot, Astrology, Jyotish, Palmistry, Music & Dance, Indian Art, Sanskrit Dictionary, Children's Books* N.K. CHAUDHARY PICCADILLY BOOK STALL Shop No. 64 Shankar Market Connaught Circus New Delhi, India, 110001 piccadilly_bookstall@yahoo.co.in www.booksatpiccadilly.com = = = = = = = = = = = - Alan...
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J. Carter Brown / Kitty Kelley
J. Carter Brown / Kitty Kelley
Former home of J. Carter Brown and Kitty Kelley ***This address is a single home which was divided, the portion on the left is hidden behind the tree and is the portion of the home in which Kitty Kelley lived*** 3035-3037 Dumbarton Ave NW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Carter Brown was born in Providence, Rhode Island. His family had been prominent since before the Revolution, providing the initial endowment for what is today known as Brown University. His parents shared a passion for the arts and public service. His father, John Nicholas Brown, served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President Truman. While living with his family in Washington, the young J. Carter Brown fell in love with the National Gallery of Art and first conceived of a career that would allow him to pursue his love for all the arts and to share them with a larger public. Although he was already committed to...
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