Is Acupuncture Good For Weight Loss

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Ewin 1X New Plug Roller Facial Face Neck Slimming Massager Beauty by ewinever

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  • DOUBLE ROLLERS:big is for cheek, forehead, neck; small one is...
  • MULTIFUNCTION:Reduces your dark circles under the eyes and...


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Brand New and high quality.
Perfect for using to your face and the body, that good massager for everyone.
You need to clean your face and the roller first.
Second, you need to apply some skincare product on your face. and put the massager into the warm water than take it out.
Third, you take the roller to massage your face in 5 - 10 minutes each time. That's good for your skin product is absorbed by your face.
Good to relax your skin's muscle and feel more tight.
Suits for washroom, bedroom, living room.

Anti Cellulite Cups Manipulation Vacuum Cupping Set Suction Therapy for Full Body, Anti Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, No Pain, Non-toxic, Superlative for Pain Relief, Loss Weight, 4Packs,Celluing by Wifzu

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  • MUSCLE PAIN RELAXATION - Cupping therapy is believed to aid...
  • ANTI WRINKLE & ANTI AGING - For face, eyes, neck, spine and skin...


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Lots of people improves the toning of the skin and firms the muscles of the face, reduce wrinkles,tightens and smoothens after cupping.
Long term adherence cupping, breaking down fat, it will help to lose weight, promote good sleep patterns, and impress you with beauty and Health.

- Weight loss,the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break up.
- Give your metabolism a kick-start and remove toxins from deep tissues.
- It can be used not only for hospital but also more suitable for family.
- Relieve physical and mental stress, cupping helps relax tense and sore muscle.Relieve headaches, neck,shoulder back,leg and joint pain.
- Facial cupping therapy is effective in reducing wrinkles and bringing more nutrients to the skin, improve anti-aging eggect.

How to use:
1.Apply shower gel,Oil or other light lubricant on the target area of the Skin, in order to reduce friction.
2.Squeeze your Massage Cup in the middle.
3.Press the cup's mouth to your skin and release, gentle drawing the skin into the cup.
4.Move the cup smoothly in straight-lines, circles and zig-zags.
5.Massage for 5-10 minutes every time.Then open the edge, gently remove the cup.

- Material: Silicone
- Size: L - 2.75" x 3.15", M - 2.16" x 2.16", S - 1.5"x 3.15", XS - 0.59" x 1.96"
- Weight: L - 0.2lb, M - 0.09lb, S - 0.04lb, XS - 0.07lb
- Color: White

- Cups x 4 (1L+1M+1S+1XS)
- Pouch x 1
- Manual x 1

1.Keep out of reach of children.
2.Consult your physician if you are pregnant, are on blood thinners, have varicose veins, heart disease or other medical conditions.
3.Do not use on open lesions, fresh scars, burned, broken skin or on skin inflammations.
4.Keep Away From Fire.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss How Does Acupuncture Work

com/weightloss Follow Us On Facebook: https://www. com/TheSeriousfitness A lot of people have turned to acupuncture.

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