Anger Management 3 mixtape Download

Clinton Sparks & Eminem - Anger Management III (part 1)

Playerlist : Clinton Sparks, Eminem & Lil Jon - Introduction Eminem - Anger Management Eminem - Fubba U Cubba Cubba Lloyd Banks - Gang Green Freestyle .

That One Time Donald Trump Appeared on G-Unit Radio With Tony Yayo -

Typical holiday time traditions, like seeing relatives you haven't seen in ages, and of course, bar hopping through old friends and ex-hookups who are in town, all bring back memories and feelings of good times past. It’s nice to see old faces but it’s also spooky, because you can really see how much has changed in just a short time. Tucked away in my parents' attic behind a box of old suit jackets and photo albums was my old CD case. I hadn’t seen the binder in years, but I saw the sticker on the front and knew exactly what it was. My parents never let me buy a Bare Naked Ladies CD (because of the name), if only they new I was listening to “ What These Bitches Want. ” Anyways, I thought I had skimmed through every CD that wasn’t too scratched up to play, but then I found one more tucked away in a sleeve. I didn’t recognize it at first. It was an all white CD with orange lettering. “For promotional use only” at the top, Shade 45 in the middle, and Anger Management 3 at the bottom, all of which were spaced by what appear to be eagle wings. I knew every CD in my catalogue like an old friend, but this disc was strange to me. I didn’t have a history with this one. There was no tracklist, no year, nothing. I was on the Bay Bridge and had to resist my urge to Google the fuck out of it, ( which would have lead me to this download ) so I was only left with one option. I threw that shit on. It started with an absurd amount of Clinton Sparks Shade 45 drops , like any good promo tape. Naturally, a few Eminem freestyles followed. It was cool to hear a few “rare” freestyles, but I wasn’t in the mood for some Eminem, and there wasn’t much to rap nerd out about. I didn’t know what year the tape was released (2006) so I couldn’t date it, couldn’t look up any of the songs, honestly I was kind of ready to go back to that 311 CD I had also found. Suddenly though, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It wasn't an amazing freestyle, nor was it a surprise Jay Elec verse. What came next was something so random, so dated, yet somehow so eerily relevant today. A G-Unit radio spot with DJ Whoo Kid, Tony Yayo, 50 Cent and the one, the only Donald Trump. At first I thought it was fake. I really didn't believe he was actually on the line, let alone in the studio. Even when I heard Trump’s voice, it took a minute. I even thought it was a fake interview done with a soundboard. I don’t even think Yayo thought it was actually happening. By the way, asking Trump to buy his album was priceless. The icing on the cake was when 50, in the middle of filming Get Rich Or Die Tryin ’, called in to talk to Trump about money, rap, and of course Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice. ” I haven’t heard someone use that line in ages. Even after the interview, even after letting it resonate for the next hour home, I wasn’t convinced it was really a real thing that really existed in real life. I needed proof of this freak occurrence, so I took to the internet (because if it’s on the internet it must be true). I found an article on Eminem. net which referenced an article on SOHH. I couldn’t find the original article, but luckily there was a quote from Whoo Kidd on the abbreviated version. DJ Whoo Kid is scheduled to receive multi-millionaire mogul Donald Trump on his G-Unit Radio show this coming Saturday…. Taking time from his busy schedule, Whoo Kid recently told SOHH. "Me and Tony Yayo live on Sirius radio had a discussion on the 50 million that 50 Cent made last year on his businesses," Whoo Kid revealed. "Tony betted me to book someone who has made more than 50 million on air at Shade 45. That's when I came up with the idea to get at Trump. He heard about my crazy marketing tactics and decided it would be cool to come through to G-Unit Radio. I was still skeptical, because an article about an article that covered a “scheduled” interview didn’t seem like an authoritative source. Since Twitter, Instaface and Snapgram weren’t things in 2005, it was harder than you think, but, eventually, I found a few of Yayo ( see above ) and Whoo Kid with Trump. Furthering the connection between G-Unit and Trump. I also found a drop on Lloyd Banks' mixtape, Mo’ Money In The Bank Part 4. Oh and here is a picture of Trump and 50 a few years after they chatted on G-Unit Radio. What a time to have been. Source:

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  • That One Time Donald Trump Appeared on G-Unit Radio With Tony Yayo

    12/03/15 ,via

    “For promotional use only” at the top, Shade 45 in the middle, and Anger Management 3 at the bottom, all of which were spaced by what appear to be eagle wings. I knew every CD in my There was no tracklist, no year, nothing. I was on the Bay Bridge

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