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Why Astrology Isn't Verifiable Science

Astrology focuses on celeb charts and zodiac signs to build a foundation to one's life. Astrology is also a bunch of asserted, unproven, untested mumbo jumbo.

What is mercury retrograde? And is there anything to it? - NBCNews.com

A day hear talk about Mercury retrograde. That astrological phenomenon that seems to wreak havoc on all things involving communication and stirring, such as travel, electronics and he-said, she-said mumbo jumbo. It turns out another Mercury retrograde is upon us, beginning December 3rd and lasting until December 22nd. As for me, I’ve noticed this incident somehow seems to defy science. Without fail, during a Mercury retrograde, I will be forced to sit at the Genius bar for hours, my flight will be delayed, someone will misread something I did or said and so on, making the planet a really easy scapegoat when things go awry. So, what is Mercury retrograde, exactly. Tali Edut, one half (along with her pair Ophira) of the AstroTwins — popular astrologers with a website that counts approximately 10 million page views per month — explains that Mercury retrograde happens when Mercury zips nearly the Sun at a... “According to astrological lore, all areas of life that are associated with Mercury go ‘backwards’ during a retrograde,” says Edut. “Mercury is the nuncio planet, so it rules communication, mobile devices, transportation, email, snail mail, and all things data. Minor grievances can escalate into chief blowups if we don't choose our words wisely,” Edut says, adding it’s also prime time for old friends (and exes. A Mercury retrograde during celebration season is inopportune, so double-and-triple check your travel plans, and be prepared to go with the flow. Explains Edut, “Flights get delayed and there are elongated lines at the airport. What science says about Mercury retrograde Science does not endorse astrology in the least, let alone Mercury retrograde. “There is indubitably no evidence, or reason to expect from science, that Mercury or any other planet has any effect whatsoever on life on Earth,” says Michael Shera , Curator and Supervisor of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History. “Astrology has no more scientific basis than alchemy or belief in the existence of unicorns. Any theory that claims to be detailed must explain a set of observations, and must make predictions that can be tested, and shown to be true or false. There is no published study in existence which shows that (for example) Leos are more fitting to be brave or strong (or any human quality,) than, say, Capricorns. Whether or not Mercury was in conjunction with the Moon, or in Gemini, or in retrograde motion, or whatever, has zero aftermath on your fate, health and personality. No study ever been published in any peer-reviewed journal showing otherwise, or that any other aspect of astrology is correct. Believing it exists may give us some divine of control So what’s the appeal. “People need to feel some level of control over their lives,” explains Kim Nuttall, Licensed Mental Vigour Counselor in Framingham, MA. “Astrology and it’s like offer some feeling of knowing the future, of being able to feel ‘prepared’ for it. We... It’s a way to make coherence of the chaos of life. Life is just chaotic and it’s difficult to accept that there is no reason. ” With respect to Mercury retrograde in particular, Nuttall says it makes for an “pliant scapegoat for a bad day. ” “There is a confirmation bias,” she says, ”My commute was awful. Oh, Mercury is in retrograde, that must be it. ”. All this said, Edut remains unfazed. But how does one disclose a scientific theory. Astrology has been around since the time of the ancient Babylonians and was developed by the Greeks,” she says. To prepare for this coming retrograde, she advises succour-up your electronic devices and to choose words wisely. Most importantly, think in terms of “re-. " “It’s a good time for researching, reviewing and reuniting. Ping an old pal who you determine to be on Facebook, pull an old project out of the bins and revive a retro style or tradition. Some of the slowdowns can be blessings in disguise, as they give people a speculation to reconsider their actions before making any binding decisions,” she says. As for me, I’ll likely take some of Edut’s advice. Because I’m also superstitious enough to realize if I make for. Source: www.nbcnews.com

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  • What is mercury retrograde? And is there anything to it?

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    Branch does not endorse astrology in the least, let alone Mercury retrograde. “There is absolutely no evidence, or reason to expect from science, that Mercury or any other planet has any drift whatsoever on life on Earth,” says Michael Shera, Curator

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Look at astrology from this outlook point. At any given point of time, thousands of kids are born under the same celestial variables (position of the sun ...

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Astrology is the scrutinize of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

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suspending disbelief
suspending disbelief
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DARKSIDE astrology
DARKSIDE astrology
indubitable, this book can easily ace you out of your ego in the lick of a splitting second bitch rating refers to each sign's capacity to bitch out and how it affects others. conviction me, getting an "A" like gemini and virgo is not always a great thing. but i'm not so sure a "C+" is such a great rating either. the laws is merciless and spares no sign, so without further ado... try this one on for size. i won't tell you which sign it is for the sake of protecting all the signs from withering under the blast. but above-board, it sums up my recent dating experience with people of this basic nature. and in those moments where they tried to make comebacks or quick-witted repertoire, it was indubitably crushingly painful and embarrassing to witness. and oddly, equally so when they were trying to flirt or demonstrate affection. all thumbs, bumbled consultation phrases and clumsy as a bull in a china shop (whoever let a bull into a china shop, i wonder?) however, i think embedded in...
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individuality & the u.s. tarot deck : scott richard (2003)
individuality & the u.s. tarot deck : scott richard (2003)
www.flickr.com/groups/2779956@N21/ one of the gifts torbakhopper made within reach was scott richard's third tarot deck, U.S. tarot. the following excerpt is from a book about the travails of young torbakhopper and why scott richard made the tarot deck. all the events are true and based on the experiences of a young boy who lived in san diego, california. "when i was a kid, i had to tediously listen to parents and teachers and all of their friends letting the cat out of the bag me how the world worked. they believed in things like money and god and righteousness. they believed in the virtue of principles and the power of weakness. they believed in their egos and the excellent front that was the u.s. at the time. they hated homosexuals and thought illegal aliens should die or be forced to leave or work shit jobs in shit environments (but then they complained when shit ended up in their strawberries that flat someone's back to pick). they supported bogus space programs and backed trivial economic...
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